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Neverland is a mutant concentration camp, located in Canada, and established by Malcolm Colcord (aka the Director) as part of Weapon X. Neverland's primary purpose is to either find a use for a mutant (or learn how to duplicate/make use of their powers) or end that mutant's life. Early in Neverland's existence, the Director got hold of Madison Jeffries/Box and brainwashed him to work for Mutant X (possibly with the help of pheromones extracted from the Purple Girl/Persuasion). As a result, the camp has few human guards. Instead, it is patroled by Sentinels (built by Jeffries and therefore without Shaw's backdoor shutdown code) and Box robots. Incoming prisoners are scanned by Jack-in-the-Box, an Australian telepath who was literally torn apart and kept inside a box. Menial duties such as janitorial work and kitchen staffing are done by the mutant inmates themselves. Instead of using power nullification technology (as was used in Genosha) the facility uses Leech, who is plugged into a machine to extend and control his power nullification field. Most of the human staff are scientists who experiment on the prisoners in order to find ways to use their powers to the advantage of Weapon X and "human kind".

Mutants who were held in Neverland in the comics: Aurora (who was brainwashed to become Colcord's wife), Purple Girl/Persuasion, Leech, Ape, Tar Baby, Bulwark II, Maggot, Cecilia Reyes, Paulie Provenzano, Siena Blaze, Jack-in-the-Box, Diamond Lil, Random, Sauron (who was used as a field agent), Sabretooth (field agent), Mesmero (field agent), Wildchild (field agent), Marrow (field agent), Washout (field agent).

By the time it was shut down, over 6000 mutants had died in Neverland.

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