Golden Age

Event Date Developments
Emergence of the Original Human Torch 1939 The Original Human Torch appears.
Emergence of Namor 1939 Namor makes his first appearance
Namor vs the Original Human Torch 1940 Namor and the Torch battle it out and cement the idea of a shared continuity of the Marvel universe.
Emergence of Captain America 1941 Steve Rogers receives the Super Soldier Serum, his first shield, and a partner by the name of Bucky, becoming the first and the most famous incarnation of Captain America.
World War II and the emergence of the Invaders 1941-45 Captain America, Bucky Barnes, the Original Human Torch and his mutant ally Toro, and Namor form the primary members of the Invaders. In the final days of the Second World War, Steve and Bucky attack an island stronghold held by Baron Zemo and are apparently killed
Emergence of the All-Winners Squad 1946 A short lived creation, this team was composed of Captain America, Bucky, The Original Human Torch, Toro, Sub-Mariner, The Whizzer, and Miss America. As President Harry S. Truman does not wish the American people to know of the death of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes following the recent death of President Roosevelt, Captain America and Bucky are actually the Spirit of '76 and a young man named Fred Davis.
Namor loses his memory 1958 An incident causes Namor to lose his memory, which he will not regain until soon after the formation of the Fantastic Four.

Modern Age

Event Date Developments
Emergence of the Fantastic Four 1996 After a trip to space, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing develop fantastic powers
Emergence of Ant-Man 1996 Henry Pym creates Pym particles.
Re-emergence of Namor 1996 The Sub-Mariner gets his memories back after a meeting with the Human Torch and vows to destroy the human race after discovering the ruins of Atlantis and believes his race to be dead. The Fantastic Four manage to stop him from doing this on several occasions
Emergence of Doctor Doom 1996 Victor von Doom makes his first appearance and threatens the Fantastic Four, later teaming up with Namor in an attempt to destroy Reed Richards, the man he blames for forcing him to hide his face under his metal mask.
Emergence of the Hulk 1996 After being bombarded by gamma rays in a nuclear explosion, Hulk becomes a rampaging creature .
Emergence of Spider-Man 1996 Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and embraces a super-hero career
Emergence of Thor 1996 The thunder god Thor awakens inside the body of mortal Donald Blake
Emergence of Iron Man 1996 Tony Stark creates his first suit of Iron Man armor following capture and a piece of shrapnel becoming dangerously close to his heart '
Emergence of Doctor Strange 1996 After years of mystical training following a quest to repair his broken hands, Stephen Strange becomes Earth's greatest defender against supernatural threats
Emergence of the X-Men and Magneto 1996 Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, and Angel are brought together for the first time by Professor X. They go public while fighting mutant criminal Magneto for the first time
Emergence of the Avengers 1996 Iron Man, Thor, Ant Man, the Wasp and Hulk assemble for the first time in an effort to stop Loki
Emergence of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. 1996 First appearance of Nick Fury. He will later become Director of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and get involved with the terrorist organization Hydra for the first time
Re-emergence of Captain America 1997 Steve Rogers is awakened from suspended animation by the Sub-Mariner and found by the Avengers following their battle with Namor and a now enraged Hulk. He becomes core a member of the team
Emergence of Daredevil 1997 As a young boy, Matthew Murdock was blinded in a tragic accident, which also honed his senses to super-human levels. Now an adult, he embraces a super-hero career
The New Avengers 1997 With the exception of Captain America all of the Avengers resign, and he recruits a new team consisting of the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver (both former members of the Brotherhood of Mutants), and Hawkeye, a mistaken villain by Iron Man
Reed Richards and Susan Storm's Wedding 1998 On the wedding day of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, Doctor Doom and an assembly of super villains (consisting of Attuma, Awesome Android, Beetle, Black Knight, Cobra, Diablo, Electro, Enchantress, Executioner, Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind, some HYDRA agents, Kang the Conqueror, Mandarin, Melter, Mister Hyde, Mole Man, Porcupine, Master, Red Ghost, Super-Skrull, and Unicorn) crash the wedding but are defeated by every super hero who was attending the wedding. This is the first time that almost every super character in the Marvel Universe at the time were gathered into one book.
