Xiu Lin Tseng
Portrayed By Janice L
Gender Female
Place of Birth San Francisco, California
Date of Birth January 5th, 1992
Age 19
Aliases Sue Lynn Tseng, ''Yishi''
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York City
Occupation Translator
Team None yet
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Liu Xinlan Tseng (father), Ling Xiauyou Tseng (mother)
Significant Other None currently
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Hyper-Awareness (includes Combat Awareness and Hyper Intuition)

Character Details

  • Firstborn and only child of:
    • Liu Xinlan Tseng, China-born imm. US Citizen math prof UC Berkeley
    • Ling Xiauyou Tseng, US-born citizen, doctor of opthamology
    • Met in college in Chinese Cultural Alliance, Kung Fu classes
  • Very culturally-aware Chinese American family, multilingual
  • Begins learning martial arts even as learns to walk, run, etc.
  • Rather than dance, etc., Xiu enrolled in Wushu school at age 7
  • Within two years, Xiu is enrolling in regional competitions
  • Outside of martial arts, Xiu has relatively normal school and social life
  • Martial arts lessons and competition are her 'thing', her sport w/ parents
  • By her teens, Xiu has become nationally ranked and a state champion
  • National competition is subject to minor villain/terrorist action
  • Xiu, desperate to protect herself and her family, manifests powers
  • The heightened awareness of her surroundings and situation allows win
  • Intensifies training, directed at mental discipline, seeks to understand
  • Withdraws from further contact competitions, remains in forms competing
  • Pushes herself in school to achieve graduation requirements early
  • Reveals truth to parents, explains her plan to seek overseas training
  • Parents agree to support her choice, assist her with the legal aspects
  • Passes state and federal tests, achieves graduation at age 16
  • Travels to mainland China ostensibly to visit family, seeks masters
  • Eventually finds school in Tibet, studies there for nearly three years
  • Takes digital correspondence courses to continue education
  • Befriends students of other cultures, including Korean and Japanese
  • With increased understanding of her abilities and better control, returns
  • Moves to New York, seeks employment with the United Nations as translator
  • Instead is offered position with NYPD as translator
  • Begins using work with NYPD to train herself to use the knowledge of senses
  • Continues correspondence courses and occassional seminars at NYU


Name Relation Notes


Date Title Characters Rating Description
2011-10-16 Sunday in the Park With Friends Xiu Lin Tseng & Angelica Jones PG Xiu Lin Tseng and Angelica Jones encounter one another while each is out enjoying Central Park on a calm Sunday afternoon. They make friends.
2011-10-19 Sherlock in Miniature Xiu Lin Tseng & Marina Zane PG Telemetry approaches a possible recruit for the New Warriors.
2011-10-12 Mighty But Mini OR Thanks For the Help, Sue Lynn Xiu Lin Tseng & Spider-Man PG Almost run down by a limo fleeing an SUV, Xiu Lin Tseng investigates and ends up confronting the Enforcers. She gets some timely help from Spider-Man.
2011-10-22 Finding The Right Xiu Lin Tseng & Marina Zane R Telemetry invites the latest New Warrior recruit to visit the CrashPad and assist with the invesigation into the Right
2011-10-22 No Golden Dragon Of Doom Xiu Lin Tseng & Firestar PG-13 Following her investigations with Telemetry, Xiu Lin Tseng runs into the other New Warrior, and she and Firestar talk codenames and costumes.
2011-10-29 |Into Every Life A Thing Must Fall Benjamin Grimm & Xiu Lin Tseng PG Xiu Lin's martial arts practice in Central Park is interrupted when The Thing suddenly crashes into the Park.
2011-11-04 Rumble In The Zoo Kraven, Sandman, She-Hulk, Wasp, Xiu Lin Tseng PG Kraven attacks the Avengers at the Zoo.
2011-11-11 Robots And Rogue Mutants Oh My Yishi & Telemetry PG After a training session, two New Warriors talk about another potential recruit.
2011-11-14 New Warriors Recruitment Interview: Darklight Firestar, Telemetry, Yishi, Darklight PG-13 Telemetry brings Darklight to the base to discuss possible recruitment into the New Warriors
2011-11-21 Sparring Partners Xiu Lin Tseng, GoGo, Lifeguard, Emma Frost, Sandman PG An ecclectic assembly of young women gather by chance at a gym to watch and participate in low-end meta sparring.
2012-02-20 New And Old Warriors Yishi & Night Thrasher PG-13 Yishi is working out and training and ends up meeting the founder of the New Warriors. They talk and plan to collaborate.
2012-05-14 Things Go Awry When Knock Out Gas Is Involved Havok, Firestar, Yishi, Blizzard, Boomerang, Ringer PG The heroes arrive to stop a bank robbery, they're knocked unconscious, the villains get away but aren't able to steal anything.
Date Title Characters Summary
06/19/12 19:00 A Question of Identity And Its Lack Yishi, Krista New Warrior Yishi checks out Krista, and then approaches the mystery young woman.
06/23/12 20:30 Rest and Respecting Boundaries Yishi, Spider-Man Yishi and Spider-Man work together on search and rescue efforts. Then Yishi drags the Spider-Man off to get some much-needed rest.
07/22/12 19:00 Spiders, Beekeepers, Magistrates and Frankenstein's Monster Xiu Lin Tseng, Bride of Nine Spiders Xiu Lin is called by police-phobic Chinatown residents looking for help. She encounters the Bride, and the folks kidnapping and killing homelss in the area.
08/07/12 13:00 Sword of the Warlord Peter Parker, Xiu Lin Tseng Peter comes to Chinatown looking for an antique dealer. Instead, he finds Sue Lynn, who helps him find his antique dealer and some answers.
08/14/12 07:00 Sweat Shop Bride of Nine Spiders, Night Raven, Yishi Bride of Nine Spiders and Night Raven stop a slave operation in their own fashion
08/16/12 11:00 Yishi in Orange Xiu Lin Tseng (Yishi), Annie Ritter (Gogo) Xiu Lin is being held on murder charges. Anne comes to check on her.
08/17/12 10:00 Out on Bail Xiu Lin Tseng (Yishi), Bride of Nine Spiders Finally out on bail, Xiu Lin gets home to find the Bride in her apartment. They talk partnership. Ew, spiders!
08/19/12 11:00 Checking in With the Team Xiu Lin Tseng, Dwayne Taylor Xiu Lin checks in with Dwayne in public in civilian ID, since she can't go to Warriors Central right now.
08/24/12 10:47 A Trip To The Shopping Mall Yishi, Firestar, Richenda Angelica and Xiu Lin go to the mall and happen about Richenda
11/05/12 04:26 Counselling Session Firestar, Yishi Firestar seeks Yishi's help in dealing with an infernal problem.


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