Tag Definition

Team/Faction/Organization Tags

Team/Faction/Organization Character Page Tag Log/Team Page Tag
Acolytes aco acolytes
Aliens ali aliens
Alliance of Evil aoe alliance-of-evil
Alpha Flight alf alpha-flight
Asgardians asg asgardians
Atlantians ate atlantians
Avengers - Active Roster actavg avengers
Avengers - Reserve Roster resavg avengers
Avengers Sphere avgs avengers-sphere
Avengers Unapplied avg avengers
B.A.D. Girls, Inc bad bad-girls-inc
Brotherhood bro brotherhood
Champions cha champions
Code Blue cb code-blue
Damage Control dc damage-control
Defenders def defenders
Deviants dev deviants
Eternals ete eternals
Excalibur exc excalibur
Fallen Angels fa fallen-angels
Fantastic Four f4 fantastic-four
Fantastic Four allies/sphere ff fantastic-four
Freedom Force for freedom-force
Frightful Four fr4 frightful-four
Genosha gen genosha
Hellfire Club hfc hellfire-club
Hellfire Club London lhfc london-hellfire-club
Hellions hel hellions
Heroes for Hire hfh heroes-for-hire
HYDRA hyd hydra
Infinity Watch iw infinitywatch
Inhumans inh inhumans
Kree kr kree
Legion of Night lon legion
Maggia mag maggia
Marauders mar marauders
Marvel Knights mk marvel-knights
Masters of Evil moe masters-of-evil
Midnight Sons ms midnight-sons
Monsters mon monsters
Morlocks mor morlocks
Mutant Liberation Front mlf mutant-liberation-front
Nasty Boys nb nasty-boys
New Mutants nmt new-mutants
New Warriors new new-warriors
Night Shift ns night-shift
Olympians oly olympians
Pantheon pan pantheon
Project Wideawake pw project-wideawake
Reavers rev reavers
Salem Seven sal salem-seven
Savage Land Mutates slm savage-land-mutates
Serpent Society ss serpent-society
Shi'ar sha shiar
Shi'ar Imperial Guard sig shiar-imperial-guard
SHIELD shi shield
Sinister Six six sinister-six
Skrull skr skrull
Squadron Supreme ssup squadron-supreme
Squadron Sinister ssin squadron-sinister
Starjammers sta starjammers
Thunderbolts thb thunderbolts
U-Foes uf ufoes
UCWF ucwf unlimited-class
ULTIMATIUM ult ultimatium
Weapon X wep weaponx
Wild Pack wp wild-pack
Winter Guard wg winter-guard
Witches wit witches
Wrecking Crew wc wrecking-crew
X-Factor xfa x-factor
X-Force xfo x-force
X-Men Team xmt x-men
X-Men Team Sphere xm x-men
X-Men Unapplied xu x-men
X-Terminators xtm xterminators
Xavier's School xsh xaviers-school
Xavier Mansion xs xavier-mansion

Plot Tags

Plot Event Information Tag
any unique identifier for the plot pulls logs into plot page <plot>
Underworld Unleashed Global Plot, Summer 2012, Run by Ares uu
Heavy Metal Horde Global Plot, Summer 2012 hmh
Order of St George Plot run by Phantasm oosg
Mutant Massacre Plot run to kill off mutant kind by the Right masa
Something Wicked Plot focused around Magik and Bellasco sw
Neverland All logs related to the Neverland Plot neverland
Rise of the Midnight Sons Plot run by Hellstorm roms
To the Moon ttm
What if what-if
In Space space
The Return of Loki rol
Return of the Vampire rotv
Mad Gods mg

Log Tags

Definition Purpose Tag
mmm-YY format (example July 2012 is Jul-12) Pulls log into log page tabs/list <date> IE: aug-12
must match the characters chosen tag name Pulls log onto Char's Page <character name> IE: black-mamba
'logs' This helps with category/parenting of pages logs
Must match faction's log tags, see examples above Pulls log onto Faction's log list <faction/team> IE: x-men
Plot tag as posted on plots pages. See plot tags list This adds the log to the plots page <plot tag> IE: hmh

Character Tags

Type Purpose/Definition Tag
Character Name Every Character page must be tagged with the super hero/villain name. This pulls the logs into the character page. If two words, must have hyphen <character name> IE: black-mamba
Character Team/Faction/Org If the character belongs to a faction, team, or organization, it should be tagged accordingly. See Faction/Team/Organizations listed above. <see tags above>
Character Type Is the character a Feature Character (FC) or Original Character (OC) fc / oc
Character Sphere What sphere does the character interact with or belong to. A sphere is essentially 'sphere of influence' and broken down into game sections. See Sphere List below. x / avgs / str / mys / cos / f4
Character Status Is the character played or unplayed or npc only pc / uc / npc
Character Alignment Is the character a Hero or Villain hero / villain
Old Template For character wiki pages created in old template. Presents clean character listings that mix new character data with old character templates oldpc
Dead/Inactive indicates that a character is dead or inactive dead

Sphere Tags

Sphere Definition Character Tag
Mutant Sphere characters that are mutants and are likely to associate with the X-teams x
Avengers Sphere characters on same power level as Avengers and associate with Avengers avgs
Fantastic Four Sphere characters typically associated with the F4 ff
Mystic Sphere characters with a mystic origin mys
Street Sphere characters that are of lower power level and associate with street level characters str
Cosmic Sphere characters that predominantly hang out in space cos

Administrative Tags

Name Definition Tag
Experience Tag To be put on page for experience grant xp
Marvel Rules to be put on pages detailing the Marvel Super Heroes RPG mshrpg
Staff to be put on pages that deal with staff staff
MUX Rules indicators of rules regarding MUX and MSHRPG rules
Character Rules indicates the rules regarding characters and theme of MUX characters
Maps indicates the maps of the mux map
Game Information tags pages that detail IC game information icinfo
Special PCs a tag for the characters that stuck with the old code specpc

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