Sphere: Avengers


This is a listing of all the characters that are within the Avengers Sphere of influence.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
320900-10494-paladin.jpg Paladin Paul Denning

78398-116733-power-princess.jpg Power Princess Zarda/Clarie Debussy

200px-Zelda_DuBois_Earth-616_002.jpg Princess Python Zelda DuBois

200px-Gordon_Fraley_Earth-616_from_Avengers_vs_X-Men_Vol_1_0.JPG Puff Adder Gordon Fraley

880084-radioactive_man_01.jpg Radioactive Man Dr. Chun Lu

200px-Gustav_Krueger_Earth-616_from_Battle_Scars_Vol_1_3.JPG Rattler Gustav Krueger

197428-111884-starlight.jpg Red Star Tanya Belinsky

91688-170389-ringmaster.jpg Ringmaster Maynard Tiboldt

200px-M-Gula_Earth-616_0001.jpg Rock Python M'Gula

rom01.jpg Rom

Flint_Marko_Earth-91126.jpg Sandman Flint Marko

765560-scpage.jpg Sharon-Carter Sharon Carter

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