You Don't See That Everyday

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Chinese Take-out And a Sword

Vaughn Tanya

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07/05/12 20:45

Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Tanya orders Chinese, and Vaughn almost gets robbed.

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Tanya had ordered chinese food. She felt lazy today,a nd never had chinese food before. It was to be delivered to her apartment, which was a ground floor walk-out in a decent area of town. It was a cool evening, almost sunset, and the sky was still bright, birds chirruping and even a few kids playing about around the address.

Sure the little moped is hardly a glamorous ride, but then again, delivery food for the Golden Dragon is hardly a glamorous job, but they both serve Vaughn well. Even though someone would have to be extremely bored or desperate to want to steal with aging machine, the delivery boy still chains it and locks the ignition switch. He exchanges the little helmet for the paper bag of food and heads up to the address on the package. There is a sharp rapping on the door, as Vaughn stands patiently waiting, in a blue polo shirt with a yellow embroidered oriental dragon looping around the words 'Golden Dragon'.

There's no reply for a few moments, but there's sounds audible... a THUMP, then a grunting sound, followed by two more in quick succession. Like someone being hit? A womans' voice, at that.

The delivery boy knows again, this time more forcefully. Somehow that knock can easily be heard through nearly the entire building. Vaughn raises his voice, which carries a little more strongly than normal as well, "Golden Dragon..." He closes his eyes for a second, letting his acute hearing try to make out the sounds, trying to figure out what exactly he is hearing inside.
The thumping stops after a few seconds, then the sound of footsteps coming to the door. A shadow passes over the peep hole, and then the door is unlocked, before Tanya opens it. She had a bruise along one part of her face, and a bandage around one upper arm, as though having got into a fight. "Oh! Hello, Sorry, I was not expecting you so soon. Step in? " she asks, opening the door more, her accent thick and spanish "Sorry, I was not ready. I lost track of time."

Before Vaughn even makes a step towards the door, he cocks his head, listening for the sound of anything else. He looks to the lady, "Well, the trick is to get it to the customer while it's still hot, now isn't it?" A wide and slightly goofy grin eases across his lips, and his tone would indicate that he meant it more joking than intending sarcasm. "Is everything alright, Ma'am?" His golden brown eyes glancing slightly on the bruise. His voice drops to not much more than a whisper, "I can call the police if there's a problem." He then raises his voice back, just in case someone is out of sight and listening, "Normally it's company policy not to enter a residence."

She chuckled back, then paused, looking confused at the whispered comment. THen her eyes widen in recognition, and she actually blushed 'Oh! no, I am alone." she opened the door all the way. Even if he couldnt come IN, he did see that the one room (save bathroom) place was rather empty, although there was a sword in one corner, a saddle in another, leather all over too. No furniture except a kitchen table "oh, it is? Sorry! Things work differently in Spain. Ahh, how much is it?" she puts a hand over hte bruise and adds "I fell off my horse. " pause "Really."

Vaughn relaxes visibly, then smiles. Slight dimples form framing the corners of his mouth as he does. "It just kind of sounded like there might have been problem." The teenager moves to step inside, and apparently the remark about not entering was just in case of there actually being a problem. He rechecks the bag, "Looks like it's thirteen dollars and eighty-three cents... Cash is preferred, but I can do a credit card - I'll just have to run out to get the slide machine-thingy."

"I was workingon my punching bag. I guess if that is abuse to beat up a heavy bag then maybe call the police." notes the woman with some mischief as she nods, leaving the door opena s she turns to go to the small table by the thermostat, going through bills in her purse. She muttered in spanish to herself. and looks up "It will have to be credit card I am sorry. I only have ten dollars cash." she explains sheepishly.

Setting the brown paper bag on the table, Vaughn shrugs slightly. "No need to apologize. It's not really a problem. I'll be right back." As he heads out the door to retrieve the credit card slide. "I'm going to need to see an id with the credit card though." He steps out to the moped and gets the almost antique slide and the form. Clicking a pen open, he starts filling out the necessary information. His eyes can't help but to glance around the room at the slightly unusual things laying about. As he does, he pivots just slightly back and forth from the heal of his foot to the ball with nervous energy.

On his way back to the house, something interrupted everything. Footsteps came running up, and a man in a black jacket, rushing around the corner of a hedge attempts to plough Vaughn right down!

The delivery boy is thoroughly bowled over as the man in the black jacket plows right into him. Vaughn barely weighs 125 lbs soaking wet, so when the man impacts with him, Vaughn hits the sidewalk. The mostly metal device skitters a few feet away, barely even scratched for the incident. Vaughn's jeans can't say the same as the denim over the left knee is ripped open.

