1.2 Stats And Characteristics


You may be wondering what F.A.S.E.R.I.P. is. Well, those are your characteristics. You can find many more details in the players handbook found at http://www.classicmarvelforever.com/download/download_netbooks.htm , third row, Expert Edition Players Handbook. But for brevity and ease of understanding, here's a simplified list:

Fighting - how well you fight.
Agility - how well you balance, shoot or throw things or energy.
Strength - how hard you hit or how much you can lift physically.
Endurance - how much toughness and resilience you have.
Reason - how smart you are.
Intuition - how alert you are, how well you spot or pick up on things.
Psyche - how strong your willpower is.
Health - how many hit points you have (0 is unconscious, -10 is dead)
Karma - not used as listed in the book, used as mental health
Resources - how much money you are worth.
Popularity - how popular you are with the general public.
Experience - your experience points gained through combat and role play. Sometimes called Karma.
Movement - how many areas you can move in one round, normally.

Footnote: Remember, this is not necessary to learn. Numbers are for clarification in a consent based environment.



- A measure of raw combat ability
- Used to determine if the character lands a blow in hand-to-hand (called Slugfest) combat
- Used to determine if a character evades a blunt attack
- Used to determine if a multiple combat attack or other FEAT involving hand-to-hand combat is successful
- Used to determine the secondary ability known as Health


- A measure of dexterity and nimbleness
- Used to determine if the character hits with a thrown or aimed weapon at a distance
- Used to determine if the character dodges a missile attack
- Used to determine if the character catches an object, holds onto a ledge, or successfully performs actions that require quick action or coordination
- Used to determine how well a character handles a vehicle
- Used to determine the secondary ability known as Health


- A measure of physical muscle power
- Used to determine damage inflicted in slugfest combat
- Used to determine success and damage in wrestling combat and success in Grabbing, Escaping, and Blocking maneuvers
- Used to determine success in destroying materials
- Used to determine if a character can lift a heavy object or perform other acts that require physical power
- Used to determine the secondary ability known as Health


- A measure of personal toughness and physical resistance
- Used to determine normal moving speed
- Used to determine success in charging attacks
- Used to determine success in avoiding the effects of disease, poison, and gas
- Used to determine success in matters that require the character to perform actions over a long period of time, such as holding one's breath
- Used to determine the secondary ability known as Health
- Used to resist the effects of Slams, Stuns, and Kill results directed against the hero
- Used to determine the amount of Health regained by a wounded individual


- A measure of intelligence and the capacity for logical thought
- Used to determine the character's success in building things
- Used to determine the character's success in understanding unknown technology and languages
- Used to determine the secondary ability known as Karma


- A measure of wisdom, wits, common sense, and battle reflexes
- Used to discover clues
- Used to determine who may act first in combat (Initiative)
- Used to detect hidden or potentially dangerous items, as well as in situations where the character plays a hunch
- Used to resist effects of emotion control powers, spells, and abilities
- Used to determine the secondary ability known as Karma


- A measure of mental strength and willpower
- Used to show resistance to mental and will-dominating attacks
- Used to determine resistance to magical attacks
- Used to determine initial Magical abilities for those characters who wield magic
- Used to determine the secondary ability known as Karma Secondary Abilities


- Used to determine the amount of physical damage the character can absorb before losing consciousness and potentially dying
- Does not have a rank or rank number, but rather is the sum of the rank numbers of the character's Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Endurance
- Lost through combat, accidents, attacks, and other potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations
- Recovered after damage is taken, 10 turns after damage is inflicted
- Regained through normal healing by the Endurance rank number of points per day (in crisis situations, Health may be figured as regained by the hour or turn. See the table under Healing)
- If reduced to 0, the character is unconscious and may begin to lose Endurance ranks. (See Life, Death, and Health)


- Used by the hero as a measure of experience, allowing the hero to perform actions that may otherwise be impossible
- Gained through performing heroic and basically "honorable" acts
- Lost through performing selfish, harmful, or "dishonorable" acts
- May be spent by the player-character to perform actions otherwise impossible or unlikely. These include modifying die rolls, staying alive, building things, using magical abilities, and raising the hero's ability rank numbers and ranks through advancement


