The Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation is an association for professional
wrestlers who possess superhuman strength, endurance and resistance to injury.
The U.C.W.F was founded by wrestling manager and promoter EdwardGarner after
a client of his was banned from the existing wrestling association for being
too strong and thus a danger to normal human-strength combatants. Garner
reasoned that if he could find enough suitable opponents for his fighter, he
could start his own wrestling club, with public exhibitions certain to be
more spectacular than the regular bouts. Garner held several highly publicized
auditions in Las Vegas, and soon began to sign up a roster of suitable wrestlers.

Originally, to qualify to the U.C.W.F, an applicant must be able to lift a
minimum of two tons. When Garner began finding people who could lift
significantly more than two tons, he organized weight divisions within the
federation to keep fighters well matched.

-The lightweight division is for wrestlers who can lift in the 2-10 ton range.
-The middleweight division is for wrestlers who can lift in the 10-25 ton range.
-The heavyweight division is for wrestlers who can lift in the 25 ton plus range.

In the brief time the U.C.W.F has been in existence, Garner has been phasing
out the lower weight divisions as more fighters are being found to qualify for
the heavyweight division. At present, one must be able to lift 25 tons to even
be considered to qualify for entry into the U.C.W.F.

Many of the original wrestlers who joined the federation were of the Deviant
or Eternal evolutionary offshoots of humanity, or they were super-human
mutants. Some had been sparring in the normal professional wrestling circuits
before the U.C.W.F was founded but had to hide the impressive strength levels.
Later, normal human beings who had had themselves artificially enhanced began
to join. Many of these people were augmented by Power Broker Inc, a company
specializing in the physical enhancement of human beings. Prior to servicing
wrestlers who wanted to qualify for the U.C.W.F, the Power Broker provided
criminals with superhuman henchmen. Garner, who has been known to fix fights
on occasion, claims to have no connection with Power Broker, although many
members of his federation seem to profit from Power Brokers services. The
U.C.W.F seems to be the one of the few legitimate ways Power Broker can pay
for the augmentation Process. Certain wrestlers have undergone the
augmentation process more than once as the power requirements for the
federation become more strict. Virtually all the wrestlers assume stage names
and wear colorful costumes similar to most super human adventurers and
crime-fighters, although very few hide their real identities.

The U.C.W.F gained widespread publicity when Benjamin Grimm (Thing of the
Fantastic Four) joined the circuit for a brief time. The Thing was not only
the U.C.W.F's top attraction, he was also the undefeated champion for a time.
He forfeited the championship when he purposefully threw an exhibition bout
with Battleaxe, a member of the U.C.W.F's female division known as the
grapplers. For personal reasons, the Thing dropped out of the U.C.W.F as
short time later bringing Garner's attention to the Power Brokers investment
in the wrestlers.

The U.C.W.F remains a thriving business enterprise of unprecedented mass
popularity, In a world filled with super human men and women the Unlimited
Class Wrestlers are the only such beings that the average person can pay to
see at arenas all over the country.

Active Members

Rosters at Cutoff

U.C.W.F Wrestlers

Demolition Dunphy (D-Man)
The Thing
Jersey Devil
Little John
Iceberg Ike (Ikaris)
Unus the Untouchable
Black Smith
Doctor Sawbones
Kid Stuff
Mister Clean
Mister Earl
Red Zeppelin

Grapplers - Female Wrestlers

Ms Marvel II
Screaming Mimi
Battle Axe
Auntie Freeze



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