Sphere: Mystic


This is a list of characters within the Mystic Sphere of influence.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
Beacon Cynthia Lawrence

193935-78424-black-crow_large.jpg Black Crow Jesse Black Crow

923455-black_knight_color.jpg Black Knight Dane Whitman

bladex.JPG Blade Eric Brooks

BroVooDoo.jpg Brother Voodoo Jericho Drumm

1383775-graphitti_cb.jpg Captain Britain Brian Braddock

dr_strange_by_yamao.jpg Doctor Strange Dr. Stephen Strange

78649-22579-enchantress.jpg Enchantress Amora

Forge_Earth-616_003.jpg Forge Jonathan Silvercloud

gargoyleii.gif Gargoyle Isaac Christians

ghost-rider.jpg Ghost Rider Daniel Ketch

hannibalking.JPG Hannibal King Hannibal King

Patsy_Walker_Hellcat.jpg Hellcat Patsy Walker

Daimon_hellstrom_terra-616-daimon_hellstrom_0003-jpg-terra-616_0003-gif.jpg Hellstorm Daimon Hellstrom

224240-31365-jennifer-kale_super.JPG Jennifer Kale Jennifer Kale

14cup3l.jpg Kelda Kelda Stormrider

250px-Lilin.jpg Lilin Various Demons

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