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Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
1296519-absorbing_man.jpg Absorbing Man Carl 'Crusher' Creel

Ambrose Ambrose Smith

200px-Blanche_Sitznski_Earth-616_from_Battle_Scars_Vol_1_1.JPG Anaconda Blanche Sitznski

2020043-arachne.jpg Arachne Julia Eugenia Cornwall

asp.jpg Asp

superheroine_concept1_by_artdude41-d4gyqz7.jpg Astraea Elene Tampambulos

807541-beetle_2_super.jpg Beetle Abner Jenkins

141265-4861-big-wheel.jpg Big Wheel Axel Wheele

Marvel_Comci_s_Black_Cat_by_Kapow2003.jpg Black Cat Felicia Hardy

77233-128059-black-mamba_large.jpg Black Mamba Tanya Sealy

200px-Black_Racer_Ariana_Earth-616.jpg Black Racer Ariana Saddiqi

widow.jpg Black Widow Natalia (Natasha) Romanova

105468-177576-blue-streak_large.jpg Blue Streak Don Thomas

99823-154495-boomerang.jpg Boomerang Fred Meyers

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