X Force



Mutant soldiers gathered and training under Cable. Publicly seen as a mutant terrorist group.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
boom-boom.jpg Boom Boom Tabitha Smith

250px-Cable-promo-image.jpg Cable Nathan Christopher Summers

X-Force.jpg Cannonball Samuel Guthrie

143795-160339-copycat.jpg Copycat Vanessa Carlysle

250px-X-Force_Vol_3_8_page_Neena_Thurman_Earth-616.jpg Domino Neena Thurman

rictor_julio_esteban_richter_3.jpg Rictor Julio Richter

shatter-2_large.jpg Shatterstar Gaveedra Seven

400px-Theresa_Cassidy_Earth-616_003.png Siryn Theresa Cassidy

sunspot_marvel_pictureboxart_160w.jpg Sunspot Roberto da Costa

925636-prv3261_pg5_super.jpg Warpath James Proudstar

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