Emergence of the Inhumans 1998 Johnny Storm meets Crystal who introduces him to her people the Inhumans. Not trusting Johnny, they fight him and the rest of the Fantastic Four until they find that they have to work together to defeat a common foe Maximus the Mad '
The Galactus Trilogy 1998 The Silver Surfer arrives on Earth with plans for his master Galactus to destroy it, forcing the Fantastic Four to stop him and the Watcher to seriously break his code for the first time .
Emergence of Black Panther 1998 Black Panther infiltrates the Baxter building to test his fighting abilities against the Fantastic 4. The black superhero in mainstream American comics.
Emergence of Mar-Vell 1999 The Kree Empire sends Captain Mar-Vell to Earth as a spy. Coming to empathize with humanity, Mar-Vell betrays his orders and is welcomed as a hero by the people of Earth.
Emergence of The Defenders 1999 The Defenders are first organized, originally led by Dr. Strange and including The Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer.
Emergence of Ghost Rider 1999 Johnny Blaze summons Mephisto and makes a deal with him to save his mentor's life
Kree-Skrull War 1999 The Avengers are involved in a millennia-old interstellar war''
Death of Gwen Stacy 2000 The Green Goblin returns and fights Spider-Man. As a result, Spider-Man's girlfriend Gwen Stacy, is killed when Spider-Man is unable to save her.
Emergence of the Secret Empire 2000 Captain America follows a conspiracy all the way to the White House
Emergence of Punisher 2001 Vietnam veteran turned vigilante Frank Castle appears for the first time
Emergence of Wolverine 2001 Wolverine first appears. He attacks the Hulk, but is knocked out.
The Celestial Madonna Saga 2001 Kang the Conqueror invades Earth in an attempt to find the woman destined to birth the savior of the universe.
Giant-Size X-Men 2001 Professor X assembles a new team to rescue the original X-Men. First appearance of Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird and Nightcrawler. Wolverine, Sunfire, and Banshee joins the X-Men
The Magus War 2001 The Magus first appears as an evil future version of Adam Warlock
The Dark Phoenix Saga 2001 The Phoenix is released for the first time in the Marvel Universe, in the form of Jean Grey
Eternals Saga 2002 Two parts: ''The Eternals'' vol. 1 #1-19 and ''The Eternals Annual'' was the first appearance of the Eternals, Deviants, and Celestials. The Second part, starting in ''Thor Annual'' vol. 1 #7 and continuing in ''Thor'' vol. 1 #283-301 where the charters and looming crisis from the Eternal comics are transplanted into the Marvel Universe. As well, it is revealed to Thor startling revelations about Asgard, Odin, and his mother.
The Korvac Saga 2002 The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy track down a mysterious threat from the future .
The Proteus Saga 2002 Proteus, the son of Moira McTaggart, attempts to escape his imprisonment on Muir Island in order to find his father.
The Dark Phoenix Saga 2002 Jean Grey becomes the Dark Phoenix after being controlled by the Hellfire Club .
Days of Future Past 2003 Kitty Pryde from a dystopian future travels back in time to prevent the event that created her timeline.
Contest of Champions 2003 The Grandmaster and Death manipulate the heroes of Earth in a game to decide the fate of The Collector
Death of Captain Marvel 2003 The original Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) falls victim to what the Kree call "the Blackend", or what is called Cancer on Earth
Surtur Returns 2003 Surtur forges a powerful mystic sword and returns to destroy Asgard against Thor, Loki, Beta Ray Bill, and Odin'
Secret Wars 2003 The Beyonder kidnaps selected heroes and villains of Earth to battle on a planet of his creation. Spider-Man finds his Symbiote costume. Doctor Doom steal the powers of the Beyonder, becoming almost god-like in the process, but is ultimately defeated by the present heroes .
Hulk in Exile 2004 The Hulk had come to control his rage, but when it begins to slip away from him and he goes on an uncontrollable rampage, Dr. Strange banishes him to another dimension, while the Hulk and Bruce Banner become separated.
Secret Wars II 2004 The Beyonder heads to Earth in a bid to understand humanity, creating a human form for himself in the process.
