Sphere: Avengers


This is a listing of all the characters that are within the Avengers Sphere of influence.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
1320292-picture_2_large.png Lava Men Lava Men

leader.gif Leader Samuel Sterns

LightmasterMU.gif Lightmaster Dr. Edward Lansky

jd17s.jpg Loki Loki Laufeyson

tumblr_l4u1jbWhl41qzxbido1_500.png Lyra Lyra

1039666-tumblr_krttk6azud1qzs9o3.jpg Madame Hydra Ophelia Sarkissian

Mantis_by_statman71.jpg Mantis Mantis

mazinga_z.jpg Mazinga Mazinga

Bruno_Horgan_Earth-616.jpg Melter Bruno Horgan

661847-newmbcostume.jpg Mockingbird Barbara Morse

Moonstone.PNG Moonstone Dr. Karla Sofen

namor-cropped.jpg Namor Namor

591210-2.jpg Nick Fury Nicholas Fury

440px-nighthawk.jpg Nighthawk Kyle Richmond

Nomad.jpg Nomad Jack Monroe

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