New Mutants


This was originally the next generation of Mutants at Xavier's school post the first and second generation of X-Men (Gold/Blue Teams). They were students and mutants, unlike prior X-Men. The original team became X-Force.

Upon her return from Asgard, after spending time with X-Factor as well as a faculty at the current school, Dani Moonstar has re-instated the New Mutants as an active student team from the school.

Characters and Activity

Active Player Characters

Image Codename Real Name Position
646685-moonstar10_12_08.jpg Mirage Danielle Moonstar Teacher/Mentor

blindfold.jpg Blindfold Ruth Aldine Student

Clarice3.jpg Blink Clarice Ferguson Student

xzqRdl.gif Finesse Jeanne Foucault Student

Mercury.jpg Mercury Cessily Kincaid Student

Seth-01.jpg Radiance Seth Garland Student

Richenda-01.jpg ShowStopper Richenda Gray Student

KGrHqIOKp0E4lUynNboBOSUG32-Kw_35.JPG Thimble Janie Wu Student

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