Michael Hannigan
Portrayed By Jonathan Rhys-Myers
Gender Male
Place of Birth New York, NY
Date of Birth June 3
Age 30
Aliases Mike Hannigan; Mick Drago
Origin <>
Current Location New York, NY
Occupation Musician/Actor
Team <>
Alignment <>
Known Relatives Savio Carmine Drago (Father), Fiona Hannigan (Aunt)
Significant Other <>
Identity <>
Known Abilities <>

Character Details

  • Michael 'Nicholas' Drago was born June 3rd, 1983 in Hell's Kitchen, to Eileen Hannigan, a single mother with a noticable limp courteousy of Mike's father. Despite this, Mike's surname on the birth certificate took after his father's last name, Savio Carmine 'The Dragon' Drago, at the time a mob soldier.
  • Despite the angry protests of Mike's father, Eileen moved with her son out to Hoboken, New Jersey in the hopes of raising him in a slightly less violent and corrupt environment. Apparently she could not move any further than that. They lived on a small budget, using the income she got working as a hotel maid. Mike was kept mainly indoors, either in the apartment, at school, or with his mom at her jobs on the weekends with the occasional visit to the library for the primary source of entertainment.
  • When Mike was 10, Eileen stepped out of a first floor room she finished cleaning into the path of people who were busy robbing the hotel. The general belief is that she just happened to startle the more trigger happy of the two. A tragedy for sure.
  • With his mom gone and the rather absentee father denied custody as he was considered a bit unfit and really, there were limits to what even what crud the courts will do to a kid, Mike found himself being shipped back to New York, this time to live with his Aunt Fiona Hannigan. He also found himself being the target of an abnormally large amount of people wishing to start fights with him for no reason known to him. Fighting became practically a daily routine for him with little to no intervention from local law enforcement.
  • As he got older and more practiced, so did the opponents who kept coming out of the woodwork and his confidence in dealing with whatever problems that came with him grew, along with general disobedience. He started attending the nightlife around age 16 with the proper fake-ID in hand and generally started to have fun partying, fighting, and drinking.
  • Around high school age, Mike got into a fight where he found himself outnumbered and one of them with a knife. Teetering on the brink of unconciousness, he ended up projecting himself and fighting off his attackers once again, finding his punches to be rather effective in this manner.
  • After similar instances occured, even he figured out the whole power things as well as some general side effects, one of which resulted in him being dragged to the doctor by his Aunt after his irritated, sleep deprived self went and got himself expelled from school. The doctor introduced him to the conecept of sleeping pills to treat what was percieved as a sleep disorder of sorts.
  • At age 18, Mike legally changed his last name to 'Hannigan' as an official $@^ you to his father. He found himself living on his own, working several low level jobs. One of which was a convenience store clerk position, which resulted in a stabbed arm by a would be robber. At the hospital he meets Rod Donovan.
  • Rod and Mike go out on the town for some underage drinking and run into Wade Shaw and Jack Mantley and hit things off. In their infinite drunken wisdom, they decide to start a band they dubbed 'Greysong'. When they sobered up, they realized they actually sounded good. Since their lives were pretty much crap anyways, they decided to go share a small studio apartment together and focus on music. After much debate amongst the members, and with Rob's convincing argument of 'He may be a shit father but that's a damn good name for the stage', Mike adopted a stage name of Mick Drago for performances.
  • After a few years of songwriting, recording demos, working bars, and developing a fan following, they get a call for a record deal from Golem Records.
  • After experiencing some promising sales of their debut album, 'Social Disease', three of the band members of Greysong head out to celebrate. Mike, although now of legal drinking age, stayed at the apartment due to some 'sleeping issues'. There was a little bit too much partying, and an unwise decision to drink and drive, resulting in a car accident which results in the deaths of two memebers, Jack and Rod.
  • Mike slipped away from the public view for about a year, presumedly staying in Jersey for the time being before returning back into the public eye. Behavior toned down quite considerably and promoting an album he had been working on and using the record company he had a contract with to do it. The album 'Private Hell' has spurned some reaction in its content. Unlike Greysong's songs of party drugs and debauchery, the newer album delves deeper into harder styles and shifting to topics involving heavier drug use, death, violence, depression, and hints of derangement. Some believe that the album is more of a critique on the city of New York itself which has made some quite unhappy with the work. But, albums are selling and it is generating press.
  • Several months after Mike returned to New York after a lengthy tour, Mike finds out that his surviving friend, former band mate, and cohabitant, Wade Shaw had been stabbed in the hands during a home invasion. Although blocking the knife with the hands may have saved his life, he would no longer be able to play bass again at a professional level.
  • Angry at the invasion of his home and the assault on his friend, Mike is finding himself playing superhero. Or, at least a one man neighborhood watch.


Name Relation Notes
Savio Carmine Drago Father Known as 'The Dragon' within the mob
Eileen Hannigan Mother Deceased, single parent who worked as a hotel maid until her murder
Fiona Hannigan Aunt Deceased, Mike ended up living with her after his mom was murdered. Murdered as well.

In Game Notes

  • During Mike's time as Phantasm, he befriends Sue Richards and Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four. As Phantasm he gets the benefit of training and tag along experience with them. As Mike, he also builds a relationship as a fellow celebrity who makes charity appearances.
  • During the battle where Moondragon split the Bill Baker persona from the Flint Marko one, Moondragon accessed Mike's thoughts to use in the process. During this, she ended up accidentally activating Mike's second tier ability of dream travel.
  • Taking responsibility for her part in this development, she later on visited Mike and proceeded to shove the equivalent of a Dream Travel for Dummies book in his head and encouraged him to practice the ability to better control it.
  • After Mike was stabbed in the subway by Giannino Orsini, a member of The Order of St. George, he ended up staying at the Baxter building while healing up to avoid the security detail his label was pushing on him.
  • While interacting with the Fantastic Four as Mike, he ends up befriending Bill Baker of the Avengers. As Phantasm he ended up teaming up with Sandman from time to time but It wasn't until much later when Dr. Strange summoned Mike to Paris during the Heavy Metal Horde crisis that Baker found out that Mike and Phantasm were the same.
  • All during this time Mike has experienced complications stemming from being under the watch of the Order of St. George. One complication occurred in the middle of a tour where he was promoting his third album 'Breakout'. Scorpia attacked the concert, killing several fans and another musician.
  • While minimizing his exposure to the Order, Mike has collaborated with Rex Gregson on a couple of music projects. One of which consisted of him going under the guise of 'The man in the red mask' for almost the entire duration of the Christmas themed tour. He's also started picking up on guest roles for TV shows.
  • The Order of Saint George's periods of silence stopped as a series of attacks occurred in less than a one month period. In the process of this month of mayhem, several of Mike's friends have been attacked as well as his aunt. His Aunt Fiona was murdered in her own apartment and Mike's been notified that his friend Wade Shaw passed away due to complications from his own injuries. Wade's family held a private ceremony. Mike was not allowed to go to Wade's funeral.


Dates based off of post-time jump timeline

Album Release Date Rec Location Genre Length Label Studio Album by
Social Disease 2005 Golem Studios Metal/Heavy Rock Golem Records Greysong
Private Hell 2006 Golem studios Metal/Heavy Rock Golem Records Mick Drago
Breakout 2009 Golem Studios & Mayday Recording Studios Heavy Rock Golem Records Mick Drago
Recalibrate 2011 Golem Studios & Mayday Recording Studios Heavy Rock Golem Records Mick Drago


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