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Cyclops, Richenda Gray, and Surge

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07/17/12 17:01

Botanical Gardens - Xavier Estate

Cyclops, Richenda Gray, and Surge chat in the Zen Garden

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Sitting on a bench by the Zen-like rock garden, Scott Summers, dressed in his blue and gold uniform with skull cap pulled back and without his visor, sits with his eyes closed in an almost yoga-like seated position. Silence surrounds him, aside from the small sides of some summer birds chirping and the occasional student stopping by and staring at the X-Men leader.

Surge is wandering around the grounds and muttering to herself. She reaches up and stratches her head with one of the gauntlets and mutters some more. She has a pad of paper in one hand and is glancing around a bit. She pauses as she sees Scott not really wanting to interupt.

Quiet... that's a good thing, right? It is when you're short on sleep. Chenda Gray rubs her tired eyes to make them stay open a little longer as she comes down the path from the mansion. The sight of Surge brings a faint smile to her face; her former roommate's hair is impossible to miss without a crowd. Scott Summers isn't so easy to catch in a crowd, but when he's sitting by himself it's a lot easier. Chenda's steps slow a bit as she sees that he's not wearing his visor.

Always aware of his environment, considering his position as a leader of the premier mutant team. Scott grins as some students are present. Suddenly his opens his eyes. One student near b y gasps and runs away screaming. Scott laughs as the usual optic blasts do not pour out from his eyes. Instead his eyes are pour red as he wears ruby quartz contact lenses, which hold back his power still allowing him to see. Unfortunately for those near him, his eyes have a rather demonic look to them.

Surge does blink a bit and then cocks her head to the side a bit as she looks at Scott warily. She gives a small wave to him and then to Richenda as well.

The sudden sound of screaming brings Chenda's tired eyes swinging around, alighting on a student who's busy making herself scarce. Huh? She looks around for the cause... and suddenly sees that Scott's eyes are open. And nothing's happening, which is all that keeps her from following the unfortunate student's example. "Oh, wow... new contacts, Mr. Summers?" she asks, blinking at his very red eyes.

Surge's wave gets her attention, and after a quick glances she smiles and waves back. "Heyo, Noriko-chan!"

Surge looks over at Chenda and drops into a curtsey even though it is a bit ackward, "Hello." she says and smiles a bit, "How are you?"

"Tired... but up and moving," Chenda replies with weary good humor, giving her friend a smile. "It's been a long week already, and it's barely begun. What about you, Noriko-chan? I know we're at the same school, but it's been forever since we've talked... all different classes and lunches and all."

Surge shrugs, "I am doing alright, lots of classes trying to make up for the years I didn't go to school." she shrugs a bit more and then smiles, "But I am doing ok, thanks to my gauntlets."

"You're too smart to be kept down for long," Chenda encourages. "Not like me. I'm glad the gauntlets are working out. Just one question; will I get shocked if I hug you?"

After having dealt with the scared student, Scott walks over to Noriko and Richenda, “Good afternoon, ladies.” Smiling as he approaches them he responds to the question of the contacts, “I’ve had them for some time, but do not wear them too often. I was told I have demon eyes, when I wear them.” Noting Chenda’s tired appearance, “Is Kisha keeping you up?” He then turns to Nori, “How’re things with X-Factor? Have you begun your probationary period with them yet?”

Surge shakes her head, "Not that smart." she says and then adjusts a dial on her gauntlets,
"No I am huggable, unless you want to be shocked." she giggles and then looks back to Scott and bows. "I have not yet started though it should be soon." she does flush a bit.
Of course, the logical thing to do after asking such a question and getting a good answer is to follow up; Chenda gives Surge a hug, warm but quick. Administration person here, after all. Apparently she wants to be neither shocked nor too rude.

She turns her attention to Scott, managing a weary smile. "Kisha doesn't sleep, sir. Mostly, neither do I, long as I'm in the same room with her." What she does about that she doesn't say. "Your eyes /are/ very red, sir. Makes me wonder if they'd glow in dimmer light, like that space knight that used to be on the news all the time."

Nodding his head, “Well, maybe we can turn your time with them into an internship or something so that it counts towards your coursework. Mirage and Sunpyre are teachers so they could sign off on it and maybe act as direct mentors to you.” Scott suggests and makes a mental note to ask them and also run it by Jean. In response to Chenda, “Well, have you tried talking to Kisha about it. Perhaps you can work out an agreement or some sort of a contract?”

Surge blinks, "That would be nice, I have a lot of work to make up?" she shakes her head and then smiles, excited just a little bit.

"Talking to her means catching her between tasks," Chenda replies, grimacing. The other girl's like the Energizer bunny once she gets started on something. "Between classes and trying to get enough sleep not to fall ill, I haven't managed it so far."

“It should be fine. I’ll run it by the others during our next staff meeting.” Scott smiles in response to Surge. “If you like, I or Jean can arrange a meeting between the two of you, then if that makes it easier.” Scott offers genuinely as he feels some sympathy towards Chenda and is considering a room switch as she has made an effort to try and live with Kisha. “So have either of you met the new students, yet?”

Surge nods and smiles, "Thank you sir," she says and then cocks her head to the side, "Which students sir, there seem to be so many."

"I guess it couldn't hurt to try it," Chenda says after a moment's thought. Jean and Scott are a lot harder to ignore than she is. And on to a more comfortable subject, thank God. "I met Wallflower when I arrived. She's a good friend. Aside from her, I know Noriko here, and Seth, and I just met Ruth last night. I haven't managed to catch Jeanne or David yet... but I'm sure I've run into Jeanne before. Maybe at the Academy. Foucalt's just not a common name, and I'd swear I've heard it before!"