The thug reaches down, grabbing at the familiar money bag that Vaughn may have still had on him - safer assumably than leaving it on the moped. "Ha!" he cries, turning to bolt back the way he came... only to find himself face to face with Tanya, the curved blade in one hand, her eyes glittering darkly.

Vaughn watches the guy grab the money bag. The teenager screams out, "Dammit!" He rolls his legs up and does a kick up from his back, landing on his feet, though a little less gracefully than he might otherwise, curtesy of the skinned up knee. All prepared to take off running after the guy, he blinks in surprise as he finds the man just standing there, even more surprised to see Tanya standing there with a sword in her hand. He moves to snatch the bag from behind the man.

The bag is thus snatched up again,t he thug rather distracted by the sword-wielding woman, who obviously knew what she was doing. She actually twitched once or twice an odd shimmery blackness surrounding her body for a moment before clearing up. "... LEAVE." she snarled at the thug, who looked from her, to Vaughn, then back again, before turning to bolt down the street empty handed. She turned to follow him, then looked back at Vaughn "... Are you okay?"

Already fairly pale to begin with, Vaughn pales slightly at the shimmering darkness around the woman and the sword. He runs his right canine over the corner of his lower lip and nods slightly. "Um.. yeah... " Skinned up and swelling knee aside, that is.

She moves towards him and offers him a hand up, eyes still looking angry "I cannot BELIEVE he tried that. In daylight too! I have a bandage if you want it." she offers, the woman visibly concerned for him. She makes a mental note to tip VERY well.

Vaughn shrugs slightly, "It happens... some neighborhoods more than others... I've had a gun pointed at me three times now... Generally it's best to just let 'em have it. Snatch and grabs don't really have a schedule. Muggings are more night time things." He looks down at the knee and irritation flares up in his eyes. "Aw, man, I really liked these jeans." He shakes his head, "It probably just looks worse than it is... " His eyes though have barely left the sword, "Um... so that's um.. somethin' you don't see everyday."

"Are you sure? " she asks. Then follows his eyes. Then she looks up and around, blushing. Without a word she lopes back to her apartment, stepping inside. Then coming back out with the bandage, sans-sword "I'm a swordfighter as a... hobby. I just grabbed it out of instinct." she explains sheepishly, kneeling again. She also picked up the machine on the way by, pressing a tenner into his hand "HEre. There's a tpi for you too. You did a lot for some chinese food for me." she smiled.

Vaughn looks at the money, "I'd be stupid to not accept it, but that really isn't necessary. That's almost as much as your order cost." He smirks slightly, "Hobby, huh? Interesting hobby.. " He reaches up and rubs the quarter inch long fuzz on the back of his skull, "But then again, I guess I'm like one of the last people to say anything... there was like three weeks that I did nothing but play Dance Dance Revolution."

"My father wanted me prepared for anything. " she explains, offering him the bandage. Then she blinks and grins "I havent' played THAT yet... been too busy. I hear there are arcades with it? " she asks, interested.

The boy can't help but to grin slighlty at the idea of the older woman playing the dancing game. He shrugs slightly, "Um... I'm not really sure if there are any around here or not... I haven't been to an arcade since I got to New York... been kind of busy." He takes the bandage and places it over the scraped up knee, which for the most part has already stopped bleeding and is now just kind of oozing. He frowns at the fact that he can apply the bandage to his knee without having to take his pants off - but considering he's on the sidewalk, that's not as embarrassing as if he had.
Very much so likely. She smiled at the grin, not understanding why, but nods "I think I've seen a few. I will have to go look. My name is Tanya, by the way. oh wait, that's on my food slip isnt it? " she settles back, sitting in the sunshine beside him as they talk.

Vaughn smiles and nods. "Yes, Ma'am." He glances over, "I'm Vaughn." He sighs slightly, "Well, at least it has been an exciting afternoon... and I guess it's a good thing this is my last run for the night. Oh, shit.." he grimaces for cussing in front of customer. "I need to let my boss know what's why I'm taking so long... And get the receipt back." He hops up, "It was nice meeting you... Next time try to sesame chicken... it's really good."

"I will do so!" she smiled warmly, helping him up "If he is angry, tell him to call me. I will recite a spanish recipe and make it sound withering." she promised, with a joking wink

Vaughn grins as he turns back from the lamp post and the locked up moped. "Nah, Mister Lee is a good guy, as long as I'm not goofing off." He unlocks the moped and as he sits on it's back he calls in to the restaurant explaining the situation. He smiles as he puts on the small helmet and starts up the puttering engine, before zooming down the street - well as much of a zoom as a moped from the nineties can really muster.

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