Mutant Town

What is Mutant Town?

Over the past several years, a poor neighborhood in New York City has become increasingly populated by mutants. It started like many ethnic neighborhoods, with a repressed minority just finding housing wherever they could. In this case, mutants found landlords willing to rent to them in a specific area of the city. Over time, more mutants moved there, attracted by the presence of other mutants. Now, after several years, a culture has begun to emerge. Mutant oriented businesses that carry unusual food items or tailor to extra limbs or tails or wings, for example. Mutant clubs that allow for flying and wall crawling members. Mutant entertainment that includes hypersonics and non-visible light shows.

Most of the mutants in Mutant Town have powers that might not be considered combat worthy, are otherwise low key, or transform them in a way that makes ordinary life almost impossible. Hannah Levy, for example, has a prehensile tongue and can only eat insects. Jazz's only mutation is his skin is blue. Ismael Ortega produces a bubble of organic material around herself when she sleeps. There are mutants living in mutant town with more powerful abilities but they are rarer.

As in many poor neighborhoods, there is a great deal of crime in Mutant Town. Several youth gangs have formed. Agents of crime lords from other parts of the city come here to recruit. They also buy mutant tissue and blood in order to process it into Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH), a drug that gives users a few minutes of super powers.

The police have a station in Mutant Town (which they call District X) but it is undeserved and underfunded. There is also a fire department. There are mutants on the force and in the fire department here but none in any ranking position. If there is real trouble, police and fire have to be called from outside the neighborhood. Response time is slow. Many crimes end up unsolved.

Occasionally, drunks from outside the neighborhood, gangs from other parts of the city, or hate groups will push into the Mutant Town in order to cause trouble. This happens rarely, however, because the locals are wild cards. Aggressors might run into a mutant who only has the ability to change the color of flowers or they might run into a guy with super strength who can rip them apart. Mutant Town locals have more to fear from criminal residents than outsiders.

Mutant Town is not a luxurious place to live and is crime ridden but many mutants live here either because they have nowhere else to go or because they choose to live in a place where they won't be rejected for their mutation.

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