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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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02/04/13 07:00

Observation - Danger Room - Xavier's Mansion

Dani tells Rahne about the New Mutants, Rahne questions her about more than that

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==[ Danger Room Control and Observation - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==

A simple, yet functional, booth-like room that sits perched above the training facility dubbed 'the Danger Room.' There is an expansive computer console on one side of the room, that sits before a large view-screen, that dominates the entire wall. The remaining walls are decked out with various other computer consoles and screens, which provide such things as bio-monitoring of Danger Room users, as well as files and records of previous Danger Room exercises.


It's early morning and of course Dani is up and already working. Normally though at this time of morning she would be in the gym or doing laps in the pool, she is certainly dressed for the former, t-shirt and yoga pants. Today though she is in the looky-loo part of the danger room, each of the monitors are playing back student training scenarios that went on in the past year. She occasionally will pause the playback to take notes or rewind to replay something that she finds interesting. As she works she will periodically check the clock and when she thinks it isn't to early she will send a tentative query to Rahne through their link to see if she is awake yet.

It's too early to be up, especially after a late night. Wolves are nocturnal, you know. Either way, a nap could be had at some point during the day to catch up a bit. A groggy sense of the wolfen mutant comes through the link, a questioning one...wherever Wolfsbane is.

She may have been a bit rusty at this when she first arrived back to Earth, but over the past year she has gotten back her former skill at expressing all sorts of things with just feelings and the occasional mental picture. For the moment Dani keeps the link light, so as not to invade privacy, but the need for help is clear, as is her willingness to wait for Rahne to make herself presentable.

An indication of agreement follows. It takes a good five to ten minutes to get going and navigate the rooms on the way to the lower levels, but Wolfsbane shows up with a hand on the doorframe and a yawn. "I hope ye've got a real good reason for this. It's early!" She doesn't sound put off, though. Clothing is generic.

Spinning around in her chair as soon as Rahne gets to the door, Dani grins, a lowkey buzz of excitement flowing down the link "I wouldn't have woken you I didn't." it doesn't occur to her that they may have different ideas of a 'good' reason "You've heard the news right? About Jean wanting start up the New Mutants again, though with some of the current students?

Now a flash of skepticism at the buzz that comes through. "Jean happened tae mention it in passing as we were talking tae Clarice in Mutant Town," Wolfsbane says of their newest 'recruit.' She lingers just inside the room and rubs at the side of her face. Must still be waking up. "What brought this about? I thought ye were full-on with X-Factor."

The question is a bit of a buzz kill for Dani and she frowns slightly, "A certain someone on the team is having an emotional crisis so I thought I would give him some space to figure it out. At the moment I'm on extended vacation from X-Factor." she sighs, upset at herself mostly, for not seeing this coming. "In the meantime, I will focus on my work here as Dean," she was full on with that the whole time too "and getting this new team together.

"A certain someone?" Rahne asks, and if the tone isn't clear the shift in her demeanor and mood through the link ought to cement it, a brow arching high as she moves in further. "Dani.." she adds, the mention of the woman's name a leading one before she goes on, "I remember ye hated th' Professor a' first, an' noo ye're about tae look after a new group like he did?"

Glad that part of the conversation is quickly overly Dani mentally switches gears again, "Which makes me the perfect person to do so." she sweeps an arm to wave at the monitors and there pauses play back of training sessions "Besides, I'm not taking complete strangers from their homes and dropping them into a new place with other strangers they don't know. This group will be chosen from the current students, who already know me and vice versa.

The Cheyenne might think it is, but it's not. "What happened?" Wolfsbane asks when no further details are given about the X-Factor side of things, and along with it comes an overprotective flash through the bond. Talk of the new New Mutants might as well be on hold for the moment, even if she glances at the monitors with a slow nod.

Another sigh escapes Dani. She keeps very little if anything from her friend, bout obviously this is something she has been holding on to awhile. Mostly because she would know their would be disapproval from Rahne and a lot of worry. There is a sudden realization that keeping it a secret could end up hurting her friend once the secret is spilled "Alex and I were dating, it wasn't anything serious, he got to emotional and can't decide whether what he is feeling is real or if he is just transferring his feelings for Lorna on the the closest available woman. So he broke it off and now I'm here, giving him space. " she says it quite fast, treating in like a band-aid. She's not so much upset about it ending, but mostly about not seeing it and ending it sooner.

