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Thimble, Showstopper, Surge

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Thimble gets shown the facilities.

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One of the great mysteries of Chenda's life is this strange idea the faculty has that she's best left to handle the things they don't want to do. She's not a cook, a dishwasher, a social butterfly, or a tour guide, though she can fake all of them reasonably well. She /is/ good at gymnastics, impromptu special effects, performing, and breaking and entering, yet she's never asked to do any of those things, even when it's important. But once again, she's being asked to play tour guide. She wouldn't mind, really, if it weren't for the unspoken implication that she's being asked because that's really all she's good for.
But she did agree to do it, lacking much choice at the time, so she's returning to the front hall to collect her nervous charge. "Janie?" she calls, not seeing the teenager anywhere when she arrives.

Janie Wu is not actually hiding, but she is not standing too obvious around. Just sitting in an armchair, the backpack pressed to her chest. Still not liking to let it anywhere. "hmm?" she just mutters, looking up to Richenda as she is called.

"Oh, /there/ you are!" Chenda sighs silently in relief. "I was afraid I'd have to go looking for you. I'm supposed to show you around the school... maybe we'd better stop at your dorm room first, so you can drop off your pack." She gestures to the door and smiles encouragingly. "So if you'll come with me, we can get started."

"no need to drop it..." she just mutters, slinging it to her shoulder as she stands up to follow Richenda. She just has not had time to make her stash hideable in the matress. "And afterwards I need to pick that book."

"Well, if you're sure," Chenda replies, nodding and leading the way into the back of the house. "But I'll warn you, this is a big house."
She does stop first in the dorm section, as promised. "Okay, this is the girls' dorm. We usually sleep two to a room. It's pretty comfy, all told, but there's only one shower, and it's communal." She pauses by a door. "I can show you my room, if you want an idea of what they're like."

"aren't all rooms the same?" she asks, pointing to the escape plan where all are of the same size "Mine is... that one. second floor..." she notes. "no roommate yet." just simple facts, no emotion in that.

"They're supposed to be," Chenda says thoughtfully. "I've been in two of them so far, and they were the same." She stifles a giggle at the mention of Janie having a private room. "You're staying by yourself? Enjoy that while it lasts!"

Thimble shrugs, pulling at the backpack "does not matter really." she answers, eying her. well, her own room was really sterile to this moment - not a single private object.

"I don't know... it sure mattered when I got crammed into the same room as Kisha and her portable junkyard," Chenda ripostes, turning for the door out into the rest of the house. "Okay, classrooms next, then the dining hall."

"What is the shedule?" Janie asks, following Richenda slowly. no problems yet. why should there?

"It's different from everybody, but Ms. Moonstar should have one for you by the time you start classes," Chenda replies. "She got one for me." She turns into the proper hallway, pausing to turn on the lights. "Okay, here's the main classroom corridor. Not a lot to see, but I thought you'd want to know where it was. The rooms are all numbered, so when you get your schedule you should be able to find the right room with just a look around."

Thimble nods again, eying the doors for some seconds. "something good about them?" she asks out of the blue. maybe a class that was not on shedule anywere else.

"About the rooms or the classes themselves?" Chenda has to ask, a little confused. The last thing she expected was a question about /this place/. It's her least favorite part of the school.

"Uhm... both?" Janie asks, not sure what to say else. Well, she didn't liked class to much, but maybe it was better than in Westport. getting hit for wrong answers...

"Well, there are a /few/ unusual classes. There's one on investigation, for example. I'm in that one, and it's interesting." Chenda peeks into one room. "The chemistry class is supposed to be interesting, too, but I'm not in that one, so I couldn't tell you for sure."

Janie just nods then, looking at the door Chenda just peeked in "then... what's next?" she asks.

The room in question is the chemistry room, and it's fitted out well, though it's less impressive with everything shut down and no one around.
Chenda pauses at the doorway leading out. "Next stop, the dining hall. The room's nice enough, but it's the food that makes the place great. Right this way."

Surge comes along one of the hallways, looking like she has been working out. She is humming to herself a bit. She comes on the two, "Hello." she says softly. There is a warm smile as she curtsies and looks to Richenda. She dips her head to the other one as well.

Thimble was following Richenda to the dining hall "What's special about the food? is it something else than bread and some soup?" she asks, on the statement of Richenda, then nodding to the one she does not know. The new one around. Rumors said she's almost silent all the time, and there are likely bets running what kind of power(s) she might possess.

"Plenty else!" Chenda replies, before the words really penetrate. "Wait... was that what you were given to eat before? Just soup and bread?" she asks, blinking in surprise.
Perhaps fortunately for Janie, someone comes along. "Noriko-chan!" Chenda exclaims, turning and hugging her roommate. "Hey. Here, you might want to meet the new girl." She gestures to Janie. "Noriko Ashida, this is Janie Wu. Janie, Noriko."

Surge dips her head a bit, "Hello." she says and offers a gauntleted hand to Janie. "Hello." She says softly. She is wearing what looks like a uniform and has large gauntlets on both hands, "Also known as Surge." she says and smiles, "A pleasure."

Thimble nods to surge, however she does not take the hand. Not much her thing this hand shaking. "Greetings, likewise" she answers, looking down to the dinner halls.

Chenda offers Noriko a faint smile and a 'what can you do' shrug, then turns back to Thimble. "Noriko's pretty busy these days, but you might run into her now and then. At least she gets to eat with us most of the time!"

Surge nods her head, "Speaking of that, was going to spend a few nights a week over at the Tower." she says and watches Richenda as she says it and then nods her head to Thimble, "I am an intern with X-Factor, so it keeps me busy."

Thimble lifts an eyebrow for a second "tower?" she just asks, then looking over Surge before returning to Richenda with her eyes. Pulling her backpack a bit closer to her back she made sue her posessions were safe with her.

"Oh... well, have fun," Chenda replies, managing a smile for Noriko. A rather plastic one, but a smile. She glances to Thimble. "X-Factor works out of the Tower. It's in New York. I'll show it to you sometime."
She frown thoughtfully, seeing that possessively protective gesture from Janie. "Hon, I promise, nobody here's going to steal your stuff. You can trust us that far."

Surge notices the look from Thimble. "You can trust her. It is really nice here. Before I came here I pretty much lived on the streets. This place really helped me." she says and realizes that it is a fake one a bit. "We can talk later." she seems quite concerned.

Thimble nods slightly, but does not let go of it yet. bad habbits die had. "So... class, dining hall, dorms..." she resumes the tour up to now. "something more?"

"Later," Chenda promises, with a grateful look for Noriko's attempt to help. "I think next we should see the gym. It's nice, though it's not huge or anything like. I guess I should say it's well-equipped."
Surge smiles a little, "Its nice, the pool is nice too, and the grounds." she shakes her head a bit and then smiles, "I am in the gym a lot these days."

Thimble nods slightly at Surge as she atempts to follow Richenda to the gym. No word of goodbye. not her style. too many bad rememberences with it. Not seeing people again who you say goodbye to.

"It's a very nice school, all in all," Chenda agrees. "Right this way... see you later, Noriko-chan!" She pushes open the proper door and steps out, motioning for Janie to follow.

Surge watches the two, Richenda more than Janie as they go off. She dips her head a bit.

--- fade to black ---

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