3.2 Offense And Defense

Rogue, one of the X-Men's bricks, stands her ground as Arclight charges. The women engage in hand-to-hand combat. Arclight gets the initiative and swings first. Arclight +rolls a green feat with her attack; that is a HIT result.

Arclight's strength is 30. Rogue's armor is 40. Arclight did not exceed 40 in her attack. Therefore, no damage is delivered in the attack.

Rogue then +rolls to punch Arclight. She rolls a Green result and the hit is successful. Rogue's strength is Amazing/50. Arclight wears Good/10 armor. 50-10=40. Rogue just punched Arclight for 40 damage.

Looking at this scenario, you may wonder if Arclight stands a chance against Rogue. The answer is 'yes'.

However, it is not because Arclight can 'push' her strength to 40, it's because of other +roll results in the Yellow and Red intensity.

Had Arclight rolled a Yellow result, then Rogue would have been forced to check whether or not she was 'slammed'. A slam attack is when someone is hit so hard that they are knocked back a few feet to hundreds of yards. Go here to see the details.

Further, if Arclight rolled a Red result, then Rogue would have been forced to check whether or not she was 'stunned'. A stun attack is when someone is hit so hard that they are dazed, confused, nearly unconscious. When stunned, a character is unable to attack, run away, or do anything for that round. Essentially, they are laying on the floor with stars circling their head. Go here for details on stunning attacks.

In the MSHRPG System, when you have a power at a certain rank, it always does that rank in damage. Unless you desire it to do less.

For Example: Plasma-Man has the power of Plasma Generation/Projection at Unearthly (100) rank. He is able to reduce that to Excellent (20) rank and not be lethal. FYI: A normal human will have 24 points of health, a super-human may have around 100 plus points of health (Health is determined from the numbers in FASE characteristics). Therefore, if PM attacks a normal human, he'd normally reduce his attack to Excellent (20) and just knock the normal out.

When in combat against a super powered foe, one would normally let loose with all their power.

For Example: Plasma-Man is fighting against Resistant Girl. RG has super strength of Amazing (50) and Resistance to Damage at Monstrous (80). Therefore, when Plasma-Man blasts RG with his Unearthly (100) blast, her 80 defense is taken off the top and she takes 20 points of damage. She isn't out of the battle just yet, but if he keeps it up, she will be.

Claws and Strength vs. Body Armor:

Attacker Strength: 30
Claws Material Strength: 100

Defender Body Armor: 50

In this case, if the material strength/edge is greater than the body armor, it CAN penetrate the body armor on a GREEN, YELLOW or RED FEAT. However, in the situation listed above If a GREEN FEAT is rolled, the attacker would do 20 (-1CS) damage; If a YELLOW FEAT was rolled, he would have done 30 damage, and if a RED FEAT was rolled, he would have done 40 (+1CS) damage.

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