X Men


The X-Men are a mutant task force created and organized by Charles Xavier for the purpose of defending humanity against mutant threats. The team is hand-picked by Professor Xavier himself, chosen from the ranks of the Xavier Institute student body and those mutants who have allied themselves or otherwise adhere to Xavier's ideals and vision for mutant- and humankind.

The X-Men are still considered terrorists by the Government, however they are also known as saviors and mutant heroes by many in the general populace of the Earth. Their base of operations is unknown and they are not considered affiliated with any mutant school or mutant hangout or institution.

Active Members, associates, etc.

The following characters are members of the X-men team

Image Codename Real Name
uncanny-x-men-archangel-1-50k.jpg Angel Warren Worthington

2218310-hankmccoy.jpg Beast Dr. Hank McCoy

AstonColossus.png Colossus Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin

Cyclops.jpg Cyclops Scott Summers

Forge_Earth-616_003.jpg Forge Jonathan Silvercloud

tumblr_mclxv0GGQO1qhpx4lo1_500.jpg Gambit Remy Etienne LeBeau

Iceman.gif Iceman Robert "Bobby" Lois Drake

Jean-Grey-White-Phoenix-2.jpg Jean Grey Jean Grey

tumblr_kw9plu4do71qawpoco1_400.png Jubilee Jubilation Lee

406px-Xavier.jpg Professor Xavier Professor Charles Xavier

X-Men_Unlimited_Vol_1_6_Pinup_003.jpg Rogue Anna Marie (Unknown)

shatter-2_large.jpg Shatterstar Gaveedra Seven

2279903-526012_297494306989315_236808833057863_734308_1624189328_n.jpg Wolverine Logan

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