X Factor


Fourth Incarnation

While they recently worked for the government handling 'mutant' affairs, things are presently up in the air with this team. After a very stressful mission where Alex put a team member under arrest to infiltrate the truth of what had been happening to the mutants they detained, the discovered a connection with a mutant concentration camp in Canada called Neverland. Having told off their government liaison (Alex did at least), Val Cooper, they are presently seeking to pursue the existence of other government cover-ups related to mutants.

Third Incarnation

This is the third incarnation of X-Factor. The first involved the original X-Men during the initial months of the Mutant Registration Act as they posed as mutant police apprehending unregistered mutants.
The second was orchestrated by Val Cooper as the liaison from the government to create a team of mutants to handle mutant affairs. The team was doomed from the start as it was led by Cyclops' younger brother, Havok. The team lasted just inside a year before they imploded in a harsh realization that life, morality, and fate wasn't in their favor.
Having moved back to the X-Mansion. Havok has come to realize that X-Factor was one of the best things that ever happened to him, yet it happened at the wrong time. Now he's ready and he's put together the third incarnation of the group. They are based out of the X-Mansion and work alongside Val Cooper with government operations working with mutant affairs.

Characters and Activity

Active Player Characters

Image Codename Real Name
362299-141812-havok.jpg Havok Alexander Summers

1407208-nightcrawler223.gif Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner

shadowcat3.jpg Shadowcat Katherine Pryde

Image Sunpyre Name
646685-moonstar10_12_08.jpg Mirage Danielle Moonstar
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