Night Shift


Night Shift is a group of supernaturally oriented villains organized by the
Shroud. The Shroud's true purpose for the group is to combat evil that occurs
during the night hours, sleazy underworld crime figures in particular. (Most
superheroes and their foes are active during the day.) Because of their after
hours schedule, the Shroud's group has become known as "the Night Shift." The
group consists of an evergrowing and changing roster. The Shroud is its
leader, and Dansen Macabre is his deputy. The group has seen major action on
two occasions: first, when they assisted Captain America against Dr. Malus
and the Power Brokers, whose experiments flooded Los Angeles's sewers with
rejected mutations for the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. The second
occured when Shroud was absent, and Dansen Macabre ordered an attack against
the West Coast Avengers in retaliation for the arrest of Digger, a Night
Shift member. The attack was unsuccessful, but Night Shift escaped with the
Shroud's assistance. Their headquarters is a "haunted estate" in the Santa
Monica Mountains, defended by traps appropriate to the setting.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
176095-43105-brothers-grimm_large.jpg Brothers Grimm Jake and William Dolly

Gypsy_Moth.jpg Gypsy Moth Sybil Dvorak

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