2.0 MSHRPG Character Generation

Marvel Super Heroes Point Buy Spreadsheet

The original system of the game was to focus only on +sheets and not worry with +trait based applications. That quickly changed when it was realized that people struggled with learning a +sheet/MSHRPG gaming system and thus became a backup/just for fun dice rolling experience. Below is the table used to generate characters based on spending points to buy powers and characteristics.

Powers and Talents are detailed on the mux when you type +list/powers all and +list/talents all. Flaws are also available by seeing +list/flaws all. Or you can find them here by clicking Power List, Flaws List, Skills List

Characteristics 1 character rank per 1 character point
Resources 1 resource rank per 2 character points
Powers 10 points per power
20 points per starred power
Power Rank 1 power rank per 1 character point
Power Stunts 5 points per stunt
1 point per 1 character point
stunt must be directly related to parent power
Talents 5 points per talent
10 points per starred talent
Contacts 5 points per contact

Maximum of Fantastic (60) in any given field.
250 point spending limit.

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