When it comes to claiming characters, the general rule is 'first come, first serve'. However, that's not always fair when it comes to characters who had a player, but then are retired or idled out. We know that certain characters can be very popular to play, and we would like to help you play them; we understand that you can't be online every second of the day, just waiting for a character that you want to idle out or be retired. In the interest of promoting fairness, we have instituted a waiting list procedure for such characters that ties into the wiki (NEWS WIKI).

When a character becomes available, for whatever reason, staff will offer the character to the first person on the waitlist. If they decline the character, we will offer it to the next person on the list, and so on, before adding the character back on the +roster.

Before getting into the 'how', here are the waitlist rules:

  • You may only waitlist one character at a time.
  • You must be out of your two-week waiting period between alts to app the character; if you are not, then we'll offer it to the next person on the list.
  • All other alt rules apply (ie, you cannot have three hero characters).
  • You may not add commentary to your claim, in regards the play-style of the player currently playing the character on the wiki page (ie, u sux at playing this character, i want it!), and doing such will immediately revoke your claim.

The wiki is very public and anyone can see your edits and history. If we discover vandalism, mud-slinging, or that you've been erasing the claim-requests of people in front of you in line, we will site-ban you. Period. That is simply unacceptable behavior.

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