It's probably something that needed to be shared. One way or another, Wolfsbane was likely to find out sooner or later. Just as probable is the initial reaction from the wolfen mutant. "Ye were /dating/ Alex?" she blurts, definite surprise rising through that link, along with an underlying sense of repulsion at the very idea. " A' least when..when I thought I had feelings for him it was because o' what they did tae me in Genosha." The clear implication is that she - or a part of her - is shocked there could be any other reason to fall for Alex Summers. Talk about not being able to let go. "An' /he/ broke it off just like tha', because /he's/ conflicted? I'll find him. I'll find him an' I'll punch him. Tha's what I'll do." In fact, she begins to turn like she's going to go do that right now.

"It was dating Rahne, nothing all serious like 'feelings' and such." Dani states, and in that she is being honest "At least not for me. I mean I like him as a friend and I can't say there wasn't the potential there for that to grow into something more.." she halts that thought before expounding more on it

"It was dating Rahne, nothing all serious like 'feelings' and such." Dani states, and in that she is being honest "At least not for me. I mean I like him as a friend and I can't say there wasn't the potential there for that to grow into something more.." she halts that thought before expounding more on it, "But we both know that as soon as Lorna comes swanning back in that he is going to drop any woman he is with and run back to her.

"Then why even date him in th' first place an' let it come tae this?" Rahne questions. There's a lot she doesn't know about relationships, but in this she talks like it's common sense. "If it got tae th' point he said he wanted tae stop, there must ha been some feelings on both sides." The Scot's angry, which is clear in more ways than one. "Tha' doesnae just happen without hurting ye somehow. Th' next time we see each other I'll have words from him, ye can count on it." She doesn't go. Alex probably isn't even in the building. "I'd have told ye tae be careful around him."

If this was a less serious situation, at least in the opinion of Rahne, Dani would probably find the girl's overprotectiveness amusing "Don't. It's not going to help anything, and could make him more confused than he already is. The only thing that can fix Alex is Alex." there /may/ be a little hurt there, its buried deep though, but she certainly isn't heart broken or anything close. "And thanks for not singing my ears about it." she grins sheepishly "Now about the New Mutants...

"There's na much else I could tell ye, but I'd never ha suggested ye start dating him. It's yuir life, though" Rahne says as if to cement the matter, unable to avoid the frown in spite of it as she rubs an elbow self-consciously. "He'd just better really stay tae himself for a few weeks.." she mumbles more to herself, but audible. "I suppose ye'd like muh help with them somehow?" she wonders.

Now that the conversation is really, really over Dani takes a calming breath, separating her emotions from those she feels from her friend. There are occassions when she can't tell them apart "Yes I do. I would like you to help me decide which students to choose for the group as a start." she gestures again at the screens "Jean suggested Mercury for the field leader, and I think I will go with her suggestion for now. The rest of the team I'm not sure." she ponders the recent past and how XF picked their newest member Rush and dismisses auditions right away.

Wolfsbane keeps her arms mostly wrapped about herself, hands at the opposing elbows to hold. No doubt there are some underlying bad memories related to Genosha that the mention of Alex dragged back up, but she's keeping quiet about it. "Cessily? I've talked tae her a few times but I'm na sure who should be a leader for them yet. Do they really have tae have one right away? I think it'd be better tae see if one o' them just sort o' falls intae tha' role."

"If Finesse is on the team, yes, one will have to be appointed or else she will try to take it over." Dani rubs the back of her neck. Finesse has always been difficult to deal with, "She may think she knows best but she doesn't have the experience to back it." it seems she would rather do it Rahne's way but doesn't see any other option, espcially since Jean is going to have some say in the team lineup.

"None o' them have th' experience," Rahne points out, "an' neither did we, really, when we started. Ye were just more o' a natural leader, an' maybe a wee bit bossy sometimes," she can't help but tease mildly. "But will Finesse listen tae someone else, or always act like her way is better regardless?"

Dani nods as she listens "Mercury seems to be the same, a natural leader, or so her teachers report." Dani spins slightly in her chair "And Finesse will undoubtably try to undermine anyone's authority, but a good leader needs to learn how to deal with that, along with everything else. It will be a lesson for them all.

Wolfsbane shifts to rub the back of her neck, nodding slowly. "Well, I always knew I was nae leader." Stubborn streaks aside, that's true. "If it's yuir team it'll be yuir decision. I'm na much o' a teacher, though."

"I think you would be a better teacher if you actually gave it a chance." Dani offers a reassuring smile and sends a bit across the link as well "But I won't be asking your for that, just support and the occasional kick in the butt if I get to hands on." she flips off the monitors and collects her notes "How about we go continue this over breakfast?

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