You let WHO in

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You let WHO in?!?

Shadowcat, Jean Grey

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01/02/13 20:00

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - Courtyard

Jean lets Shadowcat know who she's letting teach part-time now… Kitty is not amused.

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Jean Grey wears a white winter coat, standing and waiting in the courtyard on this brisk afternoon. The snow is moderate, but not too horrible, and the headmistress waits patiently for a very specific someone. Away from where there are many things that can be broken.

Shadowcat beamed in via ship, stepping down a few steps from the air with Lockheed dressed like an elf on her shoulder. kitty was dressed as a sexy Mrs Claus with her hair dyed blue, typed in green with white streaks and red bangs "Hey jean, there's not another problem with the computers is there?"

Jean murmurs under her breath, "Not /yet/..." before she ahems, and smiles at Shadowcat and Lockheed, "No, I was just going to see if you wanted to do some teaching here with the kids. I'm... thinking of bringing in a part-time teacher, and it might be a slightly contraversial choice. But after several thorough interviews, I'm convinced that this is what is needed, both for the students and for the teacher."

Shadowcat smiles "I was actually going to ask you if you needed any help with classes. I'd love to teach here jean!" chuckling softly before looking curious "No offense jean but that sounds like a can of worms you should have more policies in place then you think you'll ever need before opening it up"

Jean hmms softly, "Well, it could be, considering who the teacher is." She considers, then shrugs, "I think we have enough policies in place, and I think we've forgotten that we are a school, not a clubhouse for the 'cool kids'." A slight frown, "Anyway, I'd definitely welcome your expertise with computers."

Shadowcat chuckles "you bet jean, need any help with yours?" then smirks knowing how kids can get "club house for the cool kids? Sounds like you've had some headaches, what's been going on?"

Jean sighs, "Well, let's see, Finesse has been acting exceptionally head strong, and the fact that she took advantage of Betsy's inattention to win a sparring match isn't going to help that. Ruth can't leave the campus for five seconds without having an altercation erupt around her, we've adopted a Morlock that seems to have learned manners from Logan, and I'm about ready to adopt suspenders into the dress code so Richenda's pants FINALLY stay up." She then laughs a little, "And I have a deranged former student that has a pet dragon and replumbed my shower to dye my hair blue last month."

Shadowcat bursts into a fit of giggles as does Lockheed in his own raspy way. a?Sounds pretty quiet to me. Why not team bill up with Betsy to humor finesse? Ruth...she's the blind precog? Though yeah...manners from Logan aren't the most social. Sides, I like the blue hair what do you think?"tossing her Christmas themed curls about some "Maybe a snowball fight between students and faculty? The kids would never know it was a combat exercise"

Jean smiles, "But alas, with Bobby we would have a ringer, though I have ordered Betsy to start 'Katoing' Finesse, which should put her in her place, I think. She needs to learn that there are others that know a lot more than she does." A wry smirk, "Another reason I need to bring in some new teachers."

Shadowcat chuckles "nobody had yet beat me in computers but I agree there is a difference between knowing your strengths and that...cocky arrogant attitude some kids get into" not that she ever came close to her own phase of that attitude. "I'm sure bill could help humble her with some lessons though"

Jean smirks, "There's humbling, and then there's crushing your spirit." She gives Shadowcat a wry look at the mention of cocky attitude, "Frankly, I thought you might give her a bit of a go, but Bill is... exceptionally powerful. I've been in his head, and he's been in mine."

Shadowcat grins "Sometimes I envy you that sort of thing but something tells me it was more of a pudding contest mixed with two army buddies comparing war scars. Isn't bill also a tactician though? Maybe he could hold back his powers and and go at lessons with from a military view? Sides you don't think she's be patched with me?"

Jean nods, "Oh, he can, and he has." She hmms, "Anyway, I'm thinking of bringing in a part-time teacher, and I think you aren't going to approve of it, but I think that we can talk about this and you can understand that, as a telepath, I can see that the motivations are, in fact, genuine." She looks over at Kitty, "Do you trust me, Katherine?"

Shadowcat hmms "Why do I have a bad feeling about this jean? You know I trust you but..."

Jean looks over at Shadowcat, "It's Emma, Katherine. Miss Frost." She clarifies, "I've talked to her fairly frequently, and she is sincere about wishing to help the school." With that, she mentally braces herself, tightening her psychic shields against what's going to likely explode.

Shadowcat one eyebrow slowly rises and her fists clench at her sides "EMMA FROST?! OH MY GOD! Have you completely lost it jean? How could you even consider such a thing?! That woman doesn't know how to help anyone unless it benefits her more then anyone else" starting to pace around in the snow like a caged animal, too worked up to stand still.

