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08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 3: The Hellfire Solution Shaw has assured the heroes that he and his connections can and will take care of the Sentinels standing deadly watch over most of the major cities around the world. Now it's time for them to deliver.
07/30/12 14:00 Heavy Metal Horde: Nimrod Cometh Shaw and Amora take Suzi to see the school and the Hellions program. Armand and Tom are about thanks to the summer program. Richenda (Amelie) is under cover, checking things out under escort with Bishop. The time-displaced Sentinel arrives, and begins to malfunction. Empath re-appears to help out.
08/05/12 21:00:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale: Conference Call The heroes - and the not-so-heroic - gather following Ultron's ultimatum to the world, to plan for resistance.
07/18/12 16:00 We Are a Team? Really? Suzanne wants to meet with Amora to figure out what is going on with these crazy people. Still crazy.
07/17/12 10:30 Manufacturing Madhouse What at first appears might be another attack by the Ghost turns out to be some of the manufacturing robots in a clean room going dangerously nuts. Suzi has to save her workers. Sally and Amora help. Weird, hunh?
07/09/12 19:00 Everyone Likes Ice Cream Interesting conversation in the park
06/21/12 From On High Enchantress hassles poor innocent Ares
06/07/12 1AM Hellfire Induction Sally and Amora are inducted as Inner Circle members
06/05/12 18:24 Manipulations. . . Empath attempts to alleviate Armand of his connection with Loki. Things go awry.
06/03/12 I'd like beef and bacon on that While Loki observes hidden away within a pizza place, others move about grabbing their pizza.
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