3.6 Pushing Character Limits

If your character has experience to burn, they may alter various factors.

Energy Attacks

Your character may have a Light Blast ranked at 50. But the target character has a 50 armor and you realize that your character can do no damage to said target. If you like, you can have your character PUSH him/her self beyond normal limits and do more damage. But this comes at a cost. The ratio is 10:1. That is 10 experience points spent gives you an additional 1point of damage. So, if your character had 100 experience points to burn, the character could do an additional 10 points of damage. So instead of 50 points their next attack would do 60. But note, the character still has to +roll a successful hit to deliver said damage.

Attack Defense Damage Delivered
Normal 50 50 No Damage
Pushed 60 50 10 Points

Altering rolls is also an option that uses a similar ratio as noted above. This applies when in combat and you really need to score a 'yellow' or 'red' result. In this case, the character would spend 10:1 to alter their own die rolls. That is for every 10 points of experience spent, they can alter the die result + or - 1 point.

One should note however, they are to choose how many points they want to invest in the roll before they actually roll. So one can invest 100 points (maximum) to alter the roll +10 points and still miss their mark. It's the risk that one may or may not be willing to take. The points are not refunded.

Another example of pushing involves doing damage to objects of great material strength (strength table). For example: Fire-Lass can generate Fantastic/60 ranked flame. Based on the material strength chart, her flame can damage anything below that rank (59 or less).

It should be noted, that it does rank damage minus the material rank per round. Therefore, Fire-Lass blasts Solid Stone (Incredible/40) wall with her Flame Generation/60 and does 20 points of damage to the stone wall. The stone wall will typically have rank (40) hit points as well. Therefore, it will take 2 rounds for Fire-Lass to blast a hole in the wall. The hole will normally be 6' diameter.

If she were to come up against a wall of Osmium Steel, she would need to push her ability. Osmium Steel has a hardness rank of Fantastic/60 and Fire-Lass can generate a rank of Fantastic/60 damage. Therefore, regardless of how long she blasted the wall, she would never penetrate it. Therefore, Fire-Lass would have to 'push' her ability. If she wanted to do Spectacular/70 damage, she would need to spend 100 experience points per round to achieve and maintain the 70 rank.

Attack Defense Damage Delivered
Normal Fantastic/60 Fantastic/60 No Damage
Pushed Spectacular/70 Fantastic/60 10 Points Per Round

Strength Variables

Lifting Things: The Strength ability, combined with the Intensity of an object's weight, determines how much the character can lift. As noted above, lifting a weight more than three ranks below the character's Strength can be considered automatic, those one rank below the character's Strength require a green FEAT; those of equal Intensity to the character's Strength require a yellow FEAT; those on one rank higher require a red FEAT; and those beyond one rank higher are impossible.

Example: Spider-Man's Strength is set at Incredible (40). He could lift something of up to 400 pounds without effort under ordinary circumstances (ther may be circumstances which would require a FEAT roll). From 400 to about 1 ton is a green FEAT roll. From 1 ton up to 10 tons requires a yellow FEAT roil. Over 10 tons (but no more than 25 tons) would require a red FEAT roll, and likely require spending of Karma.

< 400 lbs All Day, Every Day Good/10 Strength No Effort
400-2000 lbs Green FEAT Remarkable//30 Strength Casual Strength FEATS
1-10 tons Yellow FEAT Incredible/40 Strength Listed Character Strength Rating
10-25 tons Red FEAT Amazing/50 Strength Pushing
25+ tons Impossible

Based on the example listed above one can now rationalize why characters such as Hercules, Thor, Wonder-Man and others with Unearthly (Class 100) strength can lift over 100 tons. Because they 'push' their strength. See Strength intensities on this page for details.

Passive Defenses can not be pushed.

<see News Death and News Tactics for other ways to spend experience>

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