Danielle Moonstar
Portrayed By Q'orianka Kilcher
Gender Female
Place of Birth Boulder, Colorado
Date of Birth <>
Age 23
Aliases <>
Origin <>
Current Location Xavier's Mansion
Occupation Hero
Team X-Factor
Alignment Good
Known Relatives William and Peggy Moonstar
Significant Other None
Identity Mirage
Known Abilities Psychic Illusions, Psychic Arrow & Animal Empathy

Character Details

*Danielle Moonstar was born into the Cheyenne Nation in Colorado, the daughter of William and Peg Lonestar.

*Her early childhood is nothing spectacular, though the manifesation of her powers that she finds difficult to control isolate her from her community.

*As a young teen her most intense vision is the death of her parents, who go missing a short time later. She goes to live with her grandfather Black Eagle, chief and shaman of her tribe.

*Black Eagle, friend of Professor X through Danielle's father, wants to send her to Xavier's school so she can learn to control her abilities.

*Danielle gets angry and her power manifests with a vision of Black Eagle's death. Like with her parent's shortly thereafter Black Eagle is killed by members of the Hellfire Club.

*She vows to get revenge on the Hellfire Club for the death of her grandfather. With no place left to go, when Prof X shows up and she explains what happened she decides to go with him so she can get her revenge. After the Hellfire Club is dealth with she decides to follow her grandfather's wishes and attends Xavier's School.

*Danielle spends several years at the school, training. During her training she is haunted by dreams of the Demon Bear, whom she eventually encounters again. She nearly dies in the encounter but is healed by the Morlock's healer.

*Danielle has many adventures with her team mates. One of these takes her to Asgard where she rescues Brightwind a winged horse. The rescue results in her being chosen as a Valkyrie. There is a huge battle in Asgard with Hela, nordic goddess of Death. Danielle and her team mates defeat Hela but Danielle decides to stay behind in Asgard to help repair the damage that the battle with Hela has wrought.

*Asgard back to normal Danielle begins to miss Earth and her friends there and decides to leave Asgard and return to Xavier's School.


William Moonstar Father Was once thought dead, but was only being used as a slave to the Demon Bear
Peggy Moonstar Mother Was once thought dead, but was only being used as a slave to the Demon Bear
Black Eagle Grandfather Raised her after her parents supposedly died. Was killed by Donald Pierce



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