2.1 Power List

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Marvel Untold uses the Marvel Heroic RPG as a base when it comes to writing up a character powers and abilities

The following are the standard powers used in the system. Almost all possible powers fit into one of these categories:

Attack: This is a broad category and includes all weapons, including claws as well as a wide range of blaster type powers. Storm's lighting bolt would be considered an Attack power trait, as would Wolverine's Claws, or Punisher's guns. This also covers weapons that cause Complications instead of Stress, such as bolos, netguns, and dart launchers.

d6: The equivalent of a handgun or knife.
d8: The equivalent of a rifle of sword.
d10: The equivalent of a machine gun or lightning.
d12: The equivalent of a heavy weapons strike.

Durability: The character is immune to certain levels of physical damage either caused by weapons, other powers or environmental factors. A certain amount of immunity from heat/cold and pain are also part of this power trait.

d8 (Enhanced): Resistant to blunt damage. Human maximum.
d10 (Superhuman): Roughly bulletproof.
d12 (Godlike): Highly resistant to all damage types.

Elemental Control: This is also a very broad category. It not only includes the classic; fire, air, water and earth, but also includes any material, energy and telekinesis. Elemental Control powers cannot directly damage another character but are, instead, used to create assets and complications. Control powers are often paired with attack powers (to do direct damage), movement powers, or defensive powers. Sorcery and Mind Control (and other psychic powers) are not included, except Telekinesis (which is), they are separate power traits. The controlled elements must be specified in the power trait.

d6 (Elemental Influence): Basic level of control. The ability to light small fires or shorting out an appliance.
d8 (Elemental Control): Significant control. Extinguishing a burning room. Shorting out a house's electrical grid.
d10 (Elemental Mastery): Amazing control. Affecting an entire power grid. Summoning a storm over a city.
d12 (Elemental Supremacy): Unbelievable control. Freezing over an entire Great Lake. Extinguishing a forest fire.

Intangibility: With this power trait the character is able to become less solid, either by dispersing their molecules, phasing or even becoming a liquid, particles, or another less dense material. It's often included with elemental control and stretching power traits.

d6: Turn into a swarm of particles.
d8: Turn into a liquid, gas, or plasma.
d10: Capable of going out of phase and walking through objects.
d12: Capable of removing one's self from reality.

Intellect: In the Marvel Universe, intelligence is often so incredible it is a power. We aren't talking 'I'm smart enough to skip a grade in school' here. We mean 'I'm so smart I can create technology that stands on par with those of advanced alien civilizations'. This covers intellect beyond that can be represented by simple Specialties.

d8: Enhanced Intellect. Two to three times average human intelligence.
d10: Superhuman Intellect. Literally one of the smartest people on the planet.
d12: Godlike Intellect. One of the most intelligent beings in the entire universe.

Invisibility: Through either powers or technology the character is able to render themselves unseen to the naked eye. This could be some kind of camouflage power or some kind of device that blends light around the character, etc.

d6: A limited form of camouflage that only works under specific circumstances.
d8: Blending into surroundings but not true invisibility.
d10: Completely invisible to standard visual means.
d12: Nearly impossible to detect via any visual sense or sensor.

Leech: Leech is the ability to remove another's ability to use their powers or specialties. Someone with the Leech power creates a Complication for the target. If the Complication die is higher than the power or Specialty die, the power/Specialty is canceled out until the complication is removed.

Mimic: This is the ability to copy other character's powers and use them as your own. Rogue is a perfect example of a character with the Mimic powerset. This doesn't change any physicality of your character unless that aspect is part of the power you are mimicking. To use this power, the character spends an action creating an Asset which represents the mimicked power. After that, the Asset may be used just as the original power would. A mimicked power Asset cannot be stronger than your character's Mimic power level. For example, if your character has Mimic d8, no Asset can be higher than d8 even if the character the power belonged to originally had it at a higher level.

Mob: The can represent the ability to create duplicates or create effigies to battle for you. Mob powers are represented by xdy, with the x noting the number of duplicates or effigies created. The power operates similarly to mob characters. When enough damage is done, the x in xdy goes down by one.

Movement: If you can run fast, fly, brachiate (swingline) or are able to get from point A to Point B in a way that most people can't, you may have a Movement ability. The method of movement can be power, technical or other. Quicksilver runs fast, Spider-Man does his web thing, Namor swims, Mirage flies a pegasus, etc. All these are different types of movement abilities. It
is assumed that if your character has a specific kind of movement, like subsonic flight or enhanced swimming, etc, the character also has the ability to survive in the environments where their movement is used. In other words, if you have the swim power, you probably can breathe underwater, too.

d6: Speed/Flight. Move as fast as an olympic runner or fly as fast as a bird of prey.
d8: Enhanced Speed/Subsonic Flight. Move as fast as a sprinting horse or fly as fast as a passenger airliner.
d10: Superhuman Speed/Sonic Flight. Move as fast as a bullet train or fly as fast as a jet fighter.
d12: Godlike Speed/Space Flight. Travel anywhere in the world in moments or fly at interstellar speeds.

Psychic Powers: Psychic abillities come in multiple flavors: Mind Control, Telepathy, Animal Control and Plant Control. Animal and Plant Control work much like Elemental Control powers.

