This is a Marvel game based on super heroes. We do not accept characters from other genres, the Ultimate comics, other comic books, television shows, etc. Just because things work a certain way in the DC universe does not mean they work that way in Marvel. For that reason, keep your concepts to Marvel's universe, whether it be a Feature or Original Character. Keep in mind everything from Marvel theology to their own legends/history. We do not accept obvious types from D&D, Highlander, or anime since they do not fit with the Marvel World. If in doubt, check +staff and page an on-duty staff member to find out if your concept would be appropriate here.

Every PC should have at least one flaw. It is preferred that they balance out a bit more evenly than that but at least one must be there, in relation to the powers themselves. There are no absolute powers. Everything has to have a limit to guide role play. If these limits aren't clearly defined in your application, expect a rejection requesting them or asking for more detail. Additionally, do not apply to have more than one restricted power.

The restricted powers are detailed in the following news files. They are:

  • Androids / Artificial Intelligence
  • Power Cohesiveness
  • Magic / Mystic Origin
  • Shielded against Physical
  • Character Backgrounds
  • Cyborgs
  • Martial Artists / Ninja
  • Computer Hackers
  • I Can Do Everything
  • Darkforce
  • Psionic / Mental Powers
  • Luck Powers
  • Healing / Regeneration
  • Molecular Based Powers
  • Ambidexterity
  • Shape Shifting
  • Self Duplication
  • Celebrity
  • Obscene Wealth

Itemized List:

Androids / Artificial Intelligence - These types of entities would be extremely rare, even in the Marvel Universe. At this point they are not banned. However, much like magic, this type of application will be scrutinized in great detail. We expect _very_ high quality applications for these types of characters. They should be creative, thought provoking, and require a canonly accurate way of creating the android or artificial intelligence, without breaking the banned rule in regards to Alternate Universe types (as written in full). We prefer a completely original approach. Additionally, there are some strict limitations, including no Sentinel or Nimrod type creations. Every tech and ability will have to be spelled out fully, in detail. Be willing to work with staff a lot if you decide to attempt such a concept.

Power Cohesiveness - Powers should have a cohesive line of thought and make sense for the character you are applying for. It makes sense for a cyborg to have a rocket launcher built into the arm. It might not make sense for a speedster. Generic
Control, Energy Manipulation, Matter Control, and broad categories will not fly. You must specify a specific material/energy, and give a strong definition of what that manipulation allows.

Magic - Magic based characters will be seriously scrutinized for this is not a fantasy based game but a super hero comics site. Feature Characters with magical powers are welcome (if they are not on the Plot Device list), as long as they are well written, defined completely (meaning every single spell and its effects must be outlined in the traits) and are not as powerful as gods (such as Odin or Hela). It is unfortunate that most people who write up applications for magic based characters, be they Features or Originals, tend to go for too much and are far overpowered in relation to the rest of the site. You can try for these types of characters but be prepared for a lot of work and do not be surprised if they are rejected needing more explanation or simply for being too powerful.

Shielded Against Physical Attacks - This refers to those people who want shields that will protect them against any and all physical attacks. Many people have applied for shields of some type on various games, even when it is a stretch in their chosen power framework, to simply avoid getting damage in RP. This is not all people, of course, but there have been such a high
level of these types of things approved that the staff has had to restrict them severely. If it is reaching for your character to have such an ability, then don't apply for it. You must come up with a very good explanation for it or it simply will be rejected.

Character Backgrounds - A background needs to reflect the years that the character has been alive. This applies even for a teen-aged character. Backgrounds can be Bullet pointed.

Cyborgs - This character type is restricted and will be heavily scrutinized by application staff. The Marvel Universe already has many of this character type.

Martial Arts / Ninjas - While we do understand that the Marvel Universe has used martial arts extensively in the comics, we also feel that this is a concept that is very overused. Feature Characters with these skills will be allowed but Original Characters will find themselves carefully scrutinized. Keep in mind the age of the character in relation to their skill. Teenage masters of five martial arts simply will not be passed. Try to be realistic in requests. Perhaps a black belt in one martial art is possible for a teenager but that would be the extent since it would require years of study.

Computer Hackers - Having some computer skills as a character is fine. Being able to work a computer is almost a given in this day and age. However, there have been a large number of people applying for teenage computer hackers who are able to break into anything and everything out there. This simply won't do. While we do admit there are some hackers out there of a young age, there are simply too many of them that get applied for on games. Extensive computer skills likewise will need to be explained in detail if they are going to be passed. If you try for this concept, you need to explain fully in the background how they came by their skills. For teens, more often then not they would have very little other skills. As people get approved with this type of concept, we will allow less of them in the future and this file will be updated if we become overwhelmed.

