Villain's Status: Member of the Acolytes, at large.

Last log

10/10/12 15:27 Tall is what you think Exodus helps Krista re-establish her height.
10/08/12 13:42 He would do anything for the princess Exodus learns that Magneto is alive through a conversation with Wanda
09/29/12 10:54 Wayward Exodus and Sprial discuss their lives.
09/28/12 17:32 The Inverse of Short Exodus assist Krista with her powers and wardrobe modification/malfunction.
09/28/12 10:00 Random Act of Violence Exodus threatens innocents.
09/28/12 08:00 Loss and Gain Exodus seeks direction after the loss of Magneto
05/15/12 Once, Twice A Charm Exodus welcomes Nightcrawler to the Massachusetts Academy
%%form_data{ldate}%% 2012 05 03 The Golden Age Of Mutants %%form_data{lsummary}%%
%%form_data{ldate}%% 2012 05 01 Fo Shizzle Shaw Baby %%form_data{lsummary}%%
%%form_data{ldate}%% 2012 04 19 Majestic Beasts %%form_data{lsummary}%%
%%form_data{ldate}%% 2012 04 19 Enter Exodus %%form_data{lsummary}%%
%%form_data{ldate}%% 2012 01 17 Happening Time At Harry S %%form_data{lsummary}%%
%%form_data{ldate}%% 2011 10 12 Decimation %%form_data{lsummary}%%
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