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Name Status View Last Log/Edit
Gorgeous-George Member of Nasty Boys, assumed dead, at large. +view/edit
Graviton Assumed Dead. Presently in Pocket Dimension as of Sept 19. 2011 +view/edit
Graydon-Creed At large. +view/edit
Green-Goblin At large +view/edit
Grey-Gargoyle On the loose threatening children's balloons all around. +view/edit
Grim-Reaper At large. +view/edit
Gypsy-Moth At large. +view/edit
Hammerhead At large. +view/edit
Harpoon Member of the Marauders +view/edit
Harry-Leland Dead +view/edit
Hobgoblin Unknown +view/edit
Human-Fly Unknown +view/edit
Hydro-Man At large. +view/edit
Ironclad Member of U-Foes. At large. +view/edit
Iron-Monger At large. +view/edit
Jetstream Hellion, assumed dead. +view/edit
Joystick At large. +view/edit
Juggernaut At large. +view/edit
Justin-Hammer Industralist, at large. +view/edit
Killer-Shrike Unknown +view/edit
Kimura Part of Weapon X +view/edit
Klaw At-large. +view/edit
Kraven Dead +view/edit
Kree-Sentry At large. +view/edit
Kree-Soldiers Soldiers of the Kree Empire +view/edit
Lady-Deathstrike Weapon X Project. +view/edit
Lady-Lotus Unknown. +view/edit
Lady-Mastermind-I Member of the HFC. +view/edit
Lady-Mastermind-II At large. +view/edit
Leader At large. +view/edit
Leash Member of the Savage Land Mutates +view/edit
Lightmaster At large. +view/edit
Lilith At large. +view/edit
Living-Monolith At large. Assumed Dead +view/edit
Lizard At large +view/edit
Lodestone At large. +view/edit
Loki Imprisoned in Asgard. +view/edit
Lupa Member of the Savage Land Mutates. +view/edit
Lupo Member of the Savage Land Mutates. +view/edit
Madame-Hydra At large. Running HYDRA of the East Coast +view/edit
Madame-Masque At large. +view/edit
Madcap At large. +view/edit
Mad-Thinker At large. +view/edit
Maelstrom At large. +view/edit
Magneto Ruling Genosha with an iron fist. +view/edit
Malice At-large. Member of Marauders. +view/edit
Margali-Szardos Unknown +view/edit
Mauler Unknown +view/edit
Maverick Unknown +view/edit
Melter At large. +view/edit
Mentallo Last seen in Neverland 8/8/12. +view/edit
Mikhail-Rasputin At large. +view/edit
Mimic Assumed dead. +view/edit
Mindless-Ones Unknown +view/edit
Miss-Locke Associate of Arcade. At large. +view/edit
Mister-Hyde Unknown +view/edit
Mister-Sinister Unknown +view/edit
MODOK Director of AIM +view/edit
Molecule-Man At large. +view/edit
Mole-Man Underground or on Monster Island +view/edit
Moonglow-II Gone back to Earth-S, Oct - 2011 +view/edit
Moonstone Member of the Masters of Evil. At large. +view/edit
Morgan-le-Fay Unknown +view/edit
Mysterio Unknown +view/edit
Mystique At large. +view/edit
Nebula Unknown +view/edit
Needle Member of the Night Shift +view/edit
Nekra At large. Assoicated with Mandrill +view/edit
Nightmare In your dreams. +view/edit
Nimrod At large. +view/edit
Nitro Gone boom +view/edit
Nuke Unknown +view/edit
Nuklo Depowered +view/edit
Omega-Red Member of the Weapon X project. +view/edit
Orka Under the sea. +view/edit
Owl Unknown +view/edit
Piledriver Hanging with the Wrecking Crew +view/edit
Porcupine Unknown +view/edit
Princess-Python Member of Serpent Society, at large. +view/edit
Prism Member of the Marauders +view/edit
Purple-Man At large. +view/edit
Pyro Member of the Brotherhood. At large. +view/edit
Quicksand Likely on a beach. +view/edit
Quicksilver At large. +view/edit
Quill Unknown +view/edit
Radioactive-Man With the Masters of Evil +view/edit
Red-Skull At large. +view/edit
Rhino Charging +view/edit
Rhino At large. +view/edit
Ringer At large; Last seen in Harlem (11/12/12) robbing an electronics store +view/edit
Ringmaster At large. +view/edit
Riptide Member of the Marauders. At large. +view/edit
Risque Unknown +view/edit
Rose At large, and smelling really good. +view/edit
Roulette Assumed dead member of the Hellions. +view/edit
Ruckus Assumed dead member of the Nasty Boys +view/edit
Sabretooth At large. Member of the Weapon X project. +view/edit
Sandman Turned over a new grain of sand, now an Avenger. +view/edit
Sauron Somewhere in the Savage Land +view/edit
Scalphunter Member of the Marauders. At large. +view/edit

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