I Have and Can Do It All Types - Basically, don't apply for sets such as mega-rich, mega-talented, mega-teched Batman/Moon Knight types. These are also extremely rare.

Darkforce - This too falls under the heavily scrutinized and restricted banner. Ultimately with Darkforce one can do just about anything and there foreit's approval chance is limited.

Psionic / Mental Powers - This would include such things as telepathy, telekinesis, mental illusions, empathy, etc. While we will allow these powers, there are several major restrictions involved in applying for them. One may only have a single power framework if they choose to apply for mental powers (Telepathy, Telekinesis, Illusions, etc) instead of being allowed two frameworks as is normally permitted. A character may not have telepathy and telekinesis together nor may they have telepathy and energy blasts or any other second form of power. They would only be able to have a single mental/psionic power. Power levels must be kept below those of the major Feature Characters (such as telepathy, an Original Character should be below the level of Psylocke). Flaws must balance out the powers equally, not allowing multiple power stunts with minimal flaws. These applications will be extremely difficult to get passed but if one is willing to work with staff and be reasonable in levels, it is possible.

Healing/Regeneration/Healing Factors - The ability to repair oneself at an enhanced speed is allowed however, this speed must be kept to a slower level. We will not allow instant healing nor healing on level with known Feature Characters with these abilities. Please note that these will also be very difficult applications to get passed and the application will be gone over with a fine toothed comb. Please do not be surprised if there are issues that will need to be fixed or clarified upon applying. This applies to healing self and others.

Ambidexterity - Due to the overwhelming numbers of OCs that apply for this unique quality, we are now restricting it's approval. Ambidexterity is very rare, 1:100 persons are naturally ambidextrous, however true ambidexterity(the ability to hand write two distinct letters to congress at the same time)is even more rare (1:1M). Therefore, blending the rarity of Ambidexterity with the rarity of Mutations makes the number even closer to astronomical.

Luck Powers - Luck powers are also extremely difficult to play properly, and, when they are played improperly, often appear to other players to be twinking. If your concept relies on luck powers, we require an extremely detailed explanation of how your powers effect you and the world around you, and we may require a role play test to be sure that you can be trusted with these powers.If so, please don't take offense — it's your concept, and you've been warned.

Molecular Based Powers - These powers fall under the headings of Molecular Rearrangement, Elemental Conversion, Molecular Conversion, Disintegration, Reintegration, Matter Transformation, Matter Rearrangement, and so on. If you want one of these powers, it needs to be the whole focus of your concept/character. Also you will need to restrict the scope of the power. Like Madison Jeffreys who can rearrange only metal, plastic and glass. You will be required to have such limitations.

Self Duplication - If you choose to take this power, it is the only power that you may have for this character.

Shapeshifting - There are three types of shape shifters in the Marvel Universe. These will be divided up for ease of understanding. You can only pick one from the following three for your character.

1) taking the shape of others
2) taking the shape of objects
3) taking the shape of animals

1) These characters are akin to Mystique. The OC will be required to detail what limits they are able to achieve. The character will no where be as skilled as Mystique in this. Shape shifting does not entail gaining the powers of the person imitating.

2) The character may take the shape of standard non mechanical (couch, chair,table, ball, dress, pants, etc) or minor mechanical (bow, wheel barrow, wagon, hinged door with frame, window with frame, etc) objects. This power can have the stunt/extension of also taking the color of the shape. Other power stunts include making of sharp objects or extensions of their person (thinkT2000). Additionally this character can take the stunt of stretching or elongation and become like Mr Fantastic.

3) The character is able to take the shape of animals or reproduce animal like features. Think Wolfsbane or Catseye. These characters are considered ferals or furries.Typically these characters take additional power stunts in teeth, claws, winged flight, extra dense fur or skin to resist damage, regeneration (lizard).

Original Character Ferals/Furries/Animal Shape Shifters are limited by number. As seen in the Banned section.

The powers listed above are limited by the notation about Maximum Powers obtainable in the Restricted section above.

Celebrity - The Marvel universe is stuffed full of celebrities. In addition to all our world's real celebrities, the Marvel universe also has quite a number of famous superbeings as well as a number of fictional celebrities. Because of this, OC celebrities are restricted.

Wealth - No one wants to RP having a nine to five drudge job. Because of this, many OCs are apped as being of independent means. However, the wealth is rarely integral to the character and often ends up bypassing a potentially interesting flaw. As a result, wealth and especially extreme wealth, is restricted.

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