The Dark Phoenix Saga 2004 Jean Grey returns and is reunited with the original X-Men to form X-Factor. It is discovered that Jean was replaced with a cosmic entity called the Phoenix Force who placed Jean in a psychic cocoon. Thus, it was the Phoenix Force which became Dark Phoenix and committed suicide (from the humanity of Jean Grey to save the universe from the threat that Dark Phoenix posed).
Born Again 2004 Karen Page returns as a heroin addict and the Kingpin learns of Daredevil's secret identity .
Mutant Massacre 2004 The Marauders kill most of the Morlocks. This event saw the first encounter between Wolverine and Sabretooth, though the pair had battled many times before .
Kraven's Last Hunt 2004 The final battle between Kraven the Hunter and Spider-Man (Story arc begins in Web of Spider-man #31 and concludes in The Spectacular Spider-Man#132.
Fall of the Mutants 2004 The X-Men are slain in Dallas during a cataclysmic battle against the Adversary. Cypher (of the New Mutants) dies battling the Ani-Mator. X-Factor (the original X-Men) battles Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen
Armor Wars 2004 Iron Man embarks on a mission to destroy armored suits that were created from his own stolen technology.
The Evolutionary War 2005 The High Evolutionary unleashes attacks all over the world to guide the way of human evolution .
Inferno 2005 Demons from Limbo invade earth.
Atlantis Attacks 2005 Under the influence of Set, the Atlanteans launch a massive assault on the surface world.
Acts of Vengeance 2006 Loki unites Doctor Doom, Magneto, Kingpin, Mandarin, Wizard, and Red Skull in a plot to use lesser enemies to defeat the superheroes that aren't their usual enemies. .
X-Tinction Agenda 2006 The New Mutants and the X-Men are kidnapped and taken to Genosha, which culminates in their escape; the Genoshan government is overthrown .
The Infinity Gauntlet 2007 Thanos uses the power of the Infinity Gems to become Supreme Being.
Muir Island Saga 2007 The Shadow King attacks and takes over Muir Island. Professor Xavier assembles his original X-Men with his All New X-Men and assaults the island. In the end, Muir Isle is severely damaged, the X-Men decide to make a mega X-Men team (blue/gold) and return to Xavier Mansion to start anew. X-Factor is started by Val Cooper (w/Havok, Wolfsbane, Multiple Man, Strong Guy, and Quicksilver)
Galactic Storm 2008 The Avengers become involved in a war between the Kree and the Shi'ar.

Original IC Timeline

The following events took place during the first era of Marvel Untold that occurred during the RL years of 2011, 2012, and 2013. The MUX originally used 1992 as a publication date cut-off date.

Event Date Developments
X-Sphere - Something Wicked Early 2008 Magik, Illyana Rasputin is again subjected to the turmoil of Limbo. She emerges and returns to Earth to meet with her friends. Then after some struggles is lost on Earth982 where she is strapped for several years. She eventually recruits several heroes from several realities to stop a horrible menace.
New York Under Attack Early 2008 Lava Men attack the city, Avengers repel attack.
London Hellfire Club - Activities Early 2008 Brian Braddock has learned of the inner circle of the London HFC. He makes motions and eventually becomes the Black Bishop.
X-Factor - Breakup Early 2008 X-Factor is attacked by Sinister's new team the Nasty Boys. The battle was significant. X-Factor's base was destroyed, Multiple Man nearly died. The Nasty Boys were killed (even though they were clones or will be clones again), and Sinister was driven off. In all however, team morale was low and they questioned the heroic nature of their actions. The team disbanded and went their separate ways. Havok and Wolfsbane returned to Xaviers.
Avengers - Change of Chair Early 2008 Due to interpersonal issues and the baggage from Galactic Storm, Captain America steps down from active duty and becomes a reserve Avenger.
Graviton vs the Avengers Late 2008 Graviton, a powerful supervillain kidnaps many of the female Avengers and keeps them hostage on his Sky Island for nearly a month (away from detection from the Avengers). It takes all of the Avengers as well as others such as Ares and the Thing to defeat the villain. In this act, Thor (Masterson) falls into the black hole that Graviton creates. The black hole is a result of Graviton's implosion and assumed death. Masterson is saved by Odin and taken to Asgard to heal.
