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Name Status View Last Log/Edit
Scanner Member of the Acolytes. +view/edit
Scorpia In an asyllum +view/edit
Scorpion At large. +view/edit
Scourge At large. +view/edit
Screaming-Mimi Last seen in Washington, DC fighting Red Ronin. +view/edit
Selene Member of the Hellfire Club. Bored. +view/edit
Sentinels At large. +view/edit
Senyaka Unknown +view/edit
Shadow-King At large in the Astral +view/edit
Shatterax Kree Soldier in Kree Space +view/edit
Shinobi-Shaw At large. +view/edit
Shocker At large. +view/edit
Sidewinder Member of the Serpent Society, at large. +view/edit
Silvermane Unknown +view/edit
Silver-Samurai Associate of Madame Masque +view/edit
Sin-Eater Unknown +view/edit
Slyde Unknown +view/edit
Speed-Demon At large. +view/edit
Spot At large. +view/edit
Spymaster At large. +view/edit
Squirrel-Girl At large. +view/edit
Stegron Last seen in the Savage Land. +view/edit
Stepford-Cuckoos Incubating +view/edit
Stilt-Man Loose in New York City +view/edit
Stryfe At large. +view/edit
Sunturion Unknown +view/edit
Super-Adaptoid Inert. Maintained beneath Avengers Mansion +view/edit
Superia At large. +view/edit
Super-Skrull Showing up in NYC, in various disguises and asking around about heroes +view/edit
Swordsman Assumed Deceased +view/edit
S'ym In Limbo, plotting to take over the dimension. +view/edit
Tarot Assumed dead member of the Hellions. +view/edit
Taskmaster At large. +view/edit
Tatterdemalion Member of Night Shift +view/edit
Thanos Unknown +view/edit
The-Fly Dead +view/edit
The-Griffin At large. +view/edit
The-Wraith Lurking +view/edit
Thunderball Arrested 11/10/11 +view/edit
TigerShark Under the sea. +view/edit
Tinkerer At large. +view/edit
Titania At large. With the Masters of Evil. +view/edit
Titanium-Man Member of the Winter Guard +view/edit
Toad Member of the Brotherhood. At large. +view/edit
Tombstone At large. +view/edit
Torpedo Unknown +view/edit
Trapster At large. +view/edit
Typhoid-Mary At large. +view/edit
Ultron Unknown +view/edit
Unicorn At large. +view/edit
Unis-the-Untouchable Unknown. +view/edit
Valentina-Allegra-de-Fontaine SHIELD Double Agent? +view/edit
Vanisher At large. +view/edit
Vapor With the U-Foes. +view/edit
Venom At large. +view/edit
Vertigo-I Member of the Savage Land Mutates +view/edit
Vertigo-II Member of the Marauders +view/edit
Viper Director of East Coast HYDRA, at large. +view/edit
Visog In Kree space. +view/edit
Volcana At large. +view/edit
Vulture At large. +view/edit
Warwolves At large. +view/edit
Whiplash At large. +view/edit
Whirlwind At large. +view/edit
Whiteout Member of the Savage Land Mutates. +view/edit
White-Rabbit At large. +view/edit
Wildchild Member of the Weapon X project. +view/edit
Wither Unknown. +view/edit
Wizard At large. +view/edit
Wrecker Arrested 11/10/11 +view/edit
Yellow-Claw At large. +view/edit
Yellowjacket At large. +view/edit
Yeti Unknown +view/edit
Yi Yang Leader of the Dragon Tong +view/edit
Zaladane Last seen in Savage Land. Assumed dead. +view/edit
Zaran In jail courtesy of Elene +view/edit
Zero Member of the MLF, at large. +view/edit
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