2.2 Power Stunts
  • A character with the Speed Power suddenly decides to run in a circle very fast, creating a whirlwind.
  • Or a character with Leaping Power decides to use his powerful leg muscles to disrupt the ground, knocking over an opponent.
  • Or the wall-crawler decides to use his stick-to-it-ness to grapple a thief.

These are Power Stunts.

Certain Powers, such as weather elemental controls, almost entirely consist of these stunts.

Essentially, a power stunt is anything special you can do with your power. In the case of the Human Torch, his power is Fire Manipulation and Generation. With that power he has a number of stunts he can perform. Such as Flame Cages, Flame Projection, Rocket Flight, Nova (explosion), Damage Sheath, and so on.

In regards to Power Advancement: A Power Stunt permits the hero to use his or her Power in a fashion that has hitherto not been used. When a hero wishes to attempt the stunt, he describes the stunt to the Scene Judge. The Judge then states if the stunt is possible, given the character's level of Power, and what FEAT would required. The player then spends 100 Experience points to try the stunt. The player will then roll the FEAT to see whether or not they are successful in the application of this new stunt.

Purchase of a new stunt (without having to use die rolls to check success) is 1500 experience points. See NEWS XP for details.

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