Title Overview Timeframe
In Space All things that transpire outside the Earth's Solar System
Order of St George Fed up with the way their city has turned, a group bands together to wage war upon the dragons that hurt their city with questionable and deadly methods. 2008/09 - 2010/05 Post time jump
Return of the Vampire The Montesi Formula has been breaking down since the corruption of the reality. 2011/01 - 2012/09
Something Wicked Magik returns from Earth 982 to fight Belasco 2011/08
Mutant Massacre Kill all the mutants 2011/10
The Return of Loki Loki returns for picnics in the park 2012/05
Underworld Unleashed Hades wants the Underworld back from Ares. Brings the fight to the Earth. 2012/06
Heavy Metal Horde Global plot with robots gone wild 2012/07
Neverland 2012/08
Rise of the Midnight Sons Mystical heroes band together to stop a greater threat. 2012/11
To The Moon X-Force and X-Factor assault the MLF 2012/11
Mad Gods The Native American Gods are Pissed 2013/02 - 2013/03
Withering Away People who are considered in excellent and youthful shape are being found dead with their bodies no longer like that. 2013/02/25
What if... A series of one shot adventures based around the concept of 'What if things turned out differently?''. Various one-shot scenes.

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