You're An Option

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Ares and Arachne

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Rooftops of Manhattan

Ares tracks down Arachne to discuss a potential opprotunity

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==[ Southwest Manhattan - Rooftops - New York ]==

Now this is where the action is. Skyscrapers, tall buildings and other monstrosities litter the streets of this section. All of them providing a delicate labyrinth of rooftops for aerial travel. With the Financial District, Chelsea and other areas of economic interest below, this could prove to be a breeding ground for criminal activity.


To the west the sun has sunk below the horizon, leaving the city in that blue-grey haze of twilight that lingers before the many street lights flicker on to beat back the encroaching darkness. While the day was quite warm, with the descent of the sun it starts to grow chilly. A foreshadow that fall will soon be here.

The streets below are at a lull, the day shifters having made it home and the second shifters already at the grindstone of work. It will still be a while before the night time criminal element hits the street.

During the quite time between day and night a certain crimefighter has taken a moment for herself. She sits on a ledge, legs dangling over, of the tallest building in the area, taking in the view below.

The file that Ares was given was exhaustive, giving a list of possible operatives to be tapped for the government's Project Thunderbolts. There are a lot of names to draw on, a lot of possible candidates to choose from. It was while he was perusing these names that Ares came across a particular name that struck him as amusing. One such a name was none other than Julia Carpenter.

There were a few bits and pieces that SHIELD or the government had collected over the years, a few things about her patterns of operation. It was just such a tid bit of information that Ares makes use of to try and project her operative window and to find a time when she might be out and about, but not too terribly busy.

So when she rests there upon the edge of the building, she most likely doesn't expect to hear his particular voice coming from the stairwell hut even as he closes the door behind him. "Never saw why you people spent so much time on rooftops."

Arachne is already facing the doorway when he steps out. She probably knew someone was coming up long before any words were spoken, though she wouldn't have known who. "So we can spot trouble before it gets to be to out of hand." while he might be the last person she would have expected any suprise is well hidden by her mask "Though even then it can sneak up on us sometimes." her lips quirk into a slight grin as she leans against the ledge "To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?

"What? Can I not simply seek you out for the simple pleasure of your discourse?" The tall man's voice is a rumbly and stern thing, yet she probably knows him enough by now to catch the slight touch of humor to the turn of his words. He walks across the rooftop, gravel crunching faint under his work boots. He pauses to stand beside her, looking down at the city below as it transitions workforces and the crowd flows.

Cocking one eyebrow he keeps his thoughts to himself, then turns back to look at her. "Perhaps I come to avail myself of your promised dinner that you owe me for saving your life against that fellow I threw a truck at."

An amused smile comes to Arachne's face as she watches him cross the roof toward her, "I suppose you could have yes, that is not outside the realms of possibilty." she turns to face him, still leaning a hip against the ledge "As for dinner." she gestures to her costumed self, "I'm hardly dressed for going out.

"Well that's just as good, as I'm not hungry." The tall man stands beside her and has his hands in his pockets. His expression is distant as he looks off, then he looks to her finally and meets her gaze. "What is your current status with the Avengers? Still doing the happy go lucky lunchbox and a cape thing?"

"Of course not." is her simple reply, she didn't expect any other type of response, "I'm still considered on active duty. Though honestly I was willing drafted into it during the whole robot situation. Since at the time they were severaly short staffed." she cants her head to give him a quizzical look "Why do you ask?

A rough hand pushes over his head, the stubble of his hair bristling faintly. He looks down at her and to the side then cants his head. "An opportunity has come up, and your name was on a list of options I have for filling a role. It would be a paid position that would allow you to use your abilities, a paid very well position I am told though it is sometimes difficult for me to keep in mind what is a lot of money."

Arachne seems intriqued by the news that she is an option for whatever this opprotunity is "Okay, I'll bite. What does this position entail? And for whom would I be rendering my services?

"We can't speak here, on a roof somewhere. Anyone with a directional mike could overhear us." Ares folds his arms over his chest as he looks sidelong at her. There's a pause as he ponders his next few words, then he opens one hand uncurling it towards her in a calm gesture. "If you're interested then we should meet somewhere else. I'll leave that choice up to you. I should warn you, however. If you do follow this path it may clash with your role as an Avenger."

With a nod in understanding, Arachne straightens "It wouldn't be the first time I have been at odds with the Avengers. I take it the need for secrecy means this isn't an above the boards type of operation." she does show a bit of concern but not enough to outweigh the curiousty "When and where?

"You choose the time and place, you can handle the security arrangements. We'll discuss it further there." Having said that Ares turns around and starts walking to that stairwell, his hands sliding into the pockets of his jeans and his gait easy as he moves. "Don't worry, I promise it won't involve burning down any hospitals of orphanages. Unless they're evil hospitals or the like." That having been said he rests a hand upon the door then opens it.

Arachne chuckles at the comment "Good to know." she steps up onto the ledge as he begins to go through the door, "I'll be in touch with meeting arrangements, though it will take a day or two." with that she makes her own departure, falling backwards off the ledge and swinging away.

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