- A measure of how wealthy a character is, and how the character may use that wealth
- Generated when the character is created
- Presented as a rank with a rank number (replacing the Resource Points of the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Original Set)
- Used to determine if a character can afford a particular item or service
- See under Resource FEATs in the next chapter for full effects of Resources


- A measure of the character's reputation in that character's normal environment
- Generated when the character is created
- Represented as a rank and rank number. Heroes generally have positive Popularity. Villains generally have negative Popularity
- Used to determine reactions of large groups of people and neutral NPCs



Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 No training or ability Children Elderly
Poor 4 Normal human ability Professor X, Mastermind
Typical 6 Minimal training or natural ability (Normals) Vindicator, Doctor Octopus
Good 10 Some formal training Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Police Officers
Excellent 20 Regular, formal training (Military) Cyclops, Nightcrawler
Remarkable 30 Superior talent Spider Man, She-Hulk
Incredible 40 Superior talent with training Nick Fury, Wolverine
Amazing 50 Master of several forms Captain America, Silver Surfer
Fantastic 60 Maximum human potential
Spectacular 70 Enhanced Human potential, Extensive experience
Monstrous 80 Super-human maximum potential Galactus, Mephisto
Wonderous 90 Super-human with some training, master of all martial forms
Unearthly 100 Super-human with intensive training Thor, Hercules


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Physically limited Disabled, Elderly
Poor 4 Clumsy, inaccurate Children
Typical 6 Normal human reactions Mister Fantastic, Baron Mordo
Good 10 Some training in dexterity and accuracy Colossus, Invisible Woman
Excellent 20 Intensive training in dexterity and/or accuracy Captain Marvel, Cyclops
Remarkable 30 Olympic athlete Hawkeye, Iron Man
Incredible 40 Olympic gymnast Captain America, Daredevil
Amazing 50 Maximum human potential Nightcrawler, Spider Man
Fantastic 60 Super-human sense of dexterity or accuracy
Spectacular 70 Enhanced human potential
Monstrous 80 Super-human sense of dexterity and accuracy Silver Surfer, Mephisto
Wonderous 90 Super-human potential with extensive training
Unearthly 100 Movement and reactions in a flash, rarely misses Odin, Celestials


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Able to press up to 50 lbs. Children, Elderly
Poor 4 Able to press up to 100 lbs. Normal Humans, Mastermind
Typical 6 Able to press up to 200 lbs. Doctor Strange, Invisible Woman
Good 10 Able to press up to 400 lbs. Daredevil, Human Torch
Excellent 20 Able to press up to 800 lbs. Captain America
Remarkable 30 Able to press up to 2000 lbs. (1 ton) Beast, Doctor Doom
Incredible 40 Able to press up to 10 tons Iron Man, Spider Man
Amazing 50 Able to press up to 25 tons
Fantastic 60 Able to press up to 50 tons Rogue, Electro
Spectacular 70 Able to press up to 65 tons The Hulk (normal)
Monstrous 80 Able to press up to 80 tons She-Hulk
Wonderous 90 Able to press up to 90 tons The Thing
Unearthly 100 Able to press up to or over 100 tons Wonder Man, Thor
Shift X 150 Able to press up to 250 tons (expanded table)
Shift Y 250 Able to press up to 500 tons (expanded table)
Shift Z 500 Able to press up to 1000 tons (expanded table)
Class 1000 1000 Able to press up to 10,000 tons and much more Enraged Hulk, Sentry


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Reduced or impaired ability Elderly, Disabled
Poor 4 Minimal ability or exercise Children
Typical 6 Occasionally exercise Normal Humans
Good 10 Moderate exercise Black Knight, Mockingbird
Excellent 20 Regular exercise Daredevil, Human Torch
Remarkable 30 Intensive exercise Captain America, Cyclops
Incredible 40 Enhanced abilities Spider Man, Doctor Doom
Amazing 50 Enhanced and trained abilities She Hulk, Loki
Fantastic 60 Super-human stamina
Spectacular 70 Super-human stamina with training
Monstrous 80 Rarely tires, great fortitude Thing, Hulk
Wonderous 90 Godlike
Unearthly 100 Immeasurable, never tires Silver Surfer, Thor


