The X-Men is a team of mutant heroes founded, funded, and guided by Professor
Charles Xavier, who is a mutant himself. It was Xavier's original intent to
train young mutants to become super heroes and fight those mutants who used
their powers for evil ends. This philosophy has evolved over the years to
include combating all forms of evil, not just evil mutants. Under the guise
of his exclusive "School for Gifted Youngsters", Xavier gathered and trained
his first group of youngsters- Angel, Beast, Cyclops. Iceman, and Marvel
Girl- and dubbed them the X-Men (the "X" originally standing for
"extra powers").

During this same period criminal mutants began appearing, some organized in
teams such as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The Intent of the X-Men soon
evolved and included showing the world that all mutants were not evil and
should not be feared. This was Professor Xavier's dream and is still a main
focus of the team today.

Membership in the X-Men and Xavier's School (and other teams) is not a given
unless the Feature Character was a member of the team at the time of cutoff.

If interested in membership, Original Characters (OCs) and Post Con FCs are
required to role play their way into the faction. This means that In Character
events must take place to show a path to get invited to join. It should also
be noted that such an invitation to join any team isn't a guarantee for
anyone (even FCs).

Prior to being approached by Professor Xavier or any of the recruiting members
of the X types, a player character (OC, PCFC) are expected to find their way
onto the role play grid and knock out at least 5 scenes utilizing powers to
thus get the attention of said persons through the (most likely) mutant
detection of cerebro.

The player will then OOCly +request a meeting with a representative and the
official IC interview process will begin.

At this point in our continuity, the Xavier School is not known as a mutant
school, mutant hangout, or mutant anything. It is considered a private and
elite school for really smart persons.

The X-Men are still considered terrorists by the Government, however they are
also known as saviors and mutant heroes by the general populace of the Earth.
Their base of operations is unknown and they are not considered affiliated
with any mutant school or mutant hangout or institution.

X-Factor is a government sponsored mutant team that operates throughout the
United States. Their base of operations is unknown but their identities are
public knowledge.

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