“You are right. Enrollment has gone up quite a bit. But in particular, I was talking about David, Jeanne, Ruth, and Seth. They are the newest students here and I was wondering if you had interacted with them yet.” Scott nods as Richenda lists those she has encountered, “Possibly. I don’t think Jeanne was a member there. I thought the Academy was strictly for mutants.” Scott shrugs, “You were both students at the Massachusetts Academy, right? With Emma, right?”

Surge nods her head, "I have met Ruth and Seth briefly." she says softly and then nods, "Emma found me on the streets."

"Yes, sir. We were roommates there," Chenda replies, with a companionable little smile for Surge. "Noriko and Emma tracked me down in New York and invited me to enroll."

Surge nods, "I didn't have the control I do now, though I have bracelets I got that limited my powers. These gauntlets are much better." she shakes her head and there is fear on her face for a moment.

Scott hmmmns to himself at learning they were former roommates and nods, “Well, good. Glad you have met them all. Your time at the Massachusetts Academy? How was that? What are the differences between there and here? I am interested in knowing from a student perspective. And please be honest.”

Chenda lays a comforting hand on Noriko's shoulder. She was present for one of the times Surge got overloaded with juice, and hasn't forgotten it. "Iron hand in a velvet glove: That was Emma Frost. The classes were a lot more like a conventional school, but there was training in using our powers, too. I don't think it was quite as good as it is here, and the equipment was definitely different, not as good. They did have a great athletic complex, though. I guess that kinda went with the private-school cover story."

Surge shakes her head, "Captured by a sentinel and then put in a cell." she shakes her head, "I...well she was trying. It is easier here."

“Goodness, that is a horrible experience, Nori. I’ve been in a similar situation myself. It is far from pleasant.” Scott sighs and offers empathy to Nori and then satisfied with their answers, “Ok good to know.”

"A Sentinel, Noriko-chan? Those huge robot-things?" Chenda shivers at the thought. "I went with X-Factor once, when they inspected one at a junkyard and pulled out its memory banks. It was scary enough as it was, and it was just the /head/! I was jumpy the whole time. I thought it might come back to life."

Surge shakes her head a bit and then shrugs, "It was scary." she says and shakes her head a bit. She shakes her head to clear it.

Nodding his head in agreement with Chenda, “Those robots are pretty scary. I have faced them down alone. Not the most fun experience. Hopefully you will never know that. But thankfully, you came through it, Noriko-chan.” Scott nods and seems distracted by something Ruth said to him awhile back and hmmns, distracted by the thought.

Seeing Noriko's momentary distress, Chenda reaches down to clasp her hand supportively.
"They're plenty scary, even when they're not moving. I just wonder why they made them so /big/. I mean, they'd do more damage to everything around them than to whatever they were hunting for."

She looks over to Scott, smiling a little at his sudden silence. "Penny for your thoughts, Mr. Summers?"

Surge cocks her head to the side a little and then smiles, "Its okay." she says softly and makes sure not to squeeze Chenda's hand too much with her own gauntleted one.

Shaking his head as he returns his attention to the conversation at hand. “Oh, just thinking up new defenses and strategies should something happen, is all.” Scott then smiles and is grateful these students are not telepaths.

"Oh. Pity you can't get change for a penny," Chenda quips, smiling back. She gives Surge's hand a gentle squeeze and lets go. "I'd better get back to the house. I promised to help with dinner..." She quickly stifles a yawn with her hand. "'Scuse me... promised to help with dinner tonight. I guess I'll see you there, Mr. Summers. Missed you, Noriko-chan!" With that, she whirls and hurries back down the path towards the house.

Surge nods and waves to Chenda and smiles a little before she looks back to Scott.

As Richenda leaves, Scott waves to her as well and then turns back to Surge, “So how has living with Laurie been? I know she was concern about her powers accidentally affecting others.”

Surge nods her head, "Things seem well enough." she says softly. She shakes her head, "We both are fairly busy and then tired."

“Well, that is very good to hear.” Scott smiles and then asks, “And how have you been doing personally, Nori?”

Surge shrugs, "Surviving. Still get bits of withdrawl hitting me." she stutters, "But its so much better, just wishing I didn't have so much schooling to make up for."

“Well, take your time with it. You will not be penalized or left back or anything. We are understanding.” Scott offers, “But I think the X-Factor idea is a wonderful one. Did Havok approach you or did you approach him?”

Surge flushes a bit, "He approached me." she says softly, "He saw me working out and practicing using my gauntlets." she holds them up. "Think I need to talk to Dr. McCoy see if he can make a lighterweight version."

“Yes, that would be a good idea. Though Dr. McCoy is very busy with the Danger Room, so I’ll see if we can contact Forge.” Scott offers.

Surge cocks her head to the side, "Forge?" she asks curiously. She still doesn't know all that much.

“Oh Forge is a former member of the X-Men. His powers are similar to Kisha. He is a hyper-inventor. Basically he is a mechanical genius and can build, create, or engineer just about anything you can think of.” Scott responds.

Surge nods her head, "Well that sounds interesting." she says softly, "He might be able to improve these?" she asks curiously. She looks down at her gauntlets.

Nodding his head confidently, “I guarantee that he can. Forge is an amazing inventor. Let me contact him and see if he can pay us a visit.” Scott smiles and then notes the time,

“Well, Nori. I should go in and check on Jean. But this was a nice chat.”

Surge nods, "THank you Sir, hope things go well." she says and drops into a bow.

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