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Couch potato, uneducated Hulk, Klaw
Poor 4 Primary school education. Limited exposure to technology Aurora
Typical 6 Secondary school education Captain Marvel, Daredevil
Good 10 Bachelor's degree equivalent Captain America, Doctor Strange
Excellent 20 Master's degree equivalent
Remarkable 30 Doctorate equivalent Beast, Vulture
Incredible 40 Multiple disciplinary, advanced degrees Box, Shadowcat, Pym, Cybermancer
Amazing 50 Genius: Level 1; can understand alien tech Iron Man, Professor X, Black Panther
Fantastic 60 Genius: Level 2 (Multi-focus); create leading tech Mister Fantastic, Doctor Doom
Spectacular 70 Alien genius
Monstrous 80 Alien genius - Improve and modify alien technologies Mephisto
Wonderous 90 Near Omnipotence
Unearthly 100 Knows all human and alien technologies Watcher


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Unaware of surroundings, limited or impaired senses Man-Thing
Poor 4 A little slow on the uptake Iceman
Typical 6 Normal human levels Black Knight, Angel
Good 10 Above average intuition Captain Marvel, Human Torch
Excellent 20 Fine eye for detail Nick Fury, Mister Fantastic
Remarkable 30 Detective skills or background Cyclops, Spider-Man
Incredible 40 Strong empathic sense; gut feeling Captain America, Doctor Doom
Amazing 50 Deep intuition Professor X
Fantastic 60 In tune with all surroundings, strong hunches
Spectacular 70 Enhanced senses
Monstrous 80 Superhuman senses Daredevil, Wolverine
Wonderous 90 Senses beyond extraordinary
Unearthly 100 In touch with universe, cannot be blind-sided Watcher


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Easily dominated or programmed Dreadnought
Poor 4 Young, untrained, or hampered in sense of will Rogue, Aurora
Typical 6 Normal human willpower Captain Marvel, Human Torch
Good 10 Resist ordinary mesmerism Captain America, Daredevil
Excellent 20 Some experience with mental control and/or mystic forces Beast, Nightcrawler
Remarkable 30 Trained in resisting outside will-dominating forces Hulk, Mister Fantastic
Incredible 40 Highly trained, or possessing great strength of will Spider-Man, Wolverine
Amazing 50 Intensive training with mental powers
Fantastic 60 Indomitable willpower
Spectacular 70 Enhanced willpower
Monstrous 80 Intense training in mental powers, with experience Professor X, Loki
Wonderous 90 Among the most focused wills
Unearthly 100 A closed mind, practically uncontrollable by outside means Doctor Strange, Mephisto


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Reclusive, little known
Poor 4 Known to law enforcement
Typical 6 Known to local populace
Good 10 Liked by law enforcement
Excellent 20 Known to mass media
Remarkable 30 Liked by general public Dazzler
Incredible 40 Liked by mass media
Amazing 50 Household name Jesus
Fantastic 60 Megastar
Spectacular 70 Worldwide fame/acclaim Beatles
Monstrous 80 Living (or non living) legend John Lennon
Wonderous 90 Interstellar/dimensional fame
Unearthly 100 Living Icon


Rank Description Notable Characters
Feeble 2 Reduced circumstances, unemployed, on Social Security or allowance Aunt May, Power Pack
Poor 4 Freelance, poor credit risk, lower middle class, students Spider-Man, Daredevil
Typical 6 Salaried employment, middle class Iceman, Ben Urich
Good 10 Professional employment, middle class Doctor Strange, Foggy Nelson
Excellent 20 Small inheritance, small business, upper middle class, Avenger's stipend Box, Captain America, Circuits Maximus
Remarkable 30 Large business or chain of businesses, established trust fund, upper class Angel, Wasp, TSR Inc, Williams Electronics, Cordco
Incredible 40 Small corporation, millionaire Kingpin, Stark/Stane International, Fantastic Four Inc, Brand Corporation
Amazing 50 Medium corporation, multimillionaire
Fantastic 60 Large corporation, small country Cuba, Brazil, Greece
Spectacular 70 Medium country, huge corporation New Zealand
Monstrous 80 Multi-national corporation, government branch or military of major country, billionaire Annihilus, Roxxon, SHIELD, Italy
Wonderous 90 Multibillionaire Great Britain
Unearthly 100 Major country, mega-corporation United States, Russia, China
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