You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Eye-Scream

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Mercury, Sandman, and Eye-Scream (emitted by Sandman)

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12/05/12 15:07

Grapevine Cafe - Upper East Side

Sandman takes students on a trip to the city and they get attacked by Eye-Scream

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Since Bill Baker is acting as a mentor to Mercury, he has opted for a less formal setting and for some downtime. So bringing the students to Grapevine Cafe for some free time away from the school. He is the guide today and so as students fill up the cafe, Bill sits at a table with Cecily and gestures for a waitress to come over to take their order. “What do ya want, kid?” Sandman asks Mercury.

Mercury has been training under Sandman's wing, since his powers are what most relate to hers. Today she was supposed to be training, instead she's in town with her instructor. "Well.." the metallic girl says as she looks at the menu, tilting her head for a moment before folding it and offering it to the waitress, "I'll want a simple cup of coffee." she says, smiling, "And a slice of the orange cake, please."

The waittress nods and looks to Sandman, “I’ll have the usual, Bertha.” Bertha smiles but then points a finger, “No super-fights! Ok, Bill? Everytime you get into a fight you end up leveling this place.” He smiles, “I promise.” She smiles and goes to make their order. Bill looks to Cecily, “I figured part of training is learning how to relax and a field trip to New York can do that.”

Mercury has to smile a bit at the banter between Sandman and the waitress, but when Baker switches attention back at Mercury when the waitress walks away to get the order ready, the metallic girl blinks, "I thought that's what the break times are for." she says, smiling.

“Yeah, but considering the holiday season. . . probably better to have more free time. Nowhere on Earth is more in tune with the holiday spirit than New York City.” Sandman smiles, “So what do you want Santa Claus to bring you for Christmas?” He asks a moment shooting her an odd expression.

Mercury looks out the window when the subject of Christmas wishes is brought up, and she sighs softly. "I wish I could spend Christmas with my parents like we used to, before my powers appeared." she says, then she shakes her head softly.

Suddenly, there is a crash outside and some students rush outside to see what has happened. . .some sort of car crash. Seems like tired slip over some sort of melted ice. . .the the melted ice looks more like ice-cream. As the students rush out, Sandman rises to bring them back in. That same melted ice-cream suddenly spills it way under the door of the cafe and when Sandman reaches the door a humanoid hands pops up from melted ice-cream. It reaches his ankle and causes him to trip and breaking through the glass door. Glass spills everywhere including Sandman’s body, blood and sand fall everywhere.

Mercury jumps in surprise when she witnesses the accident. Most likely speeding when the streets are frozen, "Oh, my god..." s he says, looking out, and she was about to stand up and join the other kids going outside, to try to help as much as possible, but Sandman stops them, just to be tossed out the window by the... snow? "What the heck?" she gasps, eyes wide at that, unsure what was going on. Did Hydro-man learn a new trick?

With Sandman seemingly out of the picture, Eye-Scream steps forward, “Everybody, Freeze!” He chuckles to himself first and charges forward to attack some innocent bystanders. He releases gobs of liquid-y ice-cream at the patrons, “How about a little ice-cream with your meal?” He then looks to Mercury, “Hey kid, sit down and enjoy some dessert.”

Mercury frowns as he... attacks? Yeah, we'll go with 'attack'. She frowns when Eye Scream 'attacks' the patrons, and she clenches her fists, "How about you apologize to the patrons and get the hell out of here?" she says, trying to keep a brave front. "Leave, now."

Listening to Mercury, Eye-Scream seems think it over, but then just start laughing at her. “Here, eat this!” He squirts out a stream of chocolate from his mouth aiming it at Mercury, “I’m going to drown you in my chocolatey goodness.” Sandman is still unconcious on the ground.

Mercury quickly squats down to dodge the chocolate spew from that guy's mouth and she can't help but be grossed out by that, but she quickly reacts, "No, thanks! But how about you have a side of 'GET OUT OF HERE!'" she says as her right hand enlarges and rounds out, forming her usual mace attack, and she swings her hand hard on the villain's side in the hopes of throwing him out of the place through the already broken window where Sandman flew through.

Mercury strikes Eye-Scream, he explodes into various ice cream flavors, his head turns into vanilla and lands on Mercury, his arms and leg turn into strawberry and land across the floor and his chest turns into mint chocolate. His disembodied voice starts laughing, “Cool trick, girl. . .” He starts to reform behind her, “I can do the same trick.” His arms turns into an orange sherbet shaped mace and he swings at her.

“Hey what the hell.” The unstable molecule refrigeration unit suddenly starts to fiz, “You broke it.” It begins to go hayware as she tosses him, he suddenly becomes a bit of rocky road, but liquid-y. Landing near a sewer grate, he slides in. His disembodied voice rings out, “You may have defeated me today. But Eye-Scream shall his revenge.”

Mercury was about to go after the guy when the villain seeps into the sewer through the grates. Technically, she could follow, but a) she would freeze fast, and b) there is this little issue of her instruction being apparently knocked out cold since he hasn't shown up yet. "Mr. Baker!" she says as she rushes outside to try to find him.
Sandman easily awakens when she calls him name. Almost too easily, actually. His body shifts to a sand form which spits out all the glass and his body is quickly healed from the attack. He stands up, “Good job with Eye-Scream. I was watching the whole time.” He grins and looks to Mercury, “You were expecting training today and it looks like you got some.” Bertha stands at the counter shooting Bill a nasty look, “I said no super-fights!”

Mercury blink-blinks when her instructor recovers way too quickly. Then she blinks again, and she whispers, "Did you arrange for... that guy to show today, Mr. Baker?" she rubs her head softly, keeping her voice low enough so the waitress doesn't hear. "No offense, it's just that it's a big coincidence, you take us to a field trip, and a weak villain with silly powers show up..." she says, confused.

“No I didn’t arrange it. But it worked out great. As silly as his powers are they are the same as ours, except you are liquid metal, I am sand, and he is ice-cream.” Sandman laughs, “But you did good.” And with that he heads outside to gather the other students and head back to the school.

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