Masters of Evil


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Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
726075-726057_thunderbolts_108_14_super.jpg Baron Zemo Baron Helmut Zemo

Frank_Payne_Earth-616_001.jpg Constrictor Frank Payne

78649-22579-enchantress.jpg Enchantress Amora

Moonstone.PNG Moonstone Dr. Karla Sofen

880084-radioactive_man_01.jpg Radioactive Man Dr. Chun Lu

250px-Thunderball_001-1.jpg Thunderball Elliot Franklin

688954-6476new_storyim.png Tiger Shark Todd Arliss

363953-120995-titania_super.jpg Titania Mary MacPherran

138728-21473-volcana_large.jpg Volcana Marsha Rosenburg

83288-77884-whirlwind.jpg Whirlwind David Cannon

wrecker1.jpg Wrecker Dirk Garthwaite

406px-Yellowjack.jpeg Yellowjacket Rita DeMara

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