Mutant Registration Act

Robert Kelly decided the registration of mutants by the government is a
necessity. Kelly discussed his introduction of the bill with a senatorial
colleague. The Act was mentioned, passed as legislation, and accepted as law,
suggesting that, unlike the Mutant Control Act in the "Days of Future Past"
timeline, it would not be repealed by the Supreme Court.

The passage of the MRA did not have an immediate impact, but the legislation
continued affect lives. The MRA is one of things which motivated Jean Grey
and Cyclops to form X-Factor.

Government agent Val Cooper and the mutant terrorist Mystique formed Freedom
Force a government sanctioned superhero team (mostly comprising former
members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants). Freedom Force sought to
enforce the MRA by arresting unregistered mutants such as members of the
X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants.

Captain America V (John Walker, later known as U.S. Agent) and Battlestar,
who were, like Freedom Force, officially sanctioned, also briefly enforced
the Act by capturing the unregistered mutant Meteorite for the government.

During this period of active enforcement of the MRA, the only mutants who
publicly protested the Act were those who were not aligned with the X-Men
or its affiliated teams. For example, the Alliance of Evil demonstrates
against the MRA in Manhattan and after fighting X-Factor are arrested by
Freedom Force and a mutant group called the Resistants protested the Act in
Washington D.C.. Indeed far from publicly agitating against the act, X-Factor,
actually pretended in public to be supporters of the MRA who were actively
enforcing it, though in actuality they acted to subvert it.

Am I registered as a mutant with the US Government?

This question has come up for newly apped FCs and OCs alike. Here's some

1. If you are a mutant and have been arrested and convicted of a felony, you
are registered. It would have been done automatically.

2. If you are a mutant and have been on active duty with the Avengers,
X-Factor, or other government sanctioned super team within the last three
years you are registered.

3. If you are a mutant and have used your powers in an official capacity as
a member of the U.S. military, an agent of a local, state, or federal
government agency, any law enforcement organization, or S.H.I.E.L.D. you are
registered. Note, if your character was strictly black ops, you might be
exempt from this.

4. Technically, if you are a mutant and you use your powers in work for a
government contractor you are registered. However, that is up to the ethics
of the corporation in question.

If you attend Xavier's School for Gifted Children you are NOT automatically
registered. Xavier encourages his students to register or not register
according to their conscience. However, know that even if you aren't
registered as a mutant, chances are you are registered there as either a
student or an employee. In that case, the government already knows you are
PROBABLY a mutant. The institute's status as a mutant training school is an
open secret among government agencies. So far, the government isn't pressing
the case because the X-Men tend to do things like save the world, but even if
you aren't officially registered, except the FBI, CIA, and SHIELD to know
you're a mutant if you run into them.

More information on the Mutant Registration Act and how it pertains to YOU.

The way the law is written, an American citizen or legal resident alien MUST
register as soon as possible after exhibiting mutant powers. Because most
mutants manifest powers during their teenage years, the law does not place an
age restriction on registration. Registration requires that the mutant be
present. By law, parents who know their child is a mutant and do help them
register as such are legally liable and may be charged with a crime.

Registration usually works as follows:

1. The mutant travels to the local, designated registration center. In larger
cities (such as New York City) these centers are dedicated offices with all
needed equipment on site. In smaller municipalities, the registration center
is usually either town hall or the police station. In that case, the mutant
indicates a desire to register to the authorities. The authorities then
request a mobile registration unit visit the mutant at their residence. This
can take anywhere from a day in well populated states to several months in
places like Alaska or overseas military bases.

1b. Hospitals are required by the law to report any obvious mutations.
Parents of newborn babies who are obviously mutants may very well get a visit
from a mobile registration unit within days of birth. Likewise, if a doctor
notices a fifteen year old come in with an obvious mutation they may report
it to authorities.

2. When a mutant registers the following information is recorded: Name.
Known Aliases. Address. Social Security Number. Known abilities. In addition,
a DNA sample is taken and a "mutant energy reading" is taken. This mutant
energy reading uses technology similar to those employed by Sentinels and
Cerebro to identify mutants by the "energy" they emit.

3. That's pretty much it. At that point, the mutant is registered and the
government, for the most part, leaves them alone. The mutant registration
database is available to law enforcement agencies but not to the public.
There has yet to be a public case of any citizen being pressed into service
by the government based soley on their status as a mutant. The database is
used for recruitment by the military, intelligence agencies, FBI, and
SHIELD. Mutants, especially those with psychic abilities, are in high
demand by those groups.

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