Jean crosses her arms, "No, if I completely lost it, I'd probably have turned this planet into a giant crater. And Katherine, I consider it because I've been inside her head, and she couldn't fool me there. I consider it because she's a skilled telepath and she has a soft spot for children. And I consider it because if we can get her on the side of the angels, that's a win." She keeps her voice even, but firm, though her mental barriers are up tight since Kitty's emotions are the emotional equivalent of a freight train right now.

Shadowcat groans "well that's a luxury I don't have! I don't trust her one lick jean! She's spoiled and a brat she doesn't know how to work with people only how to use them and she doesn't care who gets destroyed asking the way long as she comes out a head of where she began! A soft spot for students?! More like how to turn them into little mini frosts! She tried to kill us how many times now?" Lockheed rumbled on her shoulder as she stalked back and forth

Jean sighs, "You don't think I know /all/ of this already, Katherine?" She looks at Shadowcat, "How many times have we redeemed those that were once our enemies? Wanda, Pietro, Forge, the Morlocks..." She pauses, and places a name where it can do the most good. Or bad, depending, "Rogue."

Shadowcat groans "I know but...she's about add bad as Shaw!" throwing her head back as she ran her fingers thru her hair "Gaah!...Oh c'mon that's cheating, rogue was...well it was different"

Jean tilts her head, "How different, Kitty?" She smiles a little, "Rogue was lost and confused, though far less prideful than Emma is. That's the difference." She sighs and looks at Shadowcat, "I'm not asking you to invite her to pajama parties, and I'm not asking for you to be best friends. All I am asking, is that you give her a chance."

Shadowcat hands her head with a long groan "Fiiiine....I'll try to give her a chance but I'll not accepting her! I trust that white witch of a feisty about add far as I can throw her!" sighing "can't believe we're doing this..." she mutters

Jean gives Kitty a wry look, "You know the reason we really formed X-Factor, way back in the beginning?" She ahems, "I was rescued from the cocoon the Phoenix placed me in by the Avengers. And I heard that Magneto was now the headmaster of the school. Magneto." She looks at Kitty with a smile, "That was when I talked to Scott, Bobby, Warren, and Hank. We cut ties, and became X-Factor. And look what happened with that. The Morlocks being massacred, Dallas, Inferno, your misadventure in Latveria... and maybe, if I hadn't been so... so stubborn, so narrowminded, some of the tragedies that we had, would have been averted."

Shadowcat sighs "Yeah you might have a point with that except look what happened? Did he stay? Did it work out with him here? no and no! Cuz look where he wound up."

Jean then gestures, "And look how it worked out with Rogue, Wanda, or Pietro." She smiles, "Perhaps if we had supported Magneto, the original X-Men, maybe that would have gotten through to him. Maybe it would have worked. But that's something we'll never know, Kitty." A slight shrug, "Is it wise to have Emma teaching the students? Perhaps it isn't. But I've seen her mind, and she needs this, and frankly, she is a better teacher of telepathy than I am. But don't tell her I said so, please."

Shadowcat huffs "wouldn't dream of it but I hope you have to keep an eye on her, that woman has a different set of rules then we do" she still obviously didn't like it.

Jean smiles a bit, "I'm an optimist, not a fool, Katherine. Believe me, if she does somehow betray us, she'll answer for it. But I don't believe that she will. And the only way to prove someone trustworthy... is to trust them." She then ahems, "Though telepathy can help that somewhat."

Shadowcat huffs dismissively "trust is one thing that witch will have to earn" still pacing about kitty was biting her tongue add she mentally was the thought that counts?

Jean chuckles, "Well, considering Emma and knowing you... if you rig up her shower to dye her hair blue, please... let me know first. I'm going to sell tickets." With that, Lockheed snickers as he flaps about behind Kitty's pacing.

Shadowcat snickers turning around to hug Lockheed to her "don't tempt me...I'd use a color worse then blue"

Jean Grey hrms. "Bright pink?" She grins a little, "But, let's try to wait on that. As I said, she's only here to teach part-time. Probably some of the more psychically sensitive kids. And, I /do/ want you to teach here, if you can, Kitty. That hasn't changed."

Shadowcat smirks "neon grape purple? hot pink? I'll still teach here someone has to be around that still has their hair up"

Jean Grey smiles faintly, "Look, Susan Richards had some anti-dye treatments developed by Reed, and frankly, Nightcrawler Indigo is not my color Kitty. I have to be a redhead, because the daywalkers need to represent."

Shadowcat smiles devilishly "Well alright if you're that attached to your normal color" A terrible in her eye spelling doom in the form of pranks

Jean gives Kitty a look, then sighs, "Look, just don't make it green, alright? I don't think Lorna would be all that amused." She smiles a bit, "Anyway, I should head in. Did you want to stay? I can fix up some cocoa."

Shadowcat smiles "now that...would be awesome!" laughing she nods looking around at the snow mutants "sure, cocoa sounds good. it'll give me a chance to get to know some of the students a bit better in the morning"

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