Villain's Status: Member of Thunderbolts, at large.

Last log

01/31/13 14:00 Welcome to the Thunderbolts, Sandman! Sandman joins the Thunderbolts and their first mission is to take down his former teammates, Hydro-Man and the Wizard
12/11/12 23:01 Wishing he had Singles Walker lectures Broxel about being mean. Spiral shows, insanity ensues.
12/11/12 22:14 Kicking Sand in the Face Firebrand kicks Sandman's ass
10-15-12 And So It Begins Starting the recon mission
09/27/12 09:00 First of the Dancing Girls Spiral and Firebrand Meet, and daddy likes.
09/17/12 Gotta Get Paid Ares offers Firebrand a job he can't refuse.
%%form_data{ldate}%% 2012 05 10 Fire Fight %%form_data{lsummary}%%
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