4.0 Material Strength
Rank Material Strength Range Character Examples
Shift(0) Tissue Paper Can Not Stand -
Feeble(2) Cloth, Glass, Brush, Paper up to 50lbs Children, Elderly
Poor(4) Normal Plastics, Crystal, Wood Up to 100lbs Normal Humans
Typical(6) Rubber, Computer Chips, Soft Metals (gold, brass, copper), Ice, Adobe Up to 200lbs Doctor Strange, Invisible Woman, Military, Police
Good(10) Brick, Aluminum, Light Machinery Pieces, Asphalt, High Strength Plastics Up to 400lbs Daredevil, Human Torch
Excellent(20) Concrete, Beta Cloth, Iron, Bullet Proof Glass Up to 800lbs Captain America
Remarkable(30) Reinforced Concrete, Steel Up to 2000lbs (1 ton) Beast, Doctor Doom
Incredible(40) Solid Stone, Volcanic Rock Up to 10 Tons Iron Man, Spider Man
Amazing(50) Granite, Gemstones, Vibranium, High Strength Steel Up to 25 Tons
Fantastic(60) Osmium Steel Up to 50 Tons Rogue, Electro
Spectacular(70) Super-Heavy Alloys, Titanium Up to 65 Tons
Monstrous(80) Diamond Up to 80 Tons
Wondrous(90) Iridium Up to 90 Tons The Thing, She-Hulk
Uneartlhy(100) Adamantium Steel, Certain Mystical and Enchanted Elements Up to 100 Tons Thor, Wonder Man
Shift-X(150) Up to 250 Tons Skid's Force Field
Shift-Y(200) Up to 500 Tons
Shift-Z(500) Up to 1000 Tons
Class1000-5000 Materials of these material strength ranks are virtually indestructible, such as Cap's shield or Thor's hammer More than 100k Tons Sentry, Marvel Blue
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