These are mutant assassins employed by Mr. Sinister with the singular purpose of assassinating other mutants. They act as a covert strike team for the purpose of carrying out mass murders as has recently been done to the Morlocks below New York City, resulting in the serious injury of several X-Men, including Shadowcat and Nightcrawler.

Mr. Sinister, after being altered by Apocalypse, has become interested in mutation and genetics himself. Not only capable of altering mutant genetics, he notably creates clones of his assassins for his own nefarious purposes.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
164690-134402-arclight.jpg Arclight Phillipa Sontag

george.jpg Gorgeous George George Blair

286115-109917-malice.jpg Malice Malice

102560-136366-greg-land.jpg Mister Sinister Nathaniel Essex

76867-197154-sabretooth.jpg Sabretooth Victor Creed

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