Mutant Massacre Late 2008 The Right, an anti-mutant organization led by Cameron Hodge begins slaughtering mutants. In this massacre, the Hellions are killed. (except for Empath who was in Nova Roma and Warpath who was with X-Force. This plotline lasted a few weeks and was finally put to an end when Hodge was captured by government officials. He and his followers subsequently stood trial and were remanded to an undisclosed prison.
Mutant Registration Late 2008 Mutant Registration Law comes back into the news in the aftermath of the Mutant Massacre plot line. It has been a law for a few years but often set upon the back burner of law enforcement.
Magneto Takes Over Genosha Late 2008 The Master of Magnetism is elected prime minister of Genosha. A position that holds more authority than most. The populace of Genosha is predominantly mutant so he was a clear winner of the election.
Return to the Throne Early 2009 Deathbird Dethroned - With the help of X-Factor and the X-Men, the Starjammers were able to remove Deathbird from the Shi'ar throne and Lillandra is now the rightful ruler.
Black Door Beneath the Hills Early 2009 Avengers (and friends) vs Fomor - The Fomor (race of Celtic Gods) create black doors that appear all over England. The Fomor begin to kidnap innocent citizens. A black door appears at Avengers Mansion as well, as the Fomor seek vengence against the Avengers. The Avengers and British heroes come together to defeat the Fomor who were tricked by Morgan Le Fay.
Manhattan Under Siege Mid 2009 For a few days, shadow demons and generals wage war on Manhattan, met by many of Earth's Heroes. The shadows and the battles all but a minor game played between Hades, Zeus and Ares.
Heavy Metal Horde Late 2009 In small incidences at first, AI is on the fritz, robots attacking at random and acting unlike their programming was intended. Major robot and machines subverted - including Shogun Warriors and other giant robots, to hold earth's capitals in hostage. All superhero teams unite to deal with this truly massive threat. Ultron, the intellect behind the heavy metal attack is destroyed. Genosha vanishes.
The AvengersX Initiative Late 2009 The Avengers and X-Men come together to create a joint training program for future heroes, based at Xavier's Institute.
Justice, Like Lightning Late 2009 A secret government program, called the Thunderbolts, is founded. Led by Ares, the program uses super-villains to perform covert actions in the name of security.
Mad Gods Early 2010 The Anasazi (race of Native American gods) seek vengeance against for atrocities committed centuries early to their people. Black Crow gather heroes to take on the Anasazi. In the conclusion, Shipolo (realm of the Anasazi) is cutoff from the world.
What If Unleashed Early 2010 Genosha returns, bringing with it a surge of extra-dimensional energies. For a month, people are temporarily transformed into alternate universe versions of themselves before the energies bleed back to their original realities.

Time Jump

In 2013 it was decided that Marvel Untold needed to be jumped forward to a more modern era. 2010, the start of the Heroic Age, was decided on as a new publication cut-off point. A modified timeline was put together to account for the events between the 1993 and 2010 publication dates. Some changes were made to canon events to account for Marvel Untold MUX history and the compressed time period these events were taking place in. As a result, several canon 616 events were removed from our history. The largest example of this is that Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Black Bolt, Namor, Doctor Strange, and Professor Xavier never formed the Illuminati. Other events that did not occur: Infinity War, X-Cutioner's Song, Clone Saga, Age of Apocolypse, Planet of the Symbiotes, Final Chapter, Hunt for Xavier, The Twelve, Maximum Security, Eve of Destruction, Kang Dynasty, Infinity Abyss, Planet X. Major changes in canon events that did occur will be marked in blue.

Event Date Developments
Legacy Virus Early 2010 Mr. Sinister opens a canister given to him by Stryfe. The Legacy Virus is released and threatens the world's mutant population. Before it is cured, the virus kills Illyana Rasputin. Colossus dies releasing the cure for the virus. Moira McTaggart survives.
Maximum Carnage Early 2010 Carnage and his "familly" of serial killers band together to unleash a wave of murder across New York City. Spider-Man and Venom team up with several heroes to stop them.