Mind Control allows the influencing of behavior - getting people to do what you want. This could be through direct control, illusion, or subtle suggestion.

d6: Push the target to do things they would already do. Intensify sensations.
d8: Remove inhibitions and provoke strange behavior. Make target experience things that aren't there.
d10: Take full control of a target's full movements. Create vivid and believable illusions.
d12: Completely possess a target or seemingly rewrite reality for the target.

Telepathy allows for communication between minds. This can be discussion or deep probing. If the target isn't willing, the telepath must first overwhelm the mind before you can draw out information.

d6: Link with another mind with effort.
d8: Read surface thoughts or share basic senses.
d10: Probe minds for memories, create persistent mental links.
d12: Constant communication with multiple people over vast distances.

Reflexes: With this power your character can react quicker and move faster than the average person. This ability usually part of a Movement power, but doesn't necessarily have to be. This ability can be as tech or a power.

d8: Enhanced Reflexes. Two to three times normal human response time and hand-eye coordination.
d10: Superhuman Reflexes. Ten times normal human response time and hand-eye coordination.
d12: Godlike Reflexes. Lightning fast response time and hand-eye coordination.

Resistance: Your character is resistant or immune to certain types of harm or attack. Usually it is either a Mystic or Psychic Resistance. This covers resistance or immunity to attacks that are not covered by Durability

d6: Slight resistance.
d8: Immune to basic attacks of this type.
d10: Serious defense against all attacks of this type.
d12: Near immunity to attacks of this type.

Senses: Vision, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing, one or perhaps all of these are more acute for your character. Likewise your character could have some type of other enhanced sense: Danger Sense, Radar Sense, the ability to sense magic, or communicate with computers. Precognitive and Clairavoyance are also part of this powerset.

d6: Senses. A basic level of an unusual sense such as Mystic Sense or Cybernetic Sense.
d8: Enhanced Senses. Heightened levels of senses, similar to those of animals.
d10: Superhuman Senses. Incredible levels of awareness, beyond those found in nature.
d12: Godlike Senses. Truly cosmic level of sense.

Shapeshifting: Your character can change his facial features, or maybe even their entire body to look like someone or something else. This can be another person, an animal, or an inanimate object. To use shapeshifting to acquire powers the character normally doesn't have access to (such as flight via wings or weapons via claws0, the character can either spend a plot point for a stunt or create an Asset.

d6: Minor changes to appearance such as hair color.
d8: Take on someone else's form or the form of an animal or other living being.
d10: Fully shift form down to the cellular level, though non-organic shapes will still register as alive.
d12: You essentially become the object or being you are shapeshifting into.

Size Changing: One moment your character is a perfectly normal person, they next they are either really big or really small. When you change size other things about you might change as well, density or durability, etc, or you may gain other abilities. You may even have the ability to effect other people or objects with your power.

d6: Not so much size changing as flexing, contortion, and puffing up.
d8: Double in size or shrink to the size of a small animal.
d10: Grow to the size of a building or shrink to the size of an insect.
d12: Grow to the size of a planet or shrink so small you become microscopic.

Sorcery: With this ability a character can feel and manipulate mystical forces, from this dimension or another to make changes in their environment, be they subtle or drastic, and are usually used to create complications or assets during a scene or they can also be used to create stunts similar to other powers.

d6: Sorcery Novice. Parlor tricks and cantrips.
d8: Sorcery Adept. Trained and capable of invoking true changes to the laws of physics.
d10: Sorcery Mastery. Great magical power that comes from a lifetime of study.
d12: Sorcery Supremecy. World shattering magical powers.

Stamina: Your character can do exert themselves for longer periods without getting winded or showing signs of fatigue. Stamina also represents the ability to heal faster than a normal human.

d8: Enhanced Stamina. Maximum human stamina and healing ability.
d10: Superhuman Stamina. Rapid recovery from injury. The ability to operate at peak effort for hours.
d12: Godlike Stamina. Extremely rapid recovery even from near-fatal injuries and ability to work without exhaustion for near infinite time.

Strength: This is pretty self-explanatory, your character is strong and can use it to perform various stunts, depending on how strong they are.

d8: Enhanced Strength. Turn over cars. With effort, bend iron bars.
d10: Superhuman Strength. Lift vehicles. Smash through stone and metal.
d12: Godlike Strength. Hurl objects into orbit. Push over buildings.

Stretching: Your character can make parts of his body longer, either through a power or a type of tech.
d6: Double your reach.
d8: Stretch a city block.
d10: Stretch several city blocks and clear buildings.
d12: Stretch across oceans or even into orbit.

Teleport: Being able to travel instantaneously from point A to point B, without worrying about all that tedious stuff in between. Teleportation can be achieved by a mutant/altered power, high tech device or magic spell.

d6: Teleport across a room, usually requires line of sight.
d8: Teleport several miles.
d10: Teleport anywhere on the planet.
d12: Teleport anywhere in the universe.

Transmutation: Turning lead into gold? A pipe dream for ancient alchemists but quite possible for some with the ability a transmutation. You are able to change one substance into another. This can represent changing an object's properties, changing matter into energy or vice versa. Transmutation creates assets or complications or, occasionally stress, but the effect is not
complete unless the target is fully stressed out or the complication is staged past a certain threshold.

d6: Change the integrity of cohesion of a target. Soften, harden, or degrade but not transform.
d8: Fully change the properties of a non-organic target. Change it from solid to liquid or gas or from one form of solid, liquid, or gas into another.
d10: Operate on an atomic level and change one substance, organic or inorganic, into another.
d12: Change any object into another. Basically a form of reality control.

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