Original Characters

Original characters are very welcome.

Since this is a +traits based game, you will be required to move through CHARGEN and generate your character for approval.

You will need to consult NEWS RESTRICTED AND NEWS BANNED for things not to apply for.

Originals may not write group membership into their history. To join a group, one must role play their way in.

Originals may not be related to FCs.

Originals must avoid direct historical encounters/references to FCs or FC organizations.

One thing that an OC should be aware of is that they may start off right out of the box and not as powerful as the standard FC is for two reasons. One, they haven't been around as long as the FC and two, they can grow a lot fasterand easier than the FC. Whereas the FC's are limited to their original concept the OC can go far more lateral.

However, the OC needs to adhere to a few key elements.

Marvel Untold is a canon game based firmly on the events and worlds presented in Marvel comics. Because this is a world based on Marvel canon, the focus of the game is primarily on FCs. While OCs are allowed, they should be even or lesser in numbers to the number of FCs on the grid. Therefore, two of a character's four allowable slots must be a FC. For example, if a player has
two OCs and wishes to apply for a third bit, that character must be a FC.

When working with you to create a datafile (stats) for your character, they will keep in mind the following general guidelines:

  • No more than two power sets and less than eight powers spread out between the two sets. No more than five SFX spread out between the two sets. At least two limits between the two sets.
  • Teen OCs should have more d6 Specialties than d8s and no d10s. Adult OCs should have more d6 and d8 Specialties than d10s. OCs who are power heavy should not have more than four Specialties. Skill-focused OCs should not have more than eight Specialties.

The above are general guidelines and not hard rules. Staff will work with each player to shape a datafile that is correct and fair for both your character and the game at large.

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