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Name Status View Last Log/Edit
8-Ball At Large +view/edit
Abomination Hiding out, waiting to strike the Hulk and exact his revenge. +view/edit
Absorbing-Man Running amuck in NYC +view/edit
Adversary At Large +view/edit
Amphibius Savage Land resident +view/edit
Anaconda Member of the Serpent Society. At Large +view/edit
Arcade At Large +view/edit
Arclight Marauder +view/edit
Armadillo Digging underneath the streets of NYC +view/edit
Arnim-Zola Unknown +view/edit
Arsenal Armed up and ready to go. +view/edit
Asp Member of the Serpent Society and BAD GIRLS INC. At Large +view/edit
Attuma At Large. +view/edit
Avalanche Member of Brotherhood +view/edit
Awesome-Android Being Awesome and At Large +view/edit
Axon At large. +view/edit
Barbarus Member of the Savage Land Mutates, At Large +view/edit
Baron-Von-Strucker Last seen over Madripoor, escaped SHIELD +view/edit
Baron-Zemo Leads Masters of Evil +view/edit
Basilisk Unknown +view/edit
Batroc Leaping around Canada +view/edit
Beetle Getting over recent issues with his super suit and the Ultron nanobot virus. +view/edit
Belasco Tossed into the Abyss +view/edit
Big-Wheel Rolling around the streets of NYC +view/edit
Black-Cat At large. +view/edit
Blacklash Apprehended by Vision, 8/31/12 +view/edit
Black-Mamba Former Serpent Society, now BAD GIRLS inc, at large +view/edit
Blackout Former Member of Zemo's Masters of Evil, Dead +view/edit
Black-Spectre At large. +view/edit
Black-Tom At large. +view/edit
Blizzard Wanted for recent criminal activity. +view/edit
Blob Member of the Brotherhood - last seen attacking Box (8/30/12) +view/edit
Blue-Streak Dead +view/edit
Boomerang Wanted for recent criminal activity. +view/edit
Brainchild Residing in the Savage Land. +view/edit
Brothers-Grimm Members of Night Shift. +view/edit
Bulldozer Member of Zemo's Masters of Evil and the Wrecking Crew +view/edit
Bullet At large. +view/edit
Bullseye At large. +view/edit
Bushmaster Member of Serpent Society, at large. +view/edit
Bushmaster-II Member of the Maggia, at large. +view/edit
Bushwacker At large. +view/edit
Cat-Man At large. +view/edit
Catseye Assumed dead member of Hellions. +view/edit
Chameleon At large. +view/edit
Chemistro At large. +view/edit
Chimera Unknown +view/edit
Coachwhip Whipping coaches for their abuse of teen athletes. AKA: No idea. +view/edit
Constrictor Lurking underneath the streets of NYC. Member of Serpent Society. +view/edit
Copycat Posing as Domino in X-Force +view/edit
Cottonmouth Member of the Serpent Society, at large. +view/edit
Count-Nefaria Unknown +view/edit
Crimson-Dynamo With the Winter Guard, awaiting prisoner release from X-Factor +view/edit
Danger Unknown +view/edit
Dansen-Macabre Member of the Night Shift. At large. +view/edit
Dantella Deported back to Kree Space. +view/edit
Deadpool At large. +view/edit
Death-Adder Member of Serpent Society, at large. +view/edit
Deathbird Ruler of the reformed Kree Empire, Hala. +view/edit
Delgado Unknown +view/edit
Delphine-Courtney Assumed dead. +view/edit
Diamondback Former member of Serpent Society, now BAD GIRLS inc. At large. +view/edit
Doctor-Bong At large. +view/edit
Doctor-Decibel Ringing throughout the night, at large. +view/edit
Doctor-Minerva Somewhere in Kree space. +view/edit
Doctor-Octopus At large. +view/edit
Donald-Pierce Member of the HFC +view/edit
Dormammu At large. +view/edit
Dragoness Member of the MLF +view/edit
Dragon-Man At large. +view/edit
Dreadknight Last seen taunting Black Knight. +view/edit
Dreadnought Robots of HYDRA, at large. +view/edit
DreamQueen Haunting the dreams of Alpha Flight +view/edit
Eel Henchmen of the Maggia +view/edit
Electro At large. +view/edit
Empath Member of the HFC +view/edit
Enchantress Member of HFC, at large. +view/edit
Enforcer Unknown +view/edit
Executioner Dead +view/edit
Exodus Member of the Acolytes, at large. +view/edit
Extacy At large. +view/edit
Fabian-Cortez Member of the Acolytes +view/edit
Fabulous-Frog-Man Leaping about. +view/edit
Fantomex Unknown +view/edit
Fatale At large. +view/edit
Firearm At large. +view/edit
Firebrand Member of Thunderbolts, at large. +view/edit
Firefist Member of the MLF (Rusty) +view/edit
Fixer Fixing things that aren't broken. +view/edit
Fixer Fixing things that don't need fixing. +view/edit
Flag-Smasher Smashing flags and leading ULTIMATUM +view/edit
Flying-Tiger Unknown +view/edit
FoolKiller Pitying the fool then killing them. +view/edit
Force At large. +view/edit
Forearm Member of the Savage Land Mutates and Acolytes +view/edit
Frenzy At large. +view/edit
Fu-Manchu At large. +view/edit
Gargoyle At large. +view/edit
Ghost Boooing around. +view/edit
Gladiator I Assumed deceased. +view/edit
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