Villain's Status: At large.

Last log

04/20/13 03:13 Role Reversal An alternate Cloak and Dagger with reversed powers and Deadpool engage Scalphunter
02/05/13 01:22 The Test Black Crow visits Deadpool and tests him.
01/19/13 00:40 Hotamini Hoedown Hotamintanio continues with the attacks of the Anasazi (Native American gods)
01/17/13 15:01 Bozho Bitch Slap Nanabozho seeks revenge!
12/10/2012 18:30 Beauty School Dropout Deadpool drops into a small scene.
10/27/12 01:49 Deadpool rescues Ambrose, mostly. Deadpool intervenes in a mugging. Accidentally rescues Ambrose.
08/27/12 01:24 Deadpool meets a girl and gets paid
08/19/12 16:00 Deadpool arrives to fight robots, a little late Deadpool goes to New York to kill robots
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