Fatal Attractions/Bloodlines Mid 2010 Magneto decides to wipe out humanity once and for all. He and his Acolytes are stopped. In the fallout, however, a civil war between the human and mutant population of Genosha begins. The Avengers ignore orders from the United Nations and get involved and, as a result, lose their UN Charter. An enraged Xaver mindwipes Magneto and becomes the nominal head of Genosha's government. Xavier's School for Gifted Children, and the joint X-Men/Avengers training project, is shut down.
Child's Play Mid 2010 The Upstarts attempt to capture all the surviving Hellions and New Mutants, which ends up involving both X-Force and the New Warriors.
Phalanx Covenant Mid 2010 The Phalanx, a group of mutant haters infected with the techno-organic virus, attempt to destroy all mutants. They are stopped. Emma Frost and Banshee create Generation X, a new training program for young mutants.
Onslaught Saga Mid 2010 When Xavier mindwiped Magneto, their darksides merged to form a new psionic entity, Onslaught. Onslaught attempted to destroy humans and mutants, both, but was stopped by a sacrifice of many of Earth's heroes. As a result, it seems many of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four died. In the aftermath, the Baron Zemo managed to take control of the Thunderbolts project and moved it from a special ops group working for the government to a public super hero team.
Heroes Reborn/Heroes Return Mid to Late 2010 For a few months, it seems as if the Avengers (including Captain America and Thor) and the Fantastic Four are gone. In reality, they have been transported to a pocket universe created by Franklin Richards, where they lead alternative lives on a somewhat different Earth. In the end, they are brought back to the main universe. During the time period that the heroes were missing, Genosha is mysteriously reduced to rubble and most of the population killed. Authorities later determine it was accomplished by some sort of anti-matter wave.
Secret War Late 2010 Doctor Doom is banished to a hell dimension and a new Prime Minister, Lucia von Bardas, takes power. Nick Fury determines von Bardas is selling Latvarian technology to supervillains and terrorists. However, he is forbidden from doing anything about this because the United States currently considers Latvaria an ally. Fury recruits Captain America, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Black Widow, Luke Cage, and Daisy Johnson to covertly remove von Bardas from power. Afterwards, Fury brainwashes the heroes, removing the event from their memory.
Xavier's Re-Opened Early 2011 Xavier's Institute is re-opened and takes in more students than ever before. Students are grouped into squads, each guided by an established member of the mutant community. By this point, the Generation X program is shut down.
Avenger's Disassembled Early 2011 Kang the Conqueror switches out this reality's Wanda Maximoff for an unstable version. The alternate reality Wanda uses the Vision to destroy Avenger's Mansion. Several Avengers are heavily injured. Jack of Hearts is killed. The Avengers disband.
Fall of Asgard Early 2011 Asgard is destroyed and all Asgardians killed in a plot of Loki's to bring around the final Ragnarrok.
House of M Early 2011 In the aftermath of Avenger's Disassembled, the alternate Wanda changes reality into a world where mutants are dominant over humans. The real Wanda escapes from Kang and, with the help of Doctor Strange and Layla Miller, defeats her doppleganger. Reality is restored but not before the alternate Wanda manages to whisper three words: 'No More Mutants.'
Decimation Early 2011 Thanks to the events of House of M, most mutants in the world are de-powered. Roughly two hundred mutants remain and most end up huddled on Xavier's estate for a while, guarded by Sentinel mechs. In our continuity, the bus carrying depowered mutant children away from Xavier's was not blown up but damaged. Kids were injured but not killed. A team was still formed to hunt down those responsible, however, and send a clear message that depowered mutants were not to be target. FC mutants that were depowered in canon are required to be depowered during this part of the timejump. OC mutants may choose to be depowered or they may keep their powers.
New Avengers Mid 2011 Nick Fury's brainwashing of the heroes involved in the Secret War is revealed when von Bardas attacks, seeking revenge. von Bardas is defeated but, because of his actions, Fury is removed as director of SHIELD and vanishes. Maria Hill is named new director of SHIELD. One of Maria Hill's first acts as director of SHIELD is to shoot the Hulk into space with the help of Reed Richards. Shortly after this, a new team of Avengers forms.
Annihilation Mid 2011 The Annihilation Wave, a massive invasion force led by Annihilus, enters this universe. Several cosmic heroes battle the wave. Xandar, home of the Nova Corps, is destroyed. The Kree, Skrull, and Sh'iar Empires are damaged. Wendell Vaughn is killed and Phyla-Vell becomes the new Quasar.
