You Are Not a Pig

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Nightcrawler, Sunfire, and Zip

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2013/06/10 16:50

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Kurt and Shiro meet Alisha at a diner…comedy ensues.

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With some scent of brimstone scent still lingering, Kurt will at least have a table ready, a booth
near a window and be proudly on display in blue fuzz. Not much different than before really, other
than more mutants around now is all. There is coffee and tea on the table too, but that's about it.
He waves when Shiro walks in, "Here, mein freund."

Walking into the diner, Shiro looks about and almost seems appalled to be here. He lets out a loud audible sigh and goes to join Kurt at the booth. “So, what is good here?” He reaches for a menu on the table to peruse.

As he does so, a reptilian waitress comes over with two cups of coffee placing them on the table, “Would you like some cream with your coffees?”

"I think you're smile is sweat enough for me, sugar," says Kurt playfully to the reptile woman.
Then over to Shiro, "The SoS is good - that's beef on a piece of toast with mash potatoes and gravy.
Totally American, very good. Other than that, the eggs benedict sandwhichs are awesome, if you don't
mind drive-in greasy food. Makes my mouth water ... but not for everyone."

Making a rather squeamish look, “Um, yes, I’ll have some cream for my coffee and I will have the SoS as my friend succinctly put it.” Shiro offers a smile and hands the waitress his menu. She takes it and then unfurls her lizard like tongue and squirts out what one would think is venom, but is actually creamer. Odd mutation. The squeamish look returns to Shiro’s face as he looks to Kurt disgusted.

Grinning a little, Kurt pats the woman, "I'll have the same please." As she turns, Kurt's tail
comes up to push his coffee over to Shiro. "I should of warned you there, sorry. I thought my
passing on creamer might of helped, but ... its actually pretty good." He lets the other decide if
they'll make the swap or not thought.
Quickscene, Kurt and Shiro at a table, they are being served by a reptilian woman, tail and all,
who has just given Shiro some creamer and is taken their order to the kitchen.

Alisha makes her way into the diner. The teenager doesn't seem bothered by those around, not even
the server. She moves over towards a booth and starts looking over one of the menus.

As the crème is spit out from the waitress’ tongue. Sunfire’s eyes glow with flame as he looks to the woman. When Kurt gives his little comment. Shiro snorts, “Yes, please be sure that no more of my order comes out of your body. . .thank you.” With that he deflames and takes Kurt’s coffee, “Black is fine.”

The waitress hmphs and seems frightened a moment and quickly moves away from the booth as she walks past Alisha, “Hey, hon. What would you like to eat?”

For his part, Kurt does make the effort to enjoy the coffee, which is good, especially if one likes
creamer regardless where it comes from. To Shiro, the elf offers, "No, no more food like that. I
mean, I haven't been in the kitchend, but best not to think on it. On that note, we should save why
its called SoS for another time, after the food has settled."

Alisha smiles a little and then looks over at the others for a moment and then to the waitress and
grins. "Well I would like a french dip sandwich with fries, a cheeseburger with a baked potato, a
bowl of soup, a side salad, and what do you have for desert?" she asks and bites her lip just a
little. She is a small thing to start with.

The waitress quickly notes Alisha’s order, “Oh girl. . .I need whatever metabolism you got. We got some ice-cream, cake, and some pie.”

Shiro narrows his eyes at Kurt, “Does its name have something to do with going to the bathroom after the meal, demon?”

Leaning over just a little, Kurt is looking over Shiro's shoulder to see who is ordering that much
food, as if he expects a rather large individual. Chuckling a little, "Well, that depends ... it
comes from World War II, the soldiers used to call it this mostly, might be from the 30s even, but
that's when it became popular. The name is only for what it looked like and, to the American GI's
eating army food, what some thought it tasted like."

Alisha nods and then flushes at the comment about metabolism, "It causes more problems than not, as
to the desert, all of the above would be good." she says softly. She is far from large, barely over
five foot, and quite lithe and thin.

The waitress takes Alisha’s order and heads to the kitchen.

“Oh. . .World War II, you mean when the Americans decided to drop atomic bombs on my people, which lead to my mother getting radiation poisoning and eventually her death. . .” Shiro shakes his head, “Thank you for making me order such a meal that is a reminder of the death and annihilation the Americans tried to do my people.” He sits back and crosses his arms. His eyes once again going aflame.

Shaking his head and rising, “I am sitting over there. Perhaps a child will be better company.” He moves over to Alisha’s table and sits down, “I apologize for the abrupt company. I am Shiro.”

"You know," begins Kurt, in ponderance of who did what in WWII and his own people's role in that
big debacle. He decides otherwise, but as Shiro changes the young lady, the elf clenches his jaw a
little, hoping he won't offend her too much. Despite the fuzz being soft and fuzzy, his skin is
metaphorically thick compared to some.

Alisha cocks her head to the side and nods, "I am Alisha and do you always just sit down at other
people's tables?" she asks, she is obviously a teenager and it shows a bit.

“Of course not. . .Again, I apologize, Alisha. My friend was rather offensive with his comments on my people. . .And I thought a child, which you clearly are, would not be as ignorant as he is.” As the waitress comes out with everyone’s order. She blinks a moment, “Bring mine here.” Shiro orders.

"Yes yes, something about being insulting," he offers to her confusion, "And out of company, if you
get a shift break or something, I wouldn't mind sharing the company. I could use the, uh,

Alisha shrugs a bit, "If you want I won't be here long, it will only take a few to eat." she says
and then looks back and forth between them. Arguements of any kind are rarely worth it."

