5.1 Slam, Stun, and Kill


A slam occurs when your character is physically hit, either by charging or some other physical (blunt) assault.

Syntax: +roll/sl


10+Slam - The character is knocked 10 areas away and then needs to roll on the Stun result (+roll/st) to see how long the character is stunned for.

Gr. Slam - The target is knocked away with a speed equal to the Strengthof the attacker taken as ground speed. (A hit with Unearthly Strength sends the victim 10 areas.) The direction isdetermined as for 1 Area Slam.

1 Area - The target is knocked one area away (ranged or area movement). If the attacker inflicted any damage on the target, the
attacker chooses the direction of the Slam (any compass direction or straight up or down). If no damage was inflicted, the defender chooses the direction (most likely avoiding fellow teammates, buildings, and other large, nasty items).

Stagger - The target is knocked back a step or two, perhaps knocked to one knee, but is fully capable of engaging in combat next round. The Stagger result indicates the target takes the damage of a hit and is no longer considered adjacent to his attacker. There is no further damage unless the situation demands it. (Say, the target is on the edge of a cliff and staggers over the precipice.)

No Slam - The target is not affected by the slam. The target still takes damage as for a normal hit.


Syntax: +roll/st


10-100 - This result indicates how long your character will be stunned for. 10-100 rounds.

1-10 - This result indicates how long your character will be stunned for. 1-10 rounds.

1 - Your character is stunned for the remaining of the round he/she is in and will not be able to act in the subsequent round.

No - No stun is taken nor does your character lose a round or action.


When your character has taken killing damage beyond any body resistance, you are required to roll a kill result. Killing Damage is when the character reaches 0 (zero) health or when the attacker is striking with an attack that can do killing damage. When the character reaches 0 health the character goes unconscious.

Syntax: +roll/ki


Die - This result takes you to 0 Health, regardless of whether or or not the attacker's power rank would reduce you to that level. However, you still have the chance for life. Your Endurance rank will drop one Column per round if you are not healed, revived, regenerated, or spend experience points to aid your health.

En. Loss - An Endurance Loss indicates that the character's Endurance is reduced by one rank. The character is dying, and will continue to lose Endurance at one rank per turn until the situation is cleared.

E/S - The E/S result indicates the character is affected as an Endurance Loss only if the method of attack was Edged attack in Slugfest or a Shooting attack. Any other attack form is considered No Effect.

No Effect - The character takes damage as listed for the attack form, but is not slain.

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