The Rise and Fall of the Sh'iar Empire Late 2011 Already hurt by the Annihilation Wave, the Sh'iar empire finds itself unable to fight off an assault by Vulcan, the third Summers brother. He conquers the empire.
Civil War Early 2012 A media conglomerate manages to get their hands on the New Warriors trademark. They create a reality show with a group of new, young, and inexperienced heroes. Included in their number is the Atlantean mutant, Sharkskin. These New Warriors track a group of supervillains to a hideout in Stamford, CT. In the resulting struggle the criminal Nitro detonates and over six hundred men, women, and children die. As a result of the Stamford Incident, the Mutant Registration Act is retooled into the Superhero Registration Act. Anyone with powers or who puts on a mask to fight crime must now legally register and receive approval from the government for their activities. Many heroes rebel, believing the government can't be trusted to safeguard their secret identities or wishing to avoid government oversight of their activities. The pro-registration forces are led by Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym. The anti-registration forces are led by Captain America and Luke Cage. During the Civil War, Goliath is killed by a cybernetic clone of Thor, created by Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark. The Thunderbolts program is placed back under government control and Norman Osborn is appointed to as program head. The war ends when Tony Stark and Captain America realized both sides were being manipulated by Kang the Conqueror who was using emotion manipulation technology from his vast arsenal. Both sides team up to defeat Kang and his forces. Data from Kang's base indicates he was responsible for both the destruction of Genosha and the Stamford Incident (he arranged for the New Warriors reality show and Nitro's explosion). In the aftermath of the Civil War, Captain America surrenders, intending to negotiate amnesty for his forces and to work out a compromise with the government about the SRHA. However, Captain America is seemingly assassinated.
Initiative Mid 2012 In the aftermath of the Civil War and Captain America's assassination, the government puts together the 50 States Initiative. The idea is to give each state their own superhero team. A program is put together to train young and less experienced heroes. Meanwhile, two groups of Avengers form. An official team, the Mighty Avengers, is led by Tony Stark and Ms. Marvel. An unofficial team, the New Avengers, is led by Luke Cage and refuses to register and, thus, remains a group of outlaws.
Silent War Mid 2012 Quicksilver steals Terrigen Mists from the Inhumans in a desperate attempt to repower mutants. This leads to brief war between the United States and the Inhumans. Attilan is destroyed.
Endangered Species Mid 2012 The first mutant to be born since M Day is sought by multiple factions. She is rescued by the X-Men, named Hope, and taken into the future to be raised by Cable. Because Jean Grey never died in our continuity, Hope has no connection to the Phoenix Force.
World War Hulk Mid 2012 The Hulk returns to Earth with a small army behind him. Seeking revenge for his exile, he briefly conquers New York City. He is stopped by the Sentry. The two titans beat each other until, exhausted, they transform back into their unpowered forms. During the conflict, Doctor Stephen Strange is stripped of the title of Sorcerer Supreme.
Annihilation: Conquest Late 2012 The Phalanx, joined by Ultron and the Super-Adaptoid, attempts to conquer the Kree Empire. Several heroes, including a new Guardians of the Galaxy, work to stop them.
Die by the Sword Late 2012 Excalibur and the Exiles team up to save the multiverse. Roma, the Omniversal Guardians, is killed.
Asgard Returns Late 2012 The hammer of Thor falls to Earth. Along the way, it breaks through several dimensions and frees Doctor Doom from his hell prison. Several attempts are made, by numerous people, to pick up the hammer, forcing the government to cordon it off. Donald Blake slips through the cordon and picks the hammer up, transforming into Thor. Thor then uses a temporary surge of power to restore Asgard - which now hovers over Braxton, Oklahoma - and draw the essence of the Asgardians out of the mortals they had taken refuge in.
Secret Invasion Late 2012 The heroes of Earth learn that a group of fanatically religious Skrull have perfected the art of shapeshifting and have been infiltrating Earth for years. Among those they have replaced: Hank Pym, Elektra, and at least one member of each Initiative team. Reed Richards was also replaced, shortly before the New Avengers were formed. It was the Skrull Reed Richards who helped SHIELD send the Hulk into space and created Ragnarok, the clone of Thor. The tide of the Invasion turns when the real Reed Richards escapes his Skrull captors and returns with technology that can detect the Skrull imposters. During the final battle, which is shown on national television, Norman Osborn becomes a hero when he personally kills the Skrull Queen. Defeated, the Skrulls activate a failsafe, turning Janet van Dyne into a living bomb. Thor is forced to use his hammer to send Janet into another dimension, seemingly killing her. The Inhumans depart for space, intent on punishing the Skrulls for capturing and impersonating Black Bolt.
Dark Reign Late 2012 Tony Stark is blamed for the Skrull invasion and stripped of his title as director of SHIELD. Norman Osborn is appointed head of SHIELD. He renames it HAMMER and assembles a new team of Avengers, made up mostly of villains he believes he can control, masquerading as heroes. With Osborn in charge, even registered heroes are pushed underground as Initiative teams are populated by villains. Over time, Osborn, manipulated by Loki, becomes increasingly erratic.
Utopia Late 2012 Led by Cyclops, the surviving mutants turn the remains of Asteroid M into an island city off the coast of San Francisco. Most mutants in the world now live in this micronation.
War of Kings Early 2013 The Inhumans, led by Black Bolt, take control of the Kree Empire. War breaks out between the Kree and the Sh'iar, led by the mutant Vulcan. The war ends with Black Bolt and Vulcan seemingly killing each other. An uneasy peace is forged by the survivors, with Gladiator as new emperor of the Sh'iar.
Necrosha Early 2013 Selene, the Black Queen, uses her mystic arts to resurrect many of the dead on Genosha. She is stopped by the X-Men.
Seige Mid 2013 Osborn's time in charge ends when he uses trickery to make it seem as if Volstagg has destroyed a major league baseball stadium full of people. Osborn uses this as an excuse to invade Asgard, ignoring presidential orders. Osborn's HAMMER and super-villain forces are stopped by a group of heroes led by the newly returned Steve Rogers. During the battle, Ares is severely injured by the Sentry. The Sentry himself is killed by Tony Stark. Stark crashes the HAMMER helicarrier into the Sentry in order to prevent the permanent release of the Void.
The Search Mid 2013 Doctor Strange is charged with finding his replacement as Sorcerer Supreme. During the search he proves several times that he has redeemed himself for past mistakes. The search ends with Strange regaining his title.
Curse of the Mutants Mid 2013 While most of the world's heroes are dealing with Osborn, the X-Men find themselves in a war with Xarus, the son of Dracula. Together with Blade they stop Xarus but not before Jubilee is turned into a vampire.
Fall of the Hulks Mid 2013 The Intelligencia, a group of genius super-villains, kidnap the world's smartest people. The various Hulks end up involved, rescuing the kidnapped geniuses.
The Second Coming Mid 2013 Hope returns from the future, a teenager. She finds herself drawn to five individuals around the world. When she touches them, the individuals develop mutant powers. The 'lights', as they are known, attract the attention of the Phoenix Force, which realizes the imbalance caused by M day could eventually ripple out and destroy the universe. The Phoenix Force returns to Earth and merges briefly with Jean Grey to restore the powers of most mutants. NOTE: Unless specifically stated otherwise, all mutants are now assumed to be repowered. Mutant FCs who were canonly depowered by M-Day and mutant OCs who chose to be depowered may remain depowered if they desire.
The Heroic Age Mid 2013 Where we begin. Our new cut-off. Osborn is no longer in charge. HAMMER has become SHIELD once more and Steve Rogers is named director and both the Mutant Registration Act and Superhuman Registration Act are rescinded by emergency act of Congress. The Avengers are in the process of rebuilding after being fractured into multiple teams. With the mutant population restored, Utopia is no longer needed. Xavier's Institute is re-opened. It is a brave new world full of hope and promise. The beginning of a Heroic Age.

Current IC Timeline

Our current, IC Timeline. It begins at the start of the Heroic Age, when the world seems to be emerging from a period of darkness. With Captain Rogers in charge of SHIELD, heroes are trying to be heroes again.

Event Date Developments
Infinite DOOM! Mid 2013 ???
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