The waitress brings Kurt his order and smiles, “Oh your sweet. . .but. . .” She looks around, “Well. . .I mean look at you. . .you look like a blue devil. . .I’m flattered, but your not my type. I prefer men who don’t look like they will kill me and banish me to hell. . .but again I am flattered.” She then brings the order to the other table giving Alisha and Shiro there food.

Shiro heard the waitress’ comments to Kurt and laughs loudly, “Elf, get over here already. Judging by this girl’s order and small frame and the fact that she is eating in Mutant Town, she is either one of us or has a tapeworm.” Shiro continues to laugh feeling the waittress’ rejection of Kurt was enough of a revenge. "Alisha, meet my friend Kurt."

Grabbing his food and drink, Kurt doesn't so much move as bamf over to a empty spot at that table.
"Hear that, I'm not her type she says," then quietly whispers to Shiro, "Playing hard to get is all.
" He is being absolutely silly on that topic. "Alisha, the pleasure would be mine. I'm more
interested in seeing you get all the food down. I hope you don't mind the company." So says the elf,
using his utensils to start cutting into his plate as if he assumes she doesn't mind at all.

Alisha shakes her head, "I don't mind." she says and then smiles and starts to eat. One might wonder
where she puts it but she does a good job of eating.

“So tell me, Alisha. You are a mutant? What is your gift?” By using the world gift and if she has not figured it out yet both Kurt and Shiro are mutants. “Mine is plasma.” He grabs his cup of coffee and heats it up, “Just disinfecting it from when the waitress spit in it.” Looking at Kurt, “Elf here, he has a sneezing power. In fact, the first time he sneezed, he killed a walrus.”

"Its true," admits Kurt between bites, "I saw the whole thing. There we were in the arctic and a
herd of walrusi swarmed our submarine. If it wasn't for Dr. Pepperpots here ability to also generate
pepper, we'd all be dead." He continues to eat, nodding vigorously at this truth.

Alisha cocks her head to the side and just looks at the two. She can tell they are, "Speed." she
says softly almost a whisper. "Only had it about six months, came on really sudden." some might
realize that was about when the mutants were repowered.

“Oh I see. It explains why you order like a pig.” Shiro starts on his food and looks about, “Your body speeds up and accelerates what you eat. Lucky you, you can never get fat.”

Nearly, Kurt takes a napkin to his lips, using one of the three fingers on his free hand to wag a
'no' response to what Shiro so distinctly has just said. "What my friend means, is, he finds himself
jealous of your abilities to enjoy food without the negative affects of such. Not, pig ... or fat ...
just ..." He lets it ride, "My real ability is teleportation and swash buckling, but Speed sounds
amazing. Maybe we could see this gift some day?"

Alisha cocks her head to the side, "It has its uses but I have to get a lot of protein, almost
always eating, especially after today, I pushed myself went faster than normal, made it here from
upstate in under an hour." she shakes her head a bit. "But burns off my energy, without replenishing
it, I faint." she blushes a bit and then looks over, "Maybe, I came to get the wetsuit I ordered,
tired of losing my clothes." She looks back and forth a bit, "I know what he means."

“Ah yes. . .Japanese is my first language and so sometimes when I misspeak. You are not pig.” Shiro smiles, “As for you clothes, you should just get a costume of unstable molecules. Really just call Reed. I am sure it is no trouble.” He pretty much finishes the sandwich he ordered and he looks to Kurt, “Not bad. . .for a sandwich based on a war where Americans nearly slaughtered my people. . .no not bad at all.”

Shaking his head, for Shiro, "No, SoS just became popular because of the soldiers. It no way
celebrates the tragedy of the bomb sir, or makes reference to the war itself." Half a grin, then to
Alisha, "You could try Richards, but I don't think he just hands out unstable molecules to anyone.
Though you did say upstate, I'm curious where abouts ... because there is a school that could help
out in that department?"

Alisha cocks her head to the side and then blinks, "School?" she asks, "I grew up in Syracuse, but
thought I would try someplace a ways from home, looking for something that the friction of running
over a hundred miles an hour doesn't rip to pieces."

As Kurt mentions the school Shiro simply shakes his head, “Well. the sandwich is tasty nonetheless.” In reference to the sandwich. He then looks to Alisha, “Do you not know Reed Richards? I have to be honest, I just assumed everyone knew him.”

Kurt offers, "Knowing who he is, and knowing him enough to walk in off the street and get an
appointment, and then to actually have him make up a costume of unstable molecules are two different
things." Take Kurt for example, recently with the X-Factor Outfit a couple years back that took up
residence in Mutant Town and the waitress won't give him the time of day though he'd been in the
public eye quit a bit back then due to branding the image and such. "I can talk with a few people if
you might be interested in training for our kind. I'd have to see if the School is up yet again, or
if not, I can ask around for anyone willing to help ... if your interested, I'd need your number or
e-mail to keep in touch."

“Don’t let appearances fool you, Alisha. While a complete stranger who looks like a demon is asking you, a child, for your number. . .I assure you my friend here is not a molester or pedophile.” Sunfire sips his coffee then and looks between the two mutants. “Well this is getting strange. . .I feel I should go.” He gets up and goes to pay for everyone’s meal. “Kurt, I will see you later. Alisha, I am sure I will see you again as well.”

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