Real Name Leyu Yashida
Portrayed by Chiaki Kuriyama
Gender Female
Place of Birth Nagisaki, Japan
Date of Birth June, 1984
Age 28
Aliases Leyu, Lady of Mystery
Origin Mutant
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Genetics Researcher, Adventurer
Team X-Factor
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Hiro Yashida (Sunfire), Mariko Yashida, Shiro Yashida (Silver Samurai)
Significant Other Ayane (formerly)
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Projection of Solar Plasma
First Apperance Post-Cutoff

Character Details

  • Half-sister to Shiro Yashida, aka Sunfire
  • Born after father Saburo remarried following Shiro's mother's death
  • Manifested similar powers to Sunfire when she reached puberty
  • Protected and shielded, Leyu was discouraged from heroing like Shiro
  • Feeling she could not measure up, Leyu instead chose to pursue science
  • Studied to become a doctor, and a researcher of genetics
  • Kept her sexuality a secret for fear of family disapproval
  • Quietly dated fellow researcher Ayane Mitzuki
  • Tired of forever being ignored in favor of her brother, came out to parents
  • Rejected, she left home.
  • Ayane unwilling to face being similarly disowned, Leyu left Japan entirely
  • Hoping to pursue her research anew, she travels to America to find Xavier
  • Redesigns her costume to distance herself from her brother, hoping to become a great hero on her own and win back respect of family


Name Relation Notes
Hiro Yashida half-brother Idolizes him, but also jealous
Shiro Yashida cousin Despises him and the pain he has put his family through
Mariko Yashida cousin Her closest friend in her family, loves her dearly


Date Title Characters Rating
2012-05-23 A Boy Scout in Spandex, a Furry, an Asian Schoolgirl, and a Hedonist Cyclops, Gypsy Moth, Hepzibah, and Sunpyre Cyclops welcomes the new arrivals to the mansion.
2012-05-24 Hello, Anime Girl Leyu Yashida, Sybil Dvorak Leyu and Sybil encounter one another the next morning after their welcome to the Mansion.
2012-05-25 Breakfast Buddies Leyu Yashida, Kurt Wagner, Logan Leyu gets to know some of those at the Mansion a little better, and they in return as well.
2012-05-25 Goldilocks and the Bears v3.5 Danielle Moonstar, Kurt Wagner, Leyu Yashida, Hulk Sunpyre (Goldilocks) stumbles into the house of the bears (Logan, Hulk, Nightcrawler, Mirage) - strange things are afoot.
2012-05-27 Laundry Day Leyu Yashida, Richenda Gray Chenda tries to pick the lock to Leyu's room, looking for spare clothes on laundry day.
2012-05-28 Trading Shorts Leyu Yashida, Sybil Dvorak, Richenda Gray Leyu is getting organized. Richenda shows up with injuries in need of treatment. Sybil shows up and helps out. Sort of.
2012-05-29 Pink and Gray Teddy Bear Leyu Yashida, Richenda Gray, Kurt Wagner Richenda drags Leyu and Kurt off shopping.
2012-05-29 Welcome, Dervish Dervish, Havok, Nightcrawler, Sunpyre, and Iraqi soldiers and Desert Sword Dervish is retrieved by X-Factor from Desert Sword.
2012-05-30 Tanning Expedition Leyu Yashida, Sybil Dvorak Sybil is tanning outside, Leyu finds her. The two chat.
2012-06-01 Savage Land III: Liberation of the Fallen People Havok, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage X-Factor liberates the Fallen People and rescues Boom-Boom.
2012-06-01 Campfire Camaraderie Dervish, Gypsy Moth, Mirage, Nightcrawler, and Sunpyre The members of X-Factor relax around the campfire and get to know one another.
2012-06-01 The Magic of Musicals Leyu Yashida, Sybil Dvorak Leyu and Sybil finish their medical rounds together, and talk a bit about hobbies and musical tastes.
2012-06-04 Savage Land IV: Plan of the Day Havok, Nightcrawler, Warpath, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth, Mirage X-Factor debate the next move.
2012-06-04 Savage Land V: Assault on the Savage Land Havok, Warpath, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage X-Factor captures Cable and rescues the rest of X-Force.
2012-06-07 Danger Room Pirates and Panache Sunpyre, Nightcrawler Leyu joins Kurt in the Danger Room for sword practice, which turns into a battle against pirates on the not-so-high seas.
2012-06-12 Arcade's Deathtrap Island: Crash Landing Havok, Nightcrawler, Dervish, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage X-Factor gets word that Polaris is a hostage, rescue ensues!
2012-06-12 Arcade Deathtrap Island: Coconuts! Havok, Nightcrawler, Dervish, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth, Mirage Contining Saga of X-Factor rescuing Polaris.
2012-06-12 Arcade's Deathtrap Island: Running the Guantlet Nightcrawler, Dervish, Sunpyre, Mirage, and Gypsy Moth The continuing Saga of X-Factor's dealing with Arcade.


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