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Sunpyre and Mirage

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08/29/2012 10:30

Sunpyre's Office

Leyu and Dani discuss concerns about the X-Men/Avenger Meger

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==[ Sunpyre's Office - Xavier Mansion ]==

This is a generous sized office. The lower half of the walls are a deep mahogany wainscoting with the upper half decorated with a buttery colored textured wallpaper. Covering the floor is a plush carpet that matches the wallpaper.

Tasteful paintings hang in a cluster on the right wall and against the wall to the left is a leather sofa with another painting hung above.

In front of the office visitor is a couple of wingback chairs in rich earth tones that face a wooden desk on which sits a computer monitor and other desk things. Behind the desk is a leather chair and a hutch topped credenza decorated with plants, personal photos and books.


There is a knock on the door, which is quickly followed by Dani peeking her head in and glancing around for occupant(s). "Leyu? You got a few minutes?" despite looking a bit tired and wan, she seems to be cheerful and sends the young woman a smile. She is dressed in whatever uniform/clothing is required of her new position, be in uniform or just a skirt and blouse combo, though she is barefoot, deciding that was a better option over heels for the moment.

For the moment, since she is not downstairs in her medical bay office, Leyu's long white labcoat is hanging on the stand inside the office door for just such a purpose. The occupant herself is seated at her desk, tapping through screens full of data on her computer's multiple monitors when Dani pokes her shorter-haired head through the door. Leyu glances up, her own shorter locks nicely styled now, and offers a returning smile. "C'mon in, Dani. My door is always openable for my fellow 'Dean of Students'." Yes, that was an amused tone. It's not like she actively sought a position in the school administration beyond medical duties and teaching, but she is happy to do it. This work is keeping her busy, which is keeping her sane right now. "Have a seat. Can I get you anything?"

"I'm good." Dani answers as she comes the rest of the way into the office. There are several files in her hand. She has gotten more out of her return to the school then she expected too, but she isn't complaining, keeping busy is a good thing right now "How is Sybil?" she drops into a chair, though her present attire prevents her from getting terribly comfortable in it.

Leyu's eyes tighten a bit at the question, but she doesn't put away her smile. "She is doing well, all things considered. We talked by Skype last night for about an hour. She sent along her thanks, once again, for all of our help and support." The young doctor gives herself a bit of a shake, mentally speaking, and then glances towards the folders and back to Dani's face. "And how are you, today?"

Leaning forward Dani places the files on the corner of the desk "That's good. She does know that she can come back or call us," or her at least, if she needs anything?" as for the question about hos she is doing she waves it off with a simple "I'm okay." though by appearances she doesn't appear to be "You should come check out Ship soon, he has a very advanced medical facility that you may be interested in checking out."

Leyu nods to Dani. "She knows, Dani. She knows, and she will call if she needs anything." She purses her lips a bit, and sighs. "Right now, what she needs most is to be away from here and the people and places that remind her of what she has been through. She was spending almost as much time in flashback-induced panic states as not. It was getting in the way of the rest of her recovery." And in the way of their attempt at building the relationship Leyu herself had hoped for. "I have been to check out 'Ship'. Thanks to Katherine's assistance, I was able to use Ship's medical facilities to regenerate Sybil's hair before she left." It was, though she does not say it, the one thing she felt she could to to help Sybil put it all behind her. A final, parting gift. "Once I am caught up on our work here, I intend to spend more time in those medical facilities. They seem quite fascinating."

"And maybe after that we can fly out to visit her?" Dani arches a brow as she inquires. Finding time for that kind of trip will be tricky but she will do by strangulation of people if she has to "Regeneration of hair?" she hmmms "If it can do that shouldn't it be able to regenerate lost limbs, organs and such?

Leyu frowns a bit, lowering her gaze for a long moment, before she lifts it to Dani again. "For now, I think Sybil would prefer to stay out there on her own. Believe me, as soon as she's prepared to accept visitors, I intend to go see her. I'll let you know so you can come too." That'll make it less pressured, right? If she goes as a 'friend' with another friend, instead of as the potential and then jilted girlfriend? "I suspect, from everything I saw, that it can in fact regenerate limbs and organs, if a tad more slowly. That's why I want to examine it in more detail."

Dani nods, "Of course, I will leave the when up to you since you are better familiar with her situation." she looks thoughtful at the notion of organ regeneration "That could be quite beneficial for society in general. Though it could also cause problems if word of that spreads to the wrong people. We will have to be careful." she takes the folders she set down and hands them over, "These are for you. Next years class schedules, just for your information. Though if you see any conflicts let me know.

Leyu nods in answer to Danielle's obvious concern, agreeing tacitly that she will keep up on the situation and let Dani know when the time might be right for a visit. "It could indeed be quite beneficial. But it also makes it, as you say, technology worth keeping a lid on, for safety's sake if nothing else." She reaches out, accepting the folders and starts looking through the schedule briefly. "Thank you." she offers. "I'll let you know if I see any conflicts." But instead of continuing to look through the folders of information, she pauses a few long moments, and then asks a question of her own. "Have you seen the email from Scott, yet?" Sounds ominious, doesn't it?

"Yes. It was a bit of a surprise. I can see the benefits of such a merger, but I am hesitant to make a hasty decision." she sits back in the chair, leaning an elbow on one of the arm rests "How are the Avengers that come to teach going to relate to a group of mutant teens? Most of them are either just highly skilled humans or gaining thier abilities as adults. They don't have to deal with the same persecution that we do.

Leyu nods to Dani, listening to the other woman's perspective. "I can understand reasonable caution. And the points you raise are worthwhile." she offers, at the end. "My first thought was how interesting it would be to both spread to the next generation of non-mutant heroes the understanding and acceptance of mutants as their peers, colleagues and equals, and to guide our own students to accept and work with those who are not themselves mutants. The embodiment of the Professor's dream, as I understand it." Which doesn't mean she's ignoring the other points at all. "I agree that there will be differences of perspective. But perhaps that can be to the good, rather than the detriment, of either group?" She would rather assume the Avengers would not send of their own numbers potential teachers who cannot find it in themselves to empathize with and support young mutants as well as their own potential students.

"And security issues?" Dani askes after she listens and processes all that her collegue has brought up "So far we have been able to keep the knowledge that this is a mutant school and base of operations for both the X-Men and formerly X-Factor off the public radar. Having the Avengers here could bring more attention the we could want. We may not be able to keep what this school really is a secret.

Ley considers Dani's latest point carefully, mulling it around before she speaks. "Perhaps I am being niave. But I rather assumed that if this were to go forward, those involved would be sworn to secrecy the same as our existing students. It would be no more to the Avengers' benefit than ours for the nature of this school to be discovered. They and their students would be as endangered as would we." Still, she's not all Pollyanna. "Still, it is a fair point to make, and make sure is addressed: how to safely transport the Avengers and their students here without compromising our secrecy and security. With their resources and ours, I am sure some solution could be found. But I agree we need to make /sure/ it is found."

"I'm not comfortable making assumptions when it comes to the safety of the school and its students." Dani nods though about the points "It will be interesting to see the students the Avengers bring in." she might not have even been aware there were Avenger students, she's only been back about six months herself and hasn't caught up with everything yet, or maybe she is just misunderstanding, "And as you said it will be a lesson in tolerance. Will we have their group of students living on campus? That's a bit of a commute if they are going to be taking classes daily.

Leyu nods in understanding to Danielle's concerns. "I agree that we cannot make assumptions at the time all of this happens. If it happens." As she had already affirmed, but hearing it aloud in specific is important as well. "I did not see anything in Scott's email that specified residential or commuting for the students, though I assume the Avengers would certainly commute, given their other committments." And that commute is no small thing, as she well understands. She and Dani are facing a similar challenge, with their committments to both X-Factor and the school. Thank goodness for the 'bodyslide' teleportation system aboard Ship.

Dani hmmms in thought as ideas and pros and cons are thrown about "Definatly things to bring up when we meet with the Avengers for discussions." she then takes a pen from the holder "Maybe we should be writing this stuff down. Not that we will forget, but so that we can more organized about it."

"Please do. I'll add my other thoughts to the list later." Dani gets up from the chair, "I'll let you get back to work, and I should do the same. Lesson plans don't write themselves." she returns the pen to the